Jazzercise Franchise – How to Open, Cost & Profit

Jazzercise Franchise Startup Cost, Profit & Opportunities

Jazzercise is a fitness franchise that offers aerobic exercise classes with dance moves to its many clients. Its classes are designed to be fun with lots of loyal clients to show.

Founded by Judi Sheppard Missett in 1969, it saw the need for expansion and began franchising in 1982.

Jazzercise provides a total body work-out, also called the total-body conditioning program. This franchise has grown not only into a national brand but also has an international presence in over 30 countries and growing.

To become its franchisee, you’re trained and certified first as a fitness instructor.

Jazzercise is seeking to open more franchise units in existing and new locations. Interested franchisees throughout the United States, Asia, Australia & New Zealand, Canada, Eastern Europe, the Middle East, Mexico, South America, and Western Europe are all invited to apply.

Why Jazzercise?

As a great dance-fitness franchise, prospective franchisees benefit from its strong culture of excellence built over the years. The journey commences with instructor training where you get to channel your passion for fitness by keeping fit while instructing others.

As a Jazzercise franchisee, you won’t need to worry about creating new material. All this is handled by the franchise. New exercise and dance moves, as well as playlists, are sent to you. This is in addition to a variety of workouts. The best part is that all of its moves are pre-approved by health and fitness specialists.

Jazzercise instructors and franchisees get support and ongoing training in addition to the franchisor’s online pool of resources. There are also exciting discounts on workout gear among many others.

Basically, as a Jazzercise franchisee, you’re covered and supported to excel.

Financial Requirements

Becoming a Jazzercise franchisee comes with meeting the franchisor’s financial requirements. These include an initial investment fee ranging from $2,405 to $17,155, plus an ongoing royalty fee of 20% of gross sales. A breakdown of the initial investment fee includes those for an associate franchise and class owners or business franchises.

Cost breakdown for an associate franchise includes a franchise fee of $1,250, associate fee of $0 to $120, insurance ranging from $175 to $275 and equipment from $550 to $700. Others include music at $30 to $55, miscellaneous opening costs at $400 to $650 and additional funds for 3 months estimated between $0 to $150.

Cost breakdown for class owners includes a franchise fee of $1,250, insurance at $175 to $275, equipment ranging from $1,775 to $4,425, music at $30 to $55, and marketing & advertising starting from $0 to $2,000. There are also security deposits from $0 to $2,500, miscellaneous opening costs between $400 to $650 and additional funds for 3 months ranging from $110 to $6,000.


Jazzercise franchisees get access to a wealth of support. These range from ongoing to marketing support categories. For marketing support, franchisees get the opportunity to join its cooperative advertising program, access to ad templates as well as national and regional media advertising.

Others include social media advertising, SEO, website development, email marketing, and loyalty programs. Ongoing support includes scheduled newsletter releases, organized meetings & conventions, a toll-free line as well as a grand opening.

Others include online support, security & safety procedures, field operations, site selection, use of its proprietary software and access to its franchisee intranet platform.

Franchise Term & Renewal

Jazzercise has a franchise term of five years. After this, the franchisee may decide to renew. However, this comes with certain conditions. Term renewal is only possible after satisfying the franchisor’s set requirements.

Jazzercise allows for a term renewal of 5 years.


Information on financing isn’t available on its website. However, such information can be obtained through discussions with the franchisor or in its franchise disclosure document.

Additional Information

Owning a Jazzercise franchise comes with certain restrictions and obligations. As its franchisee, you’re the only person authorized to conduct its dance fitness program. However, a few exceptions may apply. Instructors are permitted to conduct the program for less strenuous, and low impact routines. Children’s programs can also be conducted by an instructor.

Jazzercise franchisees can also sell a variety of merchandise as provided by the franchisor. Examples of such merchandise include DVDs, and clothing accessories among others.

Are There Exclusive Territories?

The franchisor does not currently offer exclusive territories. However, discussions can be held with the franchisor which may lead to some form of arrangement. Franchisees aren’t guaranteed such exclusive territories though.

Applying For A Jazzercise Franchise

There are multiple yet simple procedures for interested investors to apply for this franchise opportunity. It begins with watching and rehearsing an online choreography posted on its application page. After application, prospective franchisees have a week to submit movement screening.

Approved movement screening leads to the next step. You are required to fill its online application form. A training specialist from Jazzercise issues you all the training material necessary.

What’s more? The application process isn’t difficult at all! Comprehensive information on franchise information is provided by a franchise development representative from Jazzercise.

After signing the franchise agreement, you are expected to make either full or partial payments. The window for completing the partial payments is open for 30 days. The franchisor seeks to make it easier and convenient for prospective franchisees to start the process of owning their franchise.

  • Franchisee Training And Audition

This is a part of the application process for becoming a Jazzercise franchisee. A period of 5 weeks of training is provided by a training specialist. Each day during this period, you are taken through a detailed training session. This is in addition to providing you with guidance and feedback on the most basic of information.

Choreography practice and cueing is an essential part of the process. This all leads to the New Franchisee Training day.

Here, franchisees get hands-on coaching to enable them to refine the skills they’ve learned. The New Franchisee Training day session lasts about 3 to 4 hours.

Audition follows immediately after, with prospective franchisees performing the skills they have mastered. Passing the audition qualifies you for the franchise opportunity. This comes with instructor certification too.

The information provided on the Jazzercise franchise has shown that it isn’t so difficult to own one. When given the franchise disclosure document, you should endeavor to have a clear understanding of its contents. This helps set you on the right path. Some legal assistance will be very essential.