Looking for alternatives to LegalZoom? Here are some of its competitors you should also consider.

LegalZoom has positioned itself as one of the top online services that provide clients and businesses with legal services. These are highly essential services centered around legal documents such as trademark applications and business formation documents.

Others include copyright registrations as well as wills and living trusts.

While LegalZoom is among the top online services that provide the above services, there are several other competitors and alternatives.

Here, we’ll be providing you with all the information needed on some of the major Legalzoom competitors and alternatives. These are efficient services that help you sort out a wide range of your legal needs be it personal or business.

Competitors And Alternatives

A common denominator with all capitalist societies is competition. This is basically between the business of all kinds.

There are tons of benefits for both businesses and consumers. For businesses, competition drives innovation among other things.

On the other hand, this benefits customers as they get to enjoy the options that come with it.

Bringing this to bear on our discussion, competition is common within the online legal services industry. Although LegalZoom is among the best in the industry, there are other equally formidable competitors. These also serve as alternatives for persons seeking to try similar services.

The following have been listed in no particular order and should prove helpful;

  • Bizfilings

Bizfilings isn’t only a competitor to Legalzoom, but also an alternative for clients in need of options for their online incorporation needs among other things. Founded in 1996, Bizfilings offers a wide range of free online tools and resources.

Services include vertical industry guides, business incorporation guidance as well as a business type comparison guide. As an entrepreneur, you get to easily explore a wide range of incorporation options available to you.

  • Incfile

Incfile has a rising profile within the online legal services community. Its services include verifying company name availability, access to online incorporation documents, lifetime company alerts, lifetime customer support, preparation and filing of articles, next business day processing, and first-year registered agent services among others.

Incfile has one of the lowest service packages in the online legal services industry at $49. A side by side comparison of services offered by Legalzoom and Incfile will be necessary to help determine what option services you best.

  • Nolo

Nolo offers you a variety of products such as legal forms, books, and software. With Nolo, you get a free hand which is much similar to doing it yourself. This gives you guidance on how to proceed with such things as business forms and also the creation of your preferred legal entity such as an LLC among others.

Sometimes, things might get scary. Such fears are justified because you might have limitations as regards legal interpretations. To get the best of Nolo, consider seeking some expert advice from an expert in this field. This might cost you some money but is an entirely worthwhile venture.

  • Swyft Filings

If you wish to save time and money, get a fast turnaround time with your order or get personal customer support with your business filing needs, Swyft Filings might be the answer. When compared to Legalzoom, the starting packages at Swyft Filings is much lower at $49.

However, additional charges follow including state filing fees. These fees differ from state to state. The benefits obtained from its wide range of services include the comparison tool.

Here, you get to compare the different business structures and their benefits.

Swyft Filings also offers tools such as an S Corp calculator, incorporation wizard, and annual state requirements among other things.

  • LegalShield

With over 45 years of experience in the legal industry, LegalShield helps you get rid of the confusion and complications within the process of establishing your business.

Prepaid plans are offered to both personal and business customers. The benefits of subscribing to its monthly services include a wide variety of small business needs.

These range from phone calls or letters from professional attorneys, contract review, and debt collection assistance among other benefits.

  • LawTrades

LawTrades has adopted a culture of openness and flexibility which has helped it cement its place among the most trusted online legal filings service providers. As a top Legalzoom competitor, its services are sold as projects, bundles, or one-time purchases.

By purchasing such services, entrepreneurs get quality business law and packages of formation. This helps you set up with minimal difficulty.

  • Law Depot

Whatever your legal needs or situation, Law Depot has you covered and customizes its forms to fit such needs. You get to download these documents for free. After downloading them, you can fill and file with your state. This takes away all forms of complexities and allows you to get a grip on the entire process.

Some level of caution should be exercised though. In trying to get the best deal possible, you shouldn’t ignore the risks posed by free stuff. In other words, there could be gaps that might arise from a job that isn’t thoroughly done.

You might want to review such documents with a legal expert before filing with your state.

  • Corpnet

If you need a trusted partner to help alert you of compliance due dates as well as filings of annual reports, then you should consider using Corpnet. This is a Legalzoom competitor that gives you greater control and security by storing all your important documents in one secure location. This is easily accessible through a mobile app.

  • Docracy

Do you need free online legal documents? Docracy allows you to download these and more. You get access to LLC operating agreements, contract forms, and consulting agreements too. It is also important for you to have basic knowledge about your state’s business laws. This helps you avoid common mistakes.

Although LegalZoom is a major industry player when it comes to the provision of online legal services, there are other equally reliable competitors.

Here, we’ve been able to see a few of the several you can use. It must be noted however that there are variations that may be slight or wide.

It all depends on the type of legal service you’re most interested in.