In the world of investing, there are crazy stories where people have made a fortune by investing little to nothing. For most people, investments decisions are mostly driven by emotion which breeds impatience. The sad reality is that there are more people that have lost their livelihoods than those that have earned a fortune by putting their monies to impossible earnings.

This is mostly the case when unrealistic timeframes are set for such investments to make a turnover. You might have come across different kinds of investments promising unrealistic earnings. This article talks about this and the common pitfalls to avoid. Is there an asset or vehicle to invest $100 and make $1,000 a day? You’ll find out as you read on.

Let’s be clear…

Committing $100 and expecting to get $1,000 in a single day isn’t investment. It’s called gambling. Here, you’re clearly forcing your money to impossible earnings. Nine times out of ten, such action will lead to the loss of your $100. In other words, rather than getting $1,000, you end up with nothing.

If you opened this article with the hopes of finding the magic formula for making instant wealth, we’re sorry to tell you there isn’t any. Plus, the odds are heavily stacked against you if you wish to earn $1,000 by committing $100 to whatever venture.

It’s also important to inform you that all other sites telling you about such possibility are being disingenuous. Money accumulates with time and needs patience on the part of the investor to attain reasonably set financial goals. While that’s true, you may make $1,000 a day by only committing $100.

  • The Timeframe Matters

Making $1,000 from $100 isn’t the problem. The problem lies mainly in the timeframe stated. This is not a rational way to go about investing as you could lose your money. All worthy investments take longer to mature or accumulate.

Seek for better and saner ways to put your $100 to work and avoid trying to force it to impossible earnings. That way, you’re able to partially (not in the timeframe you wish) achieve your desired objective ($1,000).

Making $1,000 from $100 in a Day by Sheer Luck or Chance

One thing you need to understand about this type of monetary conversion is that it’s possible, but not probable. In other words, while it’s possible that you can make $1,000 from $100 in a day, it’s unlikely to happen. So what are these examples that help buttress the fact? There are several.

Examples include pranks, gambling, and coming across a desperate situation where you have to trade an item you just bought for $100 for much higher financial rewards. Any of these can fetch you up to $1,000. To be honest, these points are quite vague and will require further explanation to get the message.

i. Being Involved (Unknowingly) in a Prank

A lot of prank videos are found on YouTube where people are meant to part with cash or other valuables in the believe that their helping someone who’s stranded. The goal of the prank may be to find someone that’s willing to part with cash for the purpose of helping.

Of course as the storyline always goes, there’s eventually one lucky person that hands off their money to strangers only to be handsomely rewarded. Of course these prank videos are done by YouTube stars that have lots of disposable income to experiment.

If these videos are genuine at all, you could find yourself in this situation. However, are you willing to handover $100 to help a stranger? Sadly not many would. If you do, you might get rewarded with $1,000 or more. Again, this is a hypothetical scenario that’s unlikely to play out.

Also, there’s no mention of investing here. This has earlier been clarified when we said expecting to get a major cash return in a day while committing a little amount is gambling. You might want to look for more realistic ways of investing and earning.

ii. Gambling

The world of gambling is diverse with different types or forms that include lottery games, casino gambling, bingo, sports betting, and poker among others. While all of these games have been structured to ultimately benefit the house (betting company), players get a tiny chance to win.

Under such scenario, you could commit $100 and luckily end up winning big with payouts as much as much as $1,000 or more in a single day. To have an idea what you’re up against, the odds of winning largely depends on the type of gambling activity you choose.

As mentioned earlier, there are different types from Powerball, Keno, and Poker machine etc. Odds could range from 1 in 8 million, 1 in 7 million, 1 in 134 million chances and so on. Here, you can see that the odds are stacked against you. You’re more likely to lose your $100 than win the amount you seek.

iii. Coming Across a Desperate Situation

Certain encounters can be really strange. You might have waited in line to get your hands on the newest Nike footwear only to leave the store and be approached by a stranger who’s willing to pay 10 times the value for your shoe. Here, your $100 investment could turn to $1,000 or higher.

However such encounters rarely occur. With this reality, it’s not a good idea to rely on this type of scenario. You’re likely to be disappointed if you do.

iv. Coming Across a Really Valuable Item in a Yard Sale

Some really amazing deals have been found in yard sales. As people clear out their closets, they sell unwanted items to buyers. This shouldn’t be new information if you’ve visited yard sales in the past.

Now great deals can be had when you buy a certain item only to pawn in the same day and discover it’s way much valuable than what you thought. Again, this is possible but rarely happens.

As seen so far, seeking to “invest” $100 to get $1,000 in a day isn’t realistic. However, it’s possible that such might happen under rare circumstances such as those discussed above. Based on the information provided above, you might want to ditch the idea for more reasonable investments.