Sample Koi Fish Farming Business Plan


Koi fish is among the few fishes kept as pets. This shouldn’t be news to anyone willing to start their koi fish business.

An important piece of information to know is that you cannot start and build a successful fish farm without a business plan. Although this is a fact, reality shows that a significant number of businesses fail due to its absence.

This Koi fish farming business plan helps you guard against that. This sample will contain all the sections relevant to writing a sound plan.

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  • Executive Summary

Blu Seafood Inc. is a Koi fish farm that produces this specializes in the rearing of the koi fish species. At Blu Seafood Inc., our products are categorized in two; we produce for consumption as well as raise these fish to sell them as pets.

There is a ready and growing market for the two categories and so far, we’ve been able to increase production to meet up with demand.

We are located in San Francisco, California which is one of the most populated cities with high demand for our products. Our current capacity isn’t sufficient to meet demand. As such, we are currently embarking on expansion plans to cater to demands from the market. This is a huge growth opportunity we aren’t letting slip by.

  • Mission Statement

We have a mission to create a dynamic business that caters to the food and pet needs of our clients. We’ve identified a need and are seeking for best ways to meet such needs. Although there are other Koi farming businesses in San Francisco, competition pales in comparison to demand. In other words, there’s still room for improvement as more and more people become hooked to this fish species.

  • Vision Statement

Based on our goals and aspirations, we see Blu Seafood Inc. becoming one of the foremost koi fish farms not only in the San Francisco bus also across the entire state of California. Our long term goal (10 to 15 years) is to begin exporting our products internationally. We hope to be a reference point for all things koi.

  • Our Products

As earlier mentioned, our business focuses on the rearing of Koi fish. Our production of this fish variety caters to the needs of Koi fish consumers as well as those who use them for pets. In the case of the latter, we design aquariums where we place such fishes in. These are marketed and distributed by our business partners to end-users.

  • Capital Requirements

At the moment, we are focused on improving and expanding our supply. This will mean the purchase of more fish farming equipment, the construction of more ponds, and increasing our workforce among others. This requires sufficient capital. We will be applying for a $10,000,000.00 loan from XYZ bank to enable us to realize this objective.

Such a loan will be sourced at a yearly interest rate of 30%. To secure such a loan, we’ve had a history of borrowing and repayment which puts us in good standing. This is in addition to the sum of $400,000 set aside to guarantee the loan.

  • SWOT Analysis

We’ve performed fairly well as a koi fish farming business. This is seen in our modest growth and achievements.

However, we feel that we should have a better assessment of our operations, especially in the last three years. This has necessitated the hiring of a consultancy firm to conduct an assessment of our operations. The following results were obtained.

i. Strength

We have the advantage of experience and a well-motivated workforce. These consist of professionals with several years of experience working in different capacities with major fish farms in Japan, Australia, and Canada. We have succeeded in coordinating their activities to make them do what they know best. The results have been amazing and have resulted in significant progress.

ii. Weakness

The capital intensive nature of koi farming added with high energy bills means expansion can be done effectively.

This is the main reason we are seeking to raise capital by applying for a loan to boost production.

iii. Opportunities

Without opportunities for profits and growth, we wouldn’t be in business. A growing number of people are turning to Koi fish as a food source they can’t do without. This is in addition to those who use it for beautification and as pets. These coupled with demands for exports make our current expansion and eventual export plans highly essential.

iv. Threats

The state of California is one of the disaster-prone states. There are threats of Tsunamis, forest fires, and earthquakes. Thankfully these don’t happen too often.

Nevertheless, they are threats that are likely to affect our business adversely.

  • Sales Projection

Our koi fish farm is currently doing well concerning sales. While this is the case, we are far from where we want to be. We hope that this will witness a jump after the first phase of expansion plans are completed. A sales projection was done based on this provision and the results have been impressive as summarized here.

  1. First Financial Year                                      $40,000,000.00
  2. Second Financial Year                                 $120,000,000.00
  3. Third Financial Year                                    $500,000,000.00
  • Competitive Advantage

There are a good number of koi farms within the city of San Francisco and all across California. We compete with these businesses for a significant share of the market. One thing works for us though. And that is our industry experience. Blu Seafood Inc. may be a growing business but we’ve seen in all based on industry experience.

This knowledge has given us the edge and enabled us to navigate our koi fish farm business through challenging times. We continue to thrive and will hopefully meet and even exceed our growth objectives.

  • Marketing Strategies

Effective marketing is the bedrock of our operations as a business. We will be actively reaching out to our market through organized marketing campaigns where our products are advertised in creative ways using fliers, banners, billboards and more. We are also revamping our marketing department to come up with effective strategies to do so.

There you have it! This sample should serve as a useful template against which to compare and write an effective Koi business plan. It strips it of bogus contents to make it as straightforward or comprehensive enough to the reader.

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