Are you a personal trainer seeking to own your business? Joining a franchise that offers such an opportunity will be a great way to go. This is so because many companies in the fitness industry provide such opportunities. Whatever your investment needs are, you will likely find a perfect option that matches them.

To help you in this regard, we’ve provided a list of some of the best personal training franchises you can join or work with. This is only a guide you can use. Joining these opportunities depends on your knowledge and level of research. This is essential and should be pursued to find the right investment option.

The Best Personal Training Franchises to Buy

Some of the best personal training franchise opportunities to try to include The Bar Method, Anytime Fitness, RockBox Fitness, and Fit Body Boot Camp. Others include BodyBar Pilates, Tiger Rock Martial Arts, GYMGUYZ, YogaFit, Koko FitClub, Redline Athletics, and Pickup USA Fitness.

There are more options like The Exercise Coach, Honor Yoga, Charter Fitness, PrimeTime Personal Training, Core Progression Elite, High Altitude, Athletic Nation, Platoon Fitness, Jim’s Personal Training, Coaching Zone, Fitness on the Go, Fitness Together, Raw Fitness.

i. The Bar Method

The Bar Method takes the guesswork out of franchising by providing a profitable personal training business model that’s easily implementable. Here, you get to pursue your passion by impacting the health and wellness of your community. The ownership process can be started by contacting the franchisor to learn more.

ii. Anytime Fitness

Anytime Fitness is one of the world’s most established and strongest-performing personal training brands. This franchise boasts a new member every minute, which is quite significant and a sign that this could be a great investment option. It’s a low-cost opportunity that adopts a simple application process while providing round-the-clock support.

iii. RockBox Fitness

RockBox Fitness has a tradition it abides by. Such includes fun, accountability, service, trust, energy, and results. With a presence across 22 states, this is a growing personal training franchise you might find interesting.

The joining process includes completing its interest form, scheduling a call with one of its experts, and experiencing entrepreneurial freedom by joining the brand.

iv. Fit Body Boot Camp

Services and products offered by this personal training franchise include apparel, supplements, full-body boot camp workouts, and several others you’ll get to know of when you join. You’re offered a simple yet scalable business model which has been widely tested. Its omnipresence helps you find the right clients.

v. BodyBar Pilates

The business model being offered by BodyBar Pilates promises a terrific ROI in less than three years. Franchisees are provided support in areas that include operations & marketing, guided site selection & build-out, 17% more revenue than competitors, upscale studios, and modern equipment, etc.

vi. Tiger Rock Martial Arts

Are you looking for a nationally recognized personal training franchise with longevity? Tiger Rock perfectly fits this description. Its affordability, original purpose, and proven business model make it attractive to investors. Its franchisees get access to organizational and expert resources and enjoy corporate support.


This personal training franchise offers home and on-site training and has a presence in 22 states and three countries. It takes only about eight weeks to open your unit from the time of application. The GYMGUYZ steps to success include getting in touch, talking about business, team day, decision time, and getting started.

viii. YogaFit

With investments of $93,200 to $199,300, you can be well on owning a YogaFit studio. This personal training business seeks motivated, energetic candidates who are leaders and can follow manageable systems while understanding business basics. Persons with such qualities make for great YogaFit franchisees.

ix. Koko FitClub

This personal training franchise leverages technology by operating a digital gym. You don’t have to be a fitness professional to be considered for this opportunity. Buying a Koko FitClub franchise will need an investment of $203,421 to $396,337. You also enjoy the use of a proven business system as well as intensive training.

x. Redline Athletics

Redline Athletics has two franchise options: the regional developer and the performance center franchisee. There are several advantages to joining the franchise. They include access to technology, marketing, business systems, training, construction, and real estate.

xi. Pickup USA Fitness

Pickup USA Fitness has been added to our list of the best personal training franchises for many reasons. One such is the support offered. This covers critical areas like financing, operations & marketing, and real estate support. To join this opportunity, you only need to contact the franchisor for guidance.

xii. The Exercise Coach

The Exercise Coach offers investors the opportunity to own its studio through its franchise program. The initial investment needed to open an Exercise Coach studio is approximately $80,000 to $300,000. Finding out is the only way to know if this is the right opportunity. Fill out the form provided with the required details.

xiii. Honor Yoga

Honor Yoga presents a solid business opportunity you can take advantage of. Its franchise program offers robust support covering critical areas like its flexible business model, pre-opening training, approved suppliers, and access to the franchisor’s strong brand identity.

xiv. Charter Fitness

Franchise Charter started in 2002 and opened its franchising program nine years later in 2011. This personal training franchise can be owned with an investment of $577,708 to $1,201,802. Asides from the training provided, you’re given the tools necessary for success.

xv. PrimeTime Personal Training

Operational and marketing support, leadership, and vision are some of the perks enjoyed by PrimeTime Personal Training. The franchise process is quite simple and starts with an introduction, kickoff, discovery day, foundational knowledge, and launch of your operations.

xvi. Core Progression Elite

Entering into a partnership with Core Progression Elite goes a long way in helping you establish a thriving personal training operation. Services include nutritional counseling, fitness competitions, muscle gain, physical therapy, weight loss, pageant preparation, and muscle gain.

xvii. High Altitude

Franchise candidates interested in owning a High Altitude franchise will need an investment of $261k to $366k. This franchise has an agreement term of 10 years which is renewable. You also are given all the training and help needed to succeed.

Qualifying for these personal training franchises is essential for joining. Each has its unique requirements you’ll need to research. It’s also crucial to determine what existing franchisees think about their investments. Also, your interests will decide which option you go for.


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