Business Ideas in Politics for Politicians and Political Campaigns

Today, I will be sharing with you ways of making money from politics. You can make money from politics this season especially as the elections are very near and political campaigns have commenced. Whether you are a business man, a politician, a party member, a social group, there are numerous avenues to make money in politics.

Politics they say is no bad game! Isn’t it your dream to be a President or better still a congressman so that you could strengthen the democracy, protect the rights of your people and resolve all the sour issues in this world.

Really, it looks as though such yearning and aspirations ended long, long ago. Whatever your political philosophy may look like the fact still remains that flood of money still distort our modern politics.

Do you need all what it takes to make money in politics? If yes! I will be glad to share with you the unique ways of making money from politics.

Politics had proved itself over the years to be a complicated career path. In fact, those who made it big from politics see some varieties of setbacks (major one) in their careers.

You actually don’t need to wait until you venture into the game of politics before you make money through it. It does not matter whether or not you are a school teacher, government official, business man, a party member, a politician or a member of any social group, there are plethora avenues for you to make money from politics.

Politicians irrespective of the country or state spend over millions of dollars in politicking games and on campaigns.

You stand up the chance to benefit from this enormous investment if you dim it fit to position yourself in the right way.


Become A Political Party Member

Like the proverbial “nothing good comes easy”, to make money from politics one of the first element that count a lot in any political setting is to become a member of a particular political party.

Majority of the card-carrying members of many political party make money from mobilization fees which they accrue from politicians during political campaign session since it is the time that most political parties tend to disburse and share money together with mobilization fees.

To be a political party member cost little or nothing as almost every party is open and eager to accept anyone. Even if you are not financially strong and buoyant enough, but so far you can always be readily available and help out if any event or party congress is in action, you will surely make money from politics through commissions issued out for public exercises that had being carried out by such political party to its participating members.

Contest for a Political Post

Yes, public office is not meant for any class of individual, why not make money from politics by contesting in an election since it is a tradition that every occupant of political offices is once an elected candidate.

This may be very risky as there is no absolute assurance that you will win the election after spending thousands of dollars on campaigns.

However, you can only make money from politics by contesting in an election through two ways. These are:

Receiving huge and pretty settlement funds for stepping down for an opponent that is stronger than you do or by winning the election.

Establish A Relevant Association

Establishing an association that is relevant and standard to the taste of time is another way to make money from politics. You could make money from politics by creating a reputable social group and grow it into relevance one.

Once your association or social group has a very large base of members with voting rights in your vicinity, your chances of getting campaign or mobilization fees is very high.

This is so because politician sees campaign to be an important avenue to convince eligible voters using available social units than that of general populace. Essence, politicians sometimes do finance major part of the projects put in place by such organization. Create a reputable association and stand a chance of making money from politics.

Invest on Political Party

It doesn’t necessarily require one to be a member of a political party before one can make money from politics. There are people out there who are making big money from politics without seriously participating in political activities.

Business investors are very good example. What they normally do is to invest their money on a political party by supporting such party financially during its fund raising events.

If that political party should end up winning and comes into government, that business investor would be awarded different contracts and/or with lower taxes.

Handling Campaign Contracts

Politicians more than anyone need the services of independent contractors that will help them carryout their campaign projects work and other activities more effectively and efficiently. Normally, it should include products, services and all sorts.

Campaign projects such as customized bottled water to be shared to the populace, fashion accessories and host of others, plus rendering awareness services by designing fliers, banners, billboards, advertising (online and offline), settling issues related to logistics and so on are valued by politicians.

If you are able to identify and provide them the services that they really need, you wouldn’t be able to help but to make some cool cash from the business.

There are folds of money to be made in politics. In fact, millions upon millions just like other entrepreneurial idea or business opportunity, the bottom line is: don’t take the aforesaid ways on how to make money from politics for granted they are just the surest ways you can count on.

5 Ways To Make Money From Politics – Summary

Politicians spend billions in politicking and on campaigns. You benefit from this huge investment if you position yourself right.

Contest In An Election: Candidates are elected in political offices. This is a risk as you may still lose the election even after spending huge sums on campaigns. You can only make money from two ways when you decide to pick an election form. Receiving settlement funds when you step down for a stronger opponent or winning the election.

Create A Relevant Association: Many people make money by starting a social group that they grow into relevance. If your association has a large base of voting members in your locality, your chances of receiving mobilization or campaign fees is high. This is because politician find it easy to arrange campaigns to convince voters using social units than the general populace. Cost of campaign is usually cheaper and success can be tracked easily. Politicians sometimes finance certain projects of such organizations.

Become A Party Member: Many card-carrying members of political parties make money from mobilization fees that they receive from politicians during campaign period since that is the time most parties tend to share money and mobilization fees. It costs little or nothing to be a member of a party as most parties are open to accept anybody.

Even if you don’t have money, as long as you can always be available and help in the managing of events, you can make money from commissions paid out for public exercises being carried out by the party to participating members.

Business investor: There are also people who tend to make money from politics without actively participating in politics. What business investors basically do is invest money in a political party by supporting them financially during fund raising events. If the party ends up winning and becoming the government, the business investor would get contracts and or lower taxes and considerations on their business. A good example is Dangote who supported the PDP and the govt has helped his business by making laws that support the local cement industry.

Contractors: Politicians at times require the services of independent contractors to help them do their work and activities more efficiently. It normally includes products and services such as bottled water, food catering, fashion accessories, banners, advertising, logistics and so on. If you can identify and offer them the products and services that they need, you would be able to make some good money from political business ideas too.