How to Start Profitable Poultry Farming in Nigeria

Recently many people have realized that practicing poultry farming in Nigeria is a very lucrative business to start . There is a huge demand for chicken meats, turkey meat etc. in Nigeria but most of these meats are being imported into Nigeria.

Starting poultry farming in Nigeria is ideal business to venture because of its lucrative turnover and it is an essential commodity and has numerous target market.

In Nigeria, Poultry farming outputs are more expensive than most of other forms of meat because of the great health benefits of white meat. Many Doctors have recommended their patients to take more of white meat than red meat and this made starting a poultry farming a lucrative and formidable business to do in Nigeria with a population of more than 170 million.

I knew of a friend who just graduated from a government University and ventured into poultry farming in small scale production as he started with less money. He raised the chicken in their compound. Using a chicken leg band, he manages to distinguish each of his chicken’s from each other. He has his good chicken feeds techniques and when the chicken grown old, he will kill and froze it. He prefers to sell it as frozen and makes more money every time. Soon after he started, he begins to make more profit and expand his business to the surprise of every one, he bought private car for himself, bought two plots of land, build a bigger poultry house with some few equipment, employ few staff and also a small vehicle for conveying his poultry products. Now he is doing it in a bigger way and still has room for improvement. His story, resilience, determination and hard work made him a spotlight.

Now, I am going to share with you how you can start and run a lucrative poultry farming.

How to start Poultry farming business in Nigeria

There are many poultry farm product one can start in Nigeria like snail chicken, turkey, duck etc but in this article, I will focus on Chicken poultry farming. Starting a chicken farming does not make you a farmer but more of a business person. In the chicken industry there are three main sectors:

  • Layers

This set of chickens are mainly raised to produce eggs and they starts laying eggs at the age of 11 weeks and within some time they will start laying eggs regularly and frequently. Layers lay more eggs in warmer season than in the cooler season so bringing on lights in your poultry facilities will make the temperature warm and suitable for them to lay eggs.

  • Broilers

The set of Chickens are raised for meat production and they are suitable for consumption within the range of 6 weeks to 8 weeks of age. Though broilers have many breeds, I will recommend that if you want to buy your day old broiler always make sure that it is weighed above 36 grams. You have to provide them with much food as it will be converted to meat in their body system.

  • Cockerel

It is very strong chicken and varies with its colors. It is mainly raised for hatching of eggs to smaller chicken. They are resilient and withstand many forms of bad weathers.

Three Housing Methods of Raising a Poultry farm

1. Battery Cage Method

This type of method is very common in Nigeria and other countries. It is made of metal cages and arranged in rows. It allows the excretion to drop down easily and very easy in collecting the eggs of the chicken. Food is provided in front of the chickens while water is set above the food.

2. The deep litter system

This one is also commonly used and widely accepted and involves raising up the chicken in floor which is covered with some material while some prefers to use Saw dust. It enables the chicken to exercise themselves and move around while they eat drink and lay eggs.

3. Furnished Cage Method

This method is often used by some people who prefer to start their poultry farming in a very small scale type just like my friend started with. It involves constructing cage for the chickens which will house few chickens but with stages more chicks will fill up the area.

Key things to Note in Housing

  • Please make sure that there good ventilation in your poultry farm.
  • Make the place Clean to avoid any form of chicken disease of predator coming to eat chicken.
  • Concentrate in the temperature so that it will remain warm rather than too much cold or too much hot for the birds.
  • Make sure that there is enough space for the chickens tp walk around and don’t overcrowd your farm.


This is very essential part of poultry farming in Nigeria as the feeds you give to your chicken will result to how fast and healthy they will grow. Make sure the feeds are nutritious for proper growth and also that the water is very fresh and clean at all time.

You can choose to buy your feeds from the sellers or make your own feed but as a beginner and small scale business man in the farming business, I recommend you purchase the feeds. Some feeds are recommended for the early stage of the chicken while others are good for the growth and some better for layers to be able to lay more eggs and some are more nutritious that it fattens the broilers more. So you have to always ask the sellers and dealers of the feed about what you want and for what purpose you want it to serve.


Always keep the surroundings clean to avoid any form of diseases and make sure that you staffs wear a glove when accessing the chickens for safety concerns. The birds also needs some regular checkups and vaccines to prevent diseases and promote growth.

Things to stage up

  • Raise Capital: You can start small and grow with time. If you want to start at a minimal level then you have to consider starting with above 500,000 Naira.
  • Get a land: Location matters but I prefer you get a land where its cheap and easy access to market or consumers.
  • Have a business plan: You will need to have a detailed business plan on how to start, run and market your business. This is very vital for your business growth and sustainability.
  • Get the house built: Choose the type of house you will like to start with first and get it built in place. Make sure it is suitable for chickens.
  • Get the poultry equipments: Buy other poultry equipments like Water equipment, lighting system, waste disposal tray, egg tray, and when you grow so big you can add other features.

Products to sell from your chicken farms

Eggs: Layers will lay more eggs according to the feeds and heating system in place when they are matured to lay eggs and one layer may lay more than 344 eggs a year. You will sell eggs and make profit as create of eggs is little expensive in Nigeria and parents like to give eggs to their children.

Meat: Broilers will produce more meats that layers and it will be more expensive. Feed them very well with nutritious feed and they will grow fast and bigger. You will make more money selling off your chicken as people now consider eating white meat than red meat.

Excretion: Poultry farm Excretion are converted to fertilizers and you will make money selling this fertilizers to farmers. Some fish farmers also like to use the excrete from chickens to make their feeds for fishes as it helps the fish to grow when the excrete produces maggots. You will make a lot of money as it is a very lucrative business to do in Nigeria.

Marketing your Livestock

Marketing is very crucial in your poultry farming business as it displays the way you will reach out to your customers. You have to employ a good marketer for this aspect and try to use the marketing mix to outsmart your competitors.

Your Target Market: It has a very wide area of target markets and some are as follows:

  • Fast food restaurants
  • Beer bars
  • Hotels/Guest house
  • Beer parlor or Mini restaurants
  • Markets
  • Personal consumers
  • Convenience stores
  • Frozen dealers


Starting a lucrative poultry business in Nigeria is a very lucrative thing to do considering the fact that Agriculture is a very booming sector in Nigeria and the federal government is supporting this farmers or business people with lots of incentives to motivate them to keep on doing their business. There are easier way now to acquire loan in the Agricultural Bank of Nigeria and there are many banks that are willing to support and finance the SMEs in Nigeria.

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