Sample Lingerie Line Business Plan

Our lingerie line business plan guide offers a wealth of knowledge on how to proceed. Here, we’re taking a look at all the planning procedures to follow.

Setting in motion your idea depends on how well your plan is put together.

Planning an undergarments business presents an exciting and rewarding opportunity. The process can be challenging without the right tools.


In this article, you’ll find all the information you need to know.

Lots of benefits are derived from a business plan. These include helping you connect the dots by seeing the entire picture as well as helping with setting your priorities right.

Additional benefits you’ll derive from a good lingerie line business plan include helping you manage or adapt to change, cash management, developing accountability, and achieving your milestones.

These are only a few of many benefits.

Elements of a Good Lingerie Line Business Plan

The whole process of putting up a plan involves knowing what to include. There are basic elements you cannot do without. These are the pillars around which your entire plan will be developed.

They include the executive summary, company description, and market analysis. Others are the competitive analysis section, description of management & organization, breakdown of services & products, the marketing plan, sales strategy, request for funding, and the financial projection sections.

Every element needs to be carefully written to adequately cover the area being discussed. The success of your lingerie line business starts with how good your plan is. So, without delay, let’s jump right in!

i. Executive Summary

Part of the benefits derived from an executive summary section is to create a first impression.

Of course, such an impression should be the right one. The purpose of this section is to provide a highly summarized version of your plan in a few pages.

It presents the features of the business or states what your lingerie line business is all about. Though summarized, you want to provide ample information to enable your investors to see the viability of the idea.

  • What do Investors Want to See in my Executive Summary?

Key areas most investors seem to be interested in include identifying a problem and how you intend to solve it. So, does your lingerie line solve a problem?

Consider this your elevator pitch where you state your value proposition.

Launching a lingerie line should only be viable when there’s a large and growing market opportunity. There should be proof of this and must be conveyed compellingly.

Having a sustainable competitive advantage creates and keeps investors interest in your business idea. This should be contained in your executive summary.

Having a clearly defined business model comes in handy and helps create willing investors. There should be a focus on three aspects of your operation; your volume, price, and margin.

All team members need to be fully introduced. Also, you’ll need to add their experiences (both current and past). There’s strength in the right team. Only capable hands drive growth.

Potential investor returns, as well as the payback process, is very critical to getting funding.

Investors are more interested in the safety of their funds as well as growing their investments. You’ll need to work this out in a comprehensive manner to be compelling enough.

ii. Company Description

Here, key information about your lingerie line should be unveiled.

Your company description should include your target market or customers as well as achievable goals. Your lingerie line shouldn’t just add to the statistic of similar businesses but should have some uniqueness about it.

iii. Market Analysis

Market analysis is where the major work lies. An understanding of the undergarments industry is one that gives you an edge. It enables you to identify opportunities before others and take advantage of them.

A lot of statistical data is involved in this process.

Here, you want to discuss the past, present, and future of lingerie production.

What more? Your clients will play a big role in how your products move. Therefore, you want to find out additional details about your target customers including their income levels.

iv. Competitive Analysis

Undergarment manufacturing is a very competitive sector you need to plan for. There are lots of other lingerie-related businesses both direct and indirect competitors.

Having an understanding of what you face gives you an advantage.

Also, analyzing your competitor’s strengths and weaknesses gives you an edge to maneuver your operations to profitability.

v. Description of Management & Organization

This section involves a full introduction of your management team as well as their experiences and skills. You’ll also need to state how such skills will aid or grow your lingerie line. Their job responsibilities and roles must also be clearly stated.

The type of structure you operate or wish to operate is included here. A lingerie business can take any suitable structure as long as it presents the most benefits.

vi. Breakdown of Services & Products

Like most sections, this part of your lingerie line business plan should contain a breakdown of all products and services. Extra information is provided about the styles, colors, sizes, and everything else that gives an idea of what’s involved.

How durable are your products and what makes them unique from other lingerie products in the market?

You’ll need to also mention your suppliers, the cost of making a lingerie unit, and the cost margin you’ll be making per unit.

vii. Marketing Plan

No matter how good your lingerie products are, they’ll never get across to end-users without a proper marketing plan.

Here, a full description is needed to inform your audience about how your products will get from point A to point B.

That is, from the production line all the way to the end-user.

viii. Sales Strategy

For a marketing plan to work there must be a sales strategy. This is where you’ll need the input of marketers. These are key players that will be on the ground to market your lingerie products. They’ll be involved in convincing.

You’ll need to provide all the information here plus available training programs where necessary.

ix. Request for Funding

Starting a lingerie line will most likely require seeking funds from the right sources.

In this section, you need to clearly state the amount required and what it will be used on. You may also want to disclose future expansion plans and how much it will cost.

x. Financial Projections

Every business, including a lingerie line, should have financial goals or projections spanning a time period. Having this available makes your plan look solid and also helps in guiding your operations.

There you have it! This lingerie line business plan guide has included all that needs to be known about launching a successful operation.

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