Creative Photography Insta Name Ideas for Branding – Wedding, Pet, Newborn, Children’s

Are you looking for cool Instagram names for a photography business?

Photography in this modern-day has gone beyond passion; it has become people’s way of life, a full-time profession, and the way of keeping present events. The daily human turns to photography just to keep a record of their beauty, events, etc.

But as a photographer, you stand to earn more money by having the best equipment and doing your job the best way possible. Some factors your success in the photography business and if not controlled quickly, it might wreak havoc in the future.

Your photography business name is one of the big factors that affect your business. In what ways does your photography business name idea affect your business success, what must you consider when picking a business name, and what defines a good business name?

These amongst other points will be discussed in detail in this article.

Effect of Business Name on the Business

  • It helps differentiate you from your competitors.
  • It helps set the right and best tone for your business
  • Your brand value needs to be enhanced, a good business name can do that.
  • Even in your absence, your good business name speaks for you.
  • It helps steer your company in the right direction.

So it is clear from the points listed above that your business name goes a long way in defining the success of your business, so what must be behind your mind when planning to get a name for your business.

Ideas for Choosing Photography Business Name

  • For Simplicity: The simpler the name, the easier they remember you.
  • Humorous: With a bit of humor in the name, most won’t forget as it will stick easily and quickly.
  • Identification: One reason why most use their name is for identification, people will identify you quickly by your name.
  • Specialty: Sometimes your name help does the work of informing people the type of photography you involve in when your specialty is included in the name, it would be easier for prospective clients to meet you directly.

Catchy Photography Instagram Names

Behind any photography business name, there is an underlying factor bringing the motivation, this underlying factor decides greatly what and which name one will choose.

Below are a few photography business name ideas that you might want to adopt for your business and the motivation behind them.

(1) Pick a Beautiful Name by Playing with the Emotional Word

You can play with emotional words for a photography business name like;

  • Mind-blowing image
  • Special touch capture
  • Delighted image
  • Heartfelt memories and co.
  • Celecaptured image.
  • Soulful images and co.

(2) Use of Sentimental Adjective is Also a Key

This is another way to come up with a photography business name for your business. The use of sentimental adjectives can be of help here. Take a look at these;

  • A Home of Photography
  • Thrilling Flashes Photographers
  • Spiced Imagery
  • The Pics Pick
  • Amazing Pictures
  • Capture The Scene

(3) Make Use of Photography Related Terms

So many are using this method to come up with a name for their photography studio. Check examples of how you can combine photography related terms to come up with a name;

  • A Click With The Camera
  • Filter And Focus Pictures
  • The Lens And The People
  • Capture With A Flash.
  • The flash shoot.

(4) Use of Advanced Photography Tools as a Basis for a Name

  • Manual setting images
  • Get a shot with a shutter blade
  • Single-lens reflex images
  • Backlighting images
  • Optical shoot ltd
  • Single-lens superb shoot.

(5) Use your Name

If you are out of ideas, you can likely use your name. People have done it, so you won’t be the first. Here are some samples;

  • Stephen’s Super Shoot
  • Larry’s Pics Services
  • Shoot It With Kelvin
  • Superb Shoot Edward Services
  • James Lights And Flashes
  • Joshban photography

(6) Use your Niche

Your niche of photography can also come as an inspiration for a photography business name. This way, your ideal clients will by the sound of your name know your area of focus.

  • Forever and now a photo studio
  • The Dream Wedding studio
  • Marvelous Love studio
  • Parties, Present, and Pics
  • The Unique picture

(7) Specialty Based Names (Model and Fashion)

  • The magic poses
  • Pose with drake
  • Slayers hub studio
  • Model in style studio
  • Splash on the beauty
  • Go with josh poses

(8) Nature or Animal Photographer

Here are good names you can choose from;

  • The Cat Buddies
  • Pose With The Cub
  • Shoot With A Snake
  • Aqua Super Shoot
  • The Furry Foxes
  • The Anishoot services

(9) Beautiful Sceneries and Landscape Photography

  • The quiet Ambience
  • Pose on the mountains
  • Into the Wild Photos
  • Pics in the wild
  • Sceneshoot photo studio

10. Combine Word Together

You can become more creative by combining words like;

  • The Aquacapture services (Aquatic capture)
  • Fashflash photography (Fashion Flash)
  • Capamoment images (Capture a moment)
  • Sceneshoot images (Scene shoot)
  • Photograspeak captions and co. (Photography speaks)
  • The autographed photo. (Beautiful photographer)


As we have highlighted, the name given to your business is very important, as it would help inform people about your services. So, try as much as possible to have a clear goal in your mind.

Understand the concept of the name you are choosing.

Define your photography specialty if possible, and most importantly, pick your business name after considering the underlying pro and cons. The sample names above can also be used to make it easier for you.