JIMMY JOHN’S Franchise Startup Cost, Profit & Opportunities

Jimmy John’s was founded some three decades ago in Illinois, United States of America. It is a restaurant business which particularly satisfies its customers with delicious and quality products, as well as great customer services.

This article is for anyone who is interested in knowing about the Jimmy John’s franchise, and looking forward to joining them as a franchisee. A general overview of Jimmy John’s has been give below. Other details have been given below also, such as how much a Jimmy John’s franchise costs, the required total investment capital, the franchise fee, the terms of agreement and renewal, as well as how to start a Jimmy John’s franchise.

About Jimmy John’s Franchise
Founded in 1983 by Jimmy J. Liautaud, Jimmy John’s is a restaurant business that offers its customers well-prepared and delicious sandwiches and professional services. Jimmy John’s has its headquarters at 2212 Fox Drive Champaign, IL 61820, United States of America. Their services are fast and very professional, together with very tasty and quality products such as the deli sandwiches, beverages and freshly baked breads that always keep their customers coming back for more.

For you to become a Jimmy John’s franchisee, you must be a person who has a real motivation, and has a history of achieving success. Also, you must be a person who is ready to do what it takes just to get the job done. Jimmy John’s franchise prides itself to have the very best franchisees (operators) in the whole of the United States of America, and they are renowned as hard workers too.

How much does a Jimmy John’s Franchise Cost?
For you to be able to start up a Jimmy John’s franchise, you must be fully aware of what it will cost you. A Jimmy John’s franchise will nonetheless cost you a minimum liquid investment capital which amounts to $80,000.

Jimmy John’s Franchise Fee
Before you can qualify to become fully accepted as a Jimmy John’s franchisee, you are expected to fully pay the franchise fee which amounts to $35,000, which serves as the initial franchise fee. A $5,000 discount from the franchise fee is offered to franchisees who want to open an additional store.

Jimmy John’s Franchise Startup Cost
How much does it cost to buy a Jimmy John’s franchise? The total startup investment capital which you will require for you to qualify to become one of Jimmy John’s franchisees is a total capital which ranges from $329,500 – $557,500. Also, you will be required a total net worth sum which is not less than a total of $300,000. Royalty fees amount to 7% of the gross sales revenue while advertising fee amounts to 4.5%.

Jimmy John’s Franchise Membership Training, Requirements and Support
The following trainings and supports which have been mentioned below are what you will benefit once you become one of Jimmy John’s franchisees:

  • First, the franchisor will make sure you are provided with a beneficial and extensive initial training programme which will be very vital to you in the course of running your business. This training programme is an intensive training programme which would run for 17 days, after which, you are to undergo a 4-week apprenticeship programme. Undergoing the training will provide you with the needed resources to fully run your business.
  • The franchisor will not provided you with any direct financial assistance, rather, you will gain financial assistance by means of the franchisor’s third party relations.
  • You are guaranteed of immense business growth. Records have it that within the first two years of opening a Jimmy John’s store, an average franchisee opens a second Jimmy John’s store.
  • You will benefit from the franchisor’s continuous support in terms of marketing and sales such as newsletter, internet, meetings, etc.
  • The franchisor will always be more than ready to support you in all aspects of the business so as to make sure you get the needed support for growing your business into what you desire for it.

Jimmy John’s Franchise Application and Terms of Agreement
Jimmy John’s franchise term for the initial agreement runs for a period of ten (10) years from the actual day of penning down the contract.

How much does a Jimmy John’s Franchise Make?
How much money can you make with a Jimmy John’s franchise? The franchisor provides us with a clue as to how much a Jimmy John’s franchise makes annually. In 2016, the average annual sales revenue was a total of $1,170,866. However, a lot will depend on the size of your store, the location, and several other factors as well.

How to Open a Jimmy John’s Franchise
Now that you have seen the available details regarding the Jimmy John’s franchise, you must make your decision whether to join as a franchisee or not. If you are however very interested in becoming a Jimmy John’s franchisee, then you must have to log on to their website at www.jimmyjohns.com where you will be able to request for more sign-up information. Or you could simply go ahead to put a call across to Bobby at 1-800-546-6904 or shoot a mail to franchiseinfo@jimmyjohns.com.