Lee’s Sandwich Franchise Startup Cost, Profit & Opportunities

Lots of business opportunities exist in the fast-food industry. One of those includes Lee’s Sandwich Franchise.

This business started from humble beginnings when its founder Chieu Le bought his first catering truck in 1981. Since then, the business has grown and metamorphosed into a thriving opportunity.

Its menu is broadly categorized into beverages, Asian sandwiches, Euro sandwiches, breakfast, appetizers, pastries, and desserts. Each of these categories has lots of offerings that cater to a wide audience.

For prospective franchisees, this will surely look attractive considering the rich menu.

More important is the need to join a thriving sandwich brand. So, are you the right candidate for this franchise opportunity?

Simply read on to find important details such as the financial requirements, the support offered, and more.

Spread of Operations

Lee’s Sandwich Franchise launched its franchising arm in 2004.

Since then, they’ve spread across several states including AZ, CA, NV, OK, OR, TX, VA. Such spread can be attributed to investor confidence in the brand as well as acceptability.

It’s a Quick Service Restaurant that sells salads, subs, sandwiches, and soups. In terms of growth, Lee’s Sandwich franchise as of 2017 had over 34 franchising outlets across the locations mentioned above.

When compared to its numbers in 2014, there was a drop in the number of functional outlets.

Financial Requirements for Becoming its Franchisee

For prospective franchisees seeking to own a part of this franchise opportunity, there are financial requirements you’ll need to meet. Such requirements include a total investment sum between $192,830 and $1,935,000.

The amount you pay depends on the franchise option that seems most interesting to you.

There are basically four franchise options to choose from.

However, the cheapest of these options is the mall unit which attracts a franchise fee of around $35,000. Prospective franchisees will need around $190,830 to $398,870 in investment sum to own the Lee Franchise mall unit.

On the other hand, is its most expensive franchise investment option. This is known as the baguette factory production unit. Prospective franchisees seeking to own this franchise type are required to pay between $1,107,000 and $1,935,000 in total investments.

The franchise fee is around $35,000 and $75,000.

Also, Lee Sandwich franchisees have an obligation to meet up with its ongoing fee demands. Such fees include the royalty fee which is about 6.9% of gross sales and also the ad fees taking up around 2.0% of gross sales.

The Franchise Agreement

Prospective franchisees that meet the franchisor’s requirements go through several processes before their first restaurant unit is launched.

As a Lee’s Sandwich franchise owner, you’re given an initial ownership term of about a decade.

At the expiration of such, some franchisees may wish to explore other interests while some may seek an extension of their franchise ownership term. So, does Lee’s Sandwich franchise allow for such renewal? It does.

This franchisor offers its franchisees an extension.

Unlike the initial 10 year term offered, you get half of it. That is, about 5 years is allowed as its maximum renewal term. However, such an extension isn’t offered automatically.

Franchisees will need to have met certain criteria to be considered for such extension.


Having qualified for this franchise opportunity and completed the franchise registration process and payments, what remains is training.

Here, new franchisees undergo rigorous training that seeks to guide them on the processes of running a Lees Sandwich restaurant.

As part of teaching you the basic skills necessary to launch your business, initial as well as ongoing training programs are offered.

Initial training is the starting point where franchise representatives unveil all there is to know. Initial training lasts a period of 160 hours.

This is on-the-job training which is a more practical approach. So, is there classroom training? Not at all! Only hands-on training is provided to equip franchisees.

Because the partnership (between franchisor and franchisee) will be a long one, an ongoing training program is offered.

As the name suggests, such training is scheduled based on current needs. In other words, when there’s an updated operational procedure, this is communicated by way of training.

Here, the franchisor seeks to keep its franchisees in touch with best practices within the restaurant industry.

Do I Get Rights to Territory?

One of the ways franchisors protect the businesses of their partners or franchisees is by issuing rights to the territory.

It isn’t any different for Lee’s Sandwich franchise. As its franchisee, you get the benefit of territory rights or protections. In other words, no other competing restaurants from the same brand will operate within your territory.

This helps with sales and profitability. With the franchisor seeking to open more outlets across new locations, there’s always something for everyone.

Its steady growth ensures that franchisees get to represent and spread the brand to newer locations.


As a Lee’s Sandwich franchise, you aren’t left without crucial support. To help its franchisees succeed, the franchisor support covering several areas including marketing and advertisement.

There’s also digital support that helps with convenience which in turn impacts sales positively.

Steps to Ownership

To become a Lee’s Sandwich franchise, you’ll need to follow several procedures beginning with making your interests known. The franchisor provides a short online form on its website where you can provide your brief details including contact information.

A franchise representative contacts you for further discussion. This is where you get to ask questions while also providing key details about your readiness and qualification for such an opportunity. Based on findings (that is, whether you’re qualified or not), qualified candidates are guided through the application process.

This leads to the issuance of the Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD) containing all the franchisor’s terms and conditions. As a legal document, you’ll need the help of a business attorney to interpret its contents.

This process eventually culminates in the signing and payment of the needed investment amount and training before your unit is opened for business.

How Much Can I Make

Earnings are largely influenced by several factors including sales, how much you’re able to cut down on wastage, prioritizing your operational needs (that is, the number of workers required).

By cutting down on your overhead, you’re likely to be profitable. How profitable you are depending on well you manage these areas.

That’s the lowdown on Lee’s Sandwich franchise. It’s important to state here that the franchisor reserves the right to alter any aspects of its operations contained within the FDD.

So, your ultimate guide towards owning this investment opportunity will be to start the application process from where the FDD is issued.