Here are some cool record label business name ideas.

Sometimes, coming up with a suitable name for your business can be quite challenging. Yes! This is a fact for many people. If you are reading this, it’s possible you may be faced with a similar challenge. We are here to help as we discuss catchy record label name ideas.

But what could be in a name? Well, so much actually. Join us as we discuss this and more.

Of What Importance is a Good Record Label Business Name?

From the onset, we made mention of the word ‘catchy’. This holds so much meaning and signifies an intent to attract.

Hence before choosing a suitable name for your record label business, consider the following;

  • A Mission to Inform

Before your record label business kicks off, there needs to be a reference point. In other words, you need to inform your market. This is of utmost importance. Therefore your choice of a catchy name should be influenced by its capacity to inform.

Now, however you choose it to be (that is either an abstract or non abstract name), it should still say what the business is or what you do.

  • It Provides the Much Needed Push

Your choice of a catchy name for your record label provides an incentive. In this case, it motivates! As a result, it is easier to come up with a befitting name when you are passionate about music production. However, despite your choice of a perfect and befitting name, there’s still a stage you need to cross; a name search.

There are so many record labels having unique names. Among these, your preferred name might have been taken.

Most of these are very catchy. However, the good news is that there are so many more you can choose from as will be shown below.

  • It Leads Your Clients

This is an important factor when picking a name. Before a client walks in your premises, such client(s) must have had an idea of what to expect. This is what a name does. It gives an impression of your record label.

Catchy Record Label Name Ideas

And now to our focus; catchy name ideas you can use for your record label business. By choosing or juggling with one or more name ideas, you are bound to get the best fit. However, this calls for some creativity on your part. Some names include;

  • Sound Signature
  • Lush Music
  • Xtreme Records
  • Music Labs Studios
  • Hip-hop Masters
  • Deluge Music
  • Exquisite Productions
  • Mega Beats
  • Music Monsters
  • Mix Masters and
  • Universal Records
  • Other catchy names include;
  • Cashflow Music Studios
  • AlterEgo Productions
  • Hashtag Sounds Productions
  • Loopie Music
  • Alternate Sounds Studios
  • GoldCast Mega Beats
  • CrankUp Studios
  • Sound Engineers Inc.
  • Loop Sounds Productions
  • Coulter Mega Beats and
  • Sound of Peace Studio

Found any yet? If these aren’t as exciting or catchy enough, the following suggestions may suffice;

  • Sound Marathon Music
  • Music Rangers
  • Sound Boost Productions
  • Sound Blends Masters
  • Genius Music House
  • Power Medleys
  • Musica Blends
  • Everlasting Sounds
  • Platinum Productions
  • Decibel Sounds Studios
  • Music House
  • House of Exquisite Sounds
  • Soundscape Productions
  • Mystical Sounds
  • Down to Earth Productions
  • Blazing Sounds
  • HotBed Muxic
  • Syracuse Boom Sounds
  • Acoustic Music
  • Sound Blast!
  • Hot Music
  • Pop Sounds
  • Power Beats!
  • Origin Sound Engineers
  • PumpItUp!
  • Mic Check123
  • Morbid Sounds
  • Sound Roost Productions
  • Daily Sound Dose
  • Sound Fault Lines
  • Border Breakout Production
  • Starboiz Records
  • Luminate!!
  • Loud House Music Studios
  • Revolt Music Production Company
  • Bellow Music Group
  • Special Delivery Music Group
  • Calhoun Music World
  • Music Fusion
  • Sound Bombs Production and Timeless Classic Studio

What Makes a Record Label Name Unique?

Having provided some catchy names you can use for your record label, it’s only fair that we also mention a few factors that makes a name special.

  • Your Record Label Name is what you Make of it

This is a statement that holds true for new entrants into the industry. As shown above, the names mentioned convey messages. However, such names may be abstract or not. What matters here is that you are able to play research on some names.

Also, you can go through names such as those listed above. From there, you either choose any or pick certain aspects or characteristics of the names. Doing this calls for creativity.

  • Get an Honest Opinion

This is another step that makes your choice of a catchy name either worthwhile or not. It is important that you don’t do everything thing yourself. However this isn’t meant to create doubts but to enable you refine or adjust your choice of a name.

Hence after picking or coming up with a name, seek the input of friends and associates.Especially those with some knowledge of music. This goes a long way in refining your pick.

  • Get a Label Name that Sticks

In other words, it simply means that you choose a name that is easy to recall. Not only that, the message should also be clear.

As a record label owner, you’d have to deal with different clients especially music artists. These are your ambassadors and would represent your brand. As such, your brand starts with a name and should easily stick.

Whenever people try to recall the name, what will readily come to mind is the message or how clear the message is.

In Conclusion

The choice of a name will either impact positively or negatively on a record label business.

As such, it’s necessary that you give your all when choosing one. As is seen, choosing a catchy name involves creativity.

Therefore you should allow your imaginations to soar. Thankfully these catchy record label business name ideas should suffice.