Massage Envy Franchise Cost, Profit & Opportunities

MASSAGE ENVY Franchise Startup Cost, Profit & Opportunities

Massage Envy Franchise, currently ranked at the number 2 spot by Forbes Magazine is one of the most rapidly expanding business franchises in the world. With its customer base increasing every day, Massage Envy bestows infinite growth for firms that operate under its license via its convenient, professional and inexpensive massage and health spa services.

Many Americans, now realizing the health benefits that results from getting a good massage from professional masseurs and masseuses, have begun to rely on Massage Envy to help provide a sense of balance to their lifestyles. This makes it the ideal time to link up with the foremost massage franchise in the United States of America.

Incorporated in 2002, Massage Envy Spas provides services for two classes of people; individuals that sign up for their membership program get to receive one facial or massage every month for a monthly token. Once in awhile, extra costs are incurred when registered clients opt to receive facials as amended in the manual and are also qualified to receive supplementary services at cheap member rates. Non-members, however, receive these services as well but at higher rates.

Massage Envy began franchising in 2003 and have its headquarters in Scottsdale, Arizona. It offers franchising opportunities as Massage Envy Franchising, LLC, for business establishments that provide specialized therapeutic massage service, personalized facials as well as interrelated goods and services under the designation “Massage Envy Spa”.

This arrangement is made via a program that is based on membership and business must be located in a clean and pleasant environment.

How much does a Massage Envy franchise Cost?

Total investment cost is between $4500,000 to $1,200,000. Franchisee Fee is $45,000 for the first location and $35,000 for additional outlets. Massage Envy do not offer any form of financing, whether direct or indirect nor does it guarantee a franchisee’s lease, obligation or note. Massage Envy, however, is responsible for the training aspect. They will handle the training of three managers on how to operate the Massage Envy Spa. The duration of the training program is about five days and must be completed to the satisfaction of the franchiser.

The Business Manager, Managing Owner as well as the number of other specified management personnel by Massage Envy must be active participants in the preliminary acquisition of skills as well as take part in every other activity that is essential before formally opening the business.

The franchisee training series and Massage Envy franchise annual conference could be organized in any of these three locations; at Massage Envy’s corporate headquarters that is presently located in Scottsdale, Arizona; or at a Massage Envy Clinic that is in operation or it could take place in any of the locations that will be specified by the franchiser.

Franchisees may also be required to allow their previously trained as well as experienced employees to embark on a yearly refresher or additional training lecture series that usually lasts for just five days. Massage Envy also organizes conventions or national business meetings for up to three days every year at designated times and locations.

Before the franchisee is allowed to begin operations in any choice territory, the site of the franchise must be approved by Massage Envy as well as by the Regional Developer. Massage Envy also have minimum requirements regarding Massage Envy franchise locations; the lowest standard for independent communities or residential trade area’s population is fifty thousand people.

For households that are qualified, the minimum number is about ten thousand families. Massage Envy, as well as its affiliates, will not establish a different Massage Envy Clinic with its premises within that same territory nor would they give their approval for such an incident to take place.

How much does a Massage Envy franchise make?
Concerning the terms of the agreement as well as terms for renewals, the length of the time for franchising is ten years. If, after ten years, the franchise is waxing strong with no financial losses but steady Massage Envy franchise income profits, then the franchisee, after meeting other obligations, may be permitted to acquire another franchise under the current terms and conditions.

There are other obligations tied to owning a Massage Envy franchise. For instance, one of the owners of the franchise must be elected to serve as the Managing Owner. This individual must have a minimum of twenty percent stake in the franchise and must participate fully in the preliminary training exercise.

This Managing Owner must be given the responsibilities of the first manager of the business. The franchisee is also expected mandatory to appoint a general manager i.e. the Business Manager of the Massage Envy Spa. It is not, however, mandatory that the Business Manager must be a stakeholder or ownership interest in the franchise.

The Managing Owner can also double as the Business Owner as the case may be. It is the duty of the Business Manager to put forth efforts to live up to the requirements of the Franchise Agreement and disclosure document. All services as well as products that Massage Envy is known for must be provided by the franchisee on a periodic basis and must not offer any unauthorized services.