MetroPCS Franchise Cost, Profit & Opportunities

MetroPCS Franchise Startup Cost, Profit & Opportunities

If you are reading this at the moment, it might be safe to say you want to find information about owning a MetroPCS franchise opportunity.

Well, we are glad we can provide that. MetroPCS franchise offers a great investment opportunity for prospective franchisees.

You’d find specific information regarding cost as well as general and relevant information. This helps you decide if it’s the perfect investment opportunity or not.

A Brief History

Metro PCS was founded in 2002. The idea was conceived out of the desire to offer better wireless cellphone service. Before then, such services weren’t quite affordable.

This was in addition to low quality services which characterized the industry. Its entrance saw an improvement of the industry. This resulted in more competition which provided options to customers.

Since then, MetroPCS has expanded across several states. It has also gained millions of satisfied subscribers. This doesn’t seem to be losing steam anytime soon. More so with franchising opportunities available to interested investors.

What’s MetroPCS Franchise About?

MetroPCS franchise is all about wireless cellphone service provision. This great franchise also offers several related services including the provision of cellphone accessories. All these are very affordable. Hence, to give you an idea, customers are offered low cost prepaid plans. MetroPCS has no contract options whatsoever.

Both its clients and partners (franchisees) enjoy a range of benefits. This is the goal of the company as it seeks to grow its franchise network. As a prospective franchisee, this is a perfect opportunity. You get to own part of a huge and respectable brand. This is in addition to taking advantage of a large market by providing exceptional and innovative services.

How MetroPCS Franchise Generates Income

This is one of the areas prospective franchisees find interesting. For this franchise, there are several ways it makes money. All its franchisees also get the opportunity to earn income through similar services. The major ones include;

  • Payment of Monthly Fees

This is the fee MetroPCS charges for its wireless services. What makes this interesting is that it has millions of subscribers and still growing. These are spread across the United States.

As its franchisee, you get the opportunity to grow the network. This is in addition to being a part of strong brand.

There are no hidden fees whatsoever for all of its services. In other words, what you see is what you get.

  • In-Store Sales of its Quality Devices

Another way MetroPCS generates income is through the sale of its devices. These combine quality and affordability.

Such sales are provided in-store. But that’s not all. It also offers a wide array of accessories. Just like its devices, its accessories are durable and affordable.

  • Provision of Extended Services

The services it provides aren’t limited to sale of device and charges for use of its wireless network. It also includes extended services. What are these? They include the device protection as well as international plans. Such services allow for total satisfaction in addition to protection of client’s gadgets.

Financial Requirements

Now, this is a crucial area you must qualify for. To own a part of this franchise opportunity, there are certain cost implications. These include a net worth requirement of $150,000 as well as an investment sum ranging from $40,000 to $150,000. You also need to have a liquid capital of $100,000. MetroPCs franchise fee starts at $25,000.

Other fees may apply. These will include royalties among others. However, you need to contact the franchisor for detailed information on these and more.

Why you Should Consider MetroPCS

While searching for franchise opportunities, perceived advantages form a large part of our preferences. Thankfully, MetroPCS franchise presents several! Firstly, you get the chance to offer affordable and reliable wireless services. By affordability, we mean plans as low as $30! Secondly, you get to sell high-end cellphones at enormous discounts.

MetroPCS franchise requires no contracts. Customers are also free of credit checks and the likes. This creates a level of freedom for you and your clients. Thirdly, this franchise has an impressive customer base. 9 million spread across the United States!

Thus, by leveraging on its reach and acceptance, you’d be building a solid business.

The best part is you get all the support you need to grow. After getting the final nod to become its franchisee, your journey begins. But you aren’t left alone. MetroPCS franchise provides all the training you need. An added advantage is its support. This is effective and guides you throughout the process.

As a result, you are able to establish a strong business. The use of its business template is compulsory for new and existing franchisees. As such, it eliminates all forms of guess work. You don’t have to deal with how to manage negative circumstances because the work’s been done. You only need to follow its direction.

A highly responsive customer service is another. This has been noticed and has won it recognition. As its franchisee, you all the training you need to offer an efficient service.


A growing number of investors are interested in financing opportunities. Luckily, MetroPCS franchise has such opportunities. However, benefiting from these requires meeting certain conditions. But there are no detailed information regarding areas included in its financing provisions.

You’d have to find out the details during the application process. This and all other details are made available in the franchise disclosure document.

Available Locations

MetroPCS franchise is not available in all states. However, franchising opportunities are available for new locations.

Though it isn’t clear if it covers all states.

Have you found this information useful? MetroPCS franchise offers you a great opportunity to become its partner. You also get to enjoy several benefits as listed above. But above all, you are guaranteed a great return on investment.

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