InXpress Franchise – How to Open, Cost & Profit

INXPRESS Franchise Startup Cost, Profit & Opportunities

InXpress franchise is a company that has been in operation since 1999(18 years). For anyone or any groups that are interested in joining InXpress franchise as a franchisee, below is all available information about InXpress franchise that you will need to know.

At first we will see the overview of the company, year of establishment and their services, after which important details needed by the Franchisee such as how much a InXpress franchise service costs and the required total investment cost. Also we will discuss the available training and supports available to intending franchisees at InXpress franchise, we will discuss how much a franchisee at InXpress franchise makes, and finally we will discuss how to start a InXpress franchise service

About InXpress Franchise
InXpress franchise established in 1999 in the United Kingdom. They provide shipping services to both small and medium sized business, since at that time it was hard for some small scale business to pay the fee for shipping their goods. They created means for entrepreneurs to earn income and achieve their financial goals by giving them quality services at a discounted price.

They partner with leading shipping company DHL when dealing with overseas products, that have been a secret to their great success story. While they also partner domestically with FedEx and UPS. They believe in low price excellent service philosophy. So at InXpress franchise all they do is provide shipping freedom for your business.

How much does a Inxpress Franchise Cost?
A Inxpress franchise would cost you a minimum liquid capital which amount to $75,000, coupled with other expenses that need to be fulfilled to become a franchisee at InXpress.

InXpress Franchise Fee
A Franchise fee of $50,000 is required to be paid to become a franchisee at InXpress Franchise company, no royalty fee or AD fee are required.

InXpress Franchise Startup Cost
For those interested in joining InXpress franchise as a franchisee, you will be required a total investment capital which amount to $79,300  as a reasonable low and $169,200 as high.

InXpress Franchise Membership Training, Requirements and Support
Successful franchising depends solely on meaningful supports. If you become accepted as a franchisee at InXpress to own your company and setup your office, then you are open to enjoy the following benefits in training and support:

  • InXpress leadership is filled with executives who own their own franchising company, and those who understand what it means to build your business from scratch to finish, so you will receive training and coaching from those executives.
  • Regular field visit where coach goes with you on call for your transactions, in fact you can expect a full year of solid weekly communication, meaningful interaction, so as to help you attain perfection.
  • They also offer in House financing to cover your franchise fee.
  • InXpress relationship with third party sources help their franchisee to enjoy big financial benefits like fee to cover franchise fee, startup cost amongst others
  • Availability of an Intranet facility for staffs and franchisee is an added advantage for franchisee to get required instruments for their day to day running both within and outside working hour.
  • A toll free line is also available to InXpresss franchisee, so as to enable them contact the head office without spending a kobo.
  • Security and safety measures training are given to franchisee at InXpress.
  • Newsletters, Conventions and Meetings are arranged regularly so as to make sure franchisee are aware of latest means and easy ways of dispensing their services. At those conventions solutions to problems encountered by franchisee are provided. An open section where you can ask questions is also available as this will help all to receive the best experience they need.
  • A 15% discount on Franchisee fee is given to intending franchisee, this is termed Veteran Incentive.
  • Regular field operation trainings are also prepared for franchisee
  • An 18hours onsite and 110 hours of industry headquarter training is available to franchisee.
  • InXpress setup Both online and offline advertisement for their franchisee. This help in broadcasting their business and company both far and wide. They also setup social media account for franchisee where Free ads can be made.

InXpress Franchise Application and Terms of Agreement
To know the terms of agreement and renewal offered by InXpress, you will have to contact them by requesting for the information.

How much does a InXpress Franchise Make?
There is currently no available information as to how much a InXpress franchisee makes. We can only believe that how much a InXpress franchisee makes would varies depending on various factors. If you are interested in getting accurate information regarding this, you will have to make such enquires by contacting the franchisor.

How to Open an InXpress Franchise
Having know much detail about InXpress services, and you are interested in starting up as one of their franchisees, quickly contact them by visiting their website at  or give them a call on 844-514-SHIP(7447)