With an increasing number of pet lovers within the United States and across the world, pet businesses are witnessing increased patronage from pet lovers. This sector continues to attract interest from entrepreneurs who themselves are mostly pet lovers.

Despite the interest shown in this business, there are still a significant number of entrepreneurs who have little understanding on the most basic things to put in place to succeed and grow.

It is in light of the above that this article is written. It seeks to provide the much needed guidance required to succeed in the pet industry. An important requirement that every pet business owner should possess is the business plan.


This pet business plan sample provides a guide on what should be included in the contents of a good pet business plan sample. These are anchored under the following;

Table of Contents

  • Executive Summary
  • Products and Services
  • Vision Statement
  • Mission Statement
  • Competitive Advantage
  • Target Market
  • Sales Projection
  • Source of Revenue
  • Publicity and Advert Strategies
  • Payment Channels
  • Conclusion

Executive Summary

All Pets Inc. is a pet shop to be located in Arkansas. With a wide selection of pets many of which are exotic breeds, we are a pet shop out to provide the best breeds of products to our valued clients, giving them value for their money.

We will be including a wide variety of pets in our collection to cater for the needs of our clients. These pets will consist mainly of dogs and cats. However, we will be adding a wide collection of different species to encourage a more diverse patronage.

Products and Services

Apart from the sale of different breeds of dogs and cats, our other services will include dog walking, training, offering veterinary services to dog owners and also the sale and hire of dog breeding equipment and accessories.

Apart from this, we will also be providing expert advisory services to pet owners on tips of achieving the best results with their pets.

Vision Statement

Our vision is to be among the premier pet businesses providing superior pet services in Arkansas within the first 5 years of commencement of business.

Mission Statement

To provide unbeatable services for pet lovers including the sound advisory and vet services to our clients that will endear us to them, thereby building forging binding ties that will lead to client loyalty.

Competitive Advantage

Our areas of competitive advantage include the selection of our workforce. Here, only individuals possessing the required skills are selected, with those having significant years of experience in the pet business given preference.

Our remuneration standard will be among the best in the industry as our workforce will be well motivated to perform their roles and commit to giving their best.

Another competitive advantage we have is our marketing department which will drive our marketing and expansion plans effectively to gain a significant market share within a reasonable time frame.

Target Market

Our target market will be made up of essentially pet lovers. Having in our stock the best breeds of dogs and cats of different species will be our selling point as we will be targeting pet loving households, security outfits who will need dogs for security purposes and smaller pet businesses that may need to buy their stock from us. Our veterinary services will be provided to individuals and groups that need these services for their pets.

Sales Projection

We have conducted a research on the pet industry using a three-year period to gain an insight into the profit potential of starting a pet business. The results have been amazing as they have shown impressive signs of growth.

During the research, unknown or unforeseen factors where discounted. These include natural disasters and a sharp economic recession. The table below summarizes these projections;

  • First Year $150,000
  • Second Year $250,000
  • Third Year $400,000

Source of Revenue

Our source of income will come primarily from the services we offer and the sale of our products. Advisory services will be given for a fee including the veterinary services we will be offering to our clients.

Publicity and Advert Strategies

We will be adopting a variety of publicity and advertising strategies to ensure that knowledge about our products and services achieves a maximum reach. Several advertising and publicity tools will be deployed. These will include the use of the internet through the creation of an online presence in the form of a website. Social media will also be exploited to significantly increase our sales.

We will also mount billboards in addition to fliers and handbills will be distributed to potential clients. All our advert strategies will be developed by our marketing department consisting of experts with vast knowledge in this field.

Payment Channels

We will include in our payment procedures innovative ways of payment for services enjoyed to effectively eliminate the difficulties faced by clients due to restriction of payment options. Our diversification of these payment channels will open up new opportunities to pay conveniently for services.


This pet business plan sample if followed will give the entrepreneur the idea on what should constitute a good pet business plan.

A business cannot thrive without a well written business plan, hence, it is important that while using this sample as a guide, you should brainstorm and substitute the realities of your business with the points above. This sample is only written for illustrative purposes only.

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