Legal Requirements For Selling Homemade Candles

Here are the legal requirements for selling homemade candles.

Do you know that candles can give your home many hours of beauty and atmosphere? The twinkling candlelight combined with elegant colors can provide an excellent sensory experience.

However, you must know that there’re hazards involved with the use of candles. If it’s not a fire outbreak, it will be allergies.

Do You Need a License to Sell Candles?

When planning to sell homemade candles, you’ll need to check if there’re essential legal requirements. This will ensure your candle-making business stays in compliance with the law.

Additionally, it will avoid putting your customers at risk. Keep reading this post to learn about the legal requirements for selling homemade candles.

Are there Legal Requirements for Selling Homemade Candles?

The answer is yes; there’re legal criteria for selling homemade candles. These standards are set by the National Candle Association (NCA). They aim at curbing the escalating rates of fire

outbreaks caused by homemade candles. However, you must know that no licenses are designed explicitly for the homemade candle business.

Therefore, you’ll need to go by these essentials.

  • Candle Emissions and Testing Standards

Before selling homemade candles, you’ll need to satisfy this essential. This is to ensure that your products have low visible smoke emissions.

That way, they can prevent poisoning from carbon monoxide, particulates, and other harmful gasses. Therefore, your candles will be tested for lead, carbon monoxide, soot, and flame height.

  • Glass Container Essentials

You can package your candles in a glass container for sale. But you must match up to this requirement. If you wish to use a transparent or semi-transparent glass container, it must be made of soda-lime silicate.

Moreover, the containers must have a thermal shock level and annealing, be heat-resistant, adequately ventilated, and made of non-toxic materials.

  • Candle Labeling Standard

Usually, industrial candles come with branded labels on their packaging. The title carries all information about the company, product formulation, and warning information.

So before selling a homemade candle, you’ll need to pass through this requirement. Your branded label must have the official fire alert symbol and the word “WARNING.”

Moreover, it must contain details regarding safety and fire hazards. It should also carry the manufacturer’s name, address, country of origin, net weight, type of wax used, candle burn time, and fragrance.

All this information that you’re to provide must be visible.

  • Quality Control Requirement

This is also a vital legal essential for selling homemade candles. This will ensure that the candles you’re producing are safe for use.

Therefore, your products must be made of high-quality materials, have a clean environment, a well-ventilated area, sage, and be convenient.

Additional Business Requirements and Licenses  

Businesswise, you’ll also be required to obtain some licenses. If not, you’ll not be allowed to sell your products anywhere in the country.

That said, you’ll need a general business permit, trademark, and copyright, sales tax registration, liability protection, regulatory compliance, safety, consumer protection, etc. Allow us to review these licenses.

  • General Business License

You’ll need a business permit no matter which business you venture into. This proves you’re following all legal demands for running an enterprise.

You can obtain this credential from your local city or county office. However, the conditions to get such a document depend on your state or county.

  • Trademark and Copyright

You may have a unique design for your homemade candles or a lovely business name. If so, consider getting a trademark or copyright for it.

This will prevent people from using your ideas or replicating your products without permission. If you find anyone doing otherwise, you can file a trademark or copyright at your local county courthouse.

However, you cannot use someone else’s trademark or copyright materials without authorization. We refer to logos, products, enterprise names, pictures, etc.

If you’re caught, you’ll be sued for trademark infringement. This will cause you a fine or jail term.

  • Sales Tax Registration

Several jurisdictions in the country may demand enterprises obtain sales tax on the goods they sell.

Meanwhile, the standards for this credential vary in terms of the tax rate, frequency of filling, and reporting credentials. Determining which requirements are specific to your state or the county would be best.

You can check with your local government offices, small company associations, or legal experts for your findings. Doing so can build a candle-making enterprise on a firm foundation.

Plus, you’ll steer future legal problems.

  • Liability Protection

You may be named in a lawsuit relating to your homemade candles during the business. For instance, a consumer has an adverse reaction or candle causing property damage.

By obtaining liability protection, you’ll be well-defended in court. Your license will indicate that you observed the law and upheld the necessary standards.

Moreover, it’ll protect the reputation of your enterprise and avert potential legal issues. Before obtaining liability protection, ensure your candle is high quality.

Also, shield yourself from potential legal problems and strengthen the validity of your company.

  • Regulatory Compliance

This is also an essential document you may require. However, it depends on where you’re located or intend to carryout out your business.

It’s implemented to control the production and distribution of consumer goods. Obtaining such a claim will indicate your willingness to obey all enforced local, state, and federal laws.

Moreover, it will keep you compliant with the law and demonstrate professionalism and authority to your customers.

  • Safety and Consumers Protection

The safety of your customers matters when starting a homemade candle business. By acquiring this credential, it demonstrates your dedication to employing high-quality ingredients and safety procedures.

Moreover, it will show your commitment to using high-quality ingredients and security measures.

What’s more? It will give your consumers peace of mind and shield them from potential mishaps and health risks. However, this will only pass if you uphold all safety standards.

Besides those above, more legal requirements and licenses exist for selling homemade candles.

If you’re wondering whether you’ll need to satisfy any legal standard before venturing into this business, you can see much to match up to.

Before you begin selling a homemade candle, ensure you research more about these demands. You can seek advice from a business legal expert to know what you must satisfy.

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