Instant Tax Service Franchise – How to Open, Cost & Profit

INSTANT TAX SERVICE Franchise Startup Cost, Profit & Opportunities

Do you intend to start an Instant Tax Service franchise? This article will ensure you are provided with the relevant information regarding how to start up an Instant Tax Service franchise store.

This article contains all of the information you require to make a better decision regarding starting up the business franchise. In this article, you will find the general information about the Instant Tax Service franchise; how much it costs to start an Instant Tax Service franchise; the initial franchise fee; the terms of agreement and renewal; the franchise benefits and supports; and how to go about the sign-up process.

About Instant Tax Service Franchise

Instant Tax Service franchise is an income tax preparation business corporation that particularly focuses on tax preparation services which include electronic filing, refund anticipation loans, federal and state tax preparation loan, etc.

Instant Tax Service franchise became incorporated in 2000 and started offering franchise opportunity since 2004. Instant Tax Service franchise has its headquarters located at 1 S. Main St, #1430 Dayton, Ohio, OH 45402. The business corporation was founded by Fesum Ogbazion, a college student who moved to the United States with his family from Ethiopia.

Over the years, Instant Tax Service franchise has expanded spontaneously. The company first started out, in 1994, as a single office unit in Cincinnati, Ohio. After the business started facing stifling challenges, Fesum Ogbazion sold the business and invested the money into a better one. That business turned out to become the Instant Tax Service.

In 2003, a year before the business started offering franchise opportunity, the business has had over 100 offices in various states in the United States. In 2008 alone, the number of Instant Tax Service franchise stores moved from 500 to more than 1000 stores all over the United States.

Instant Tax Service franchise took the first spot on both the listing of the Top New Franchises in the United States and the Low-Cost Franchises in the United States by the Entrepreneur Magazine.

Instant Tax Service franchise is one of the leading franchises in the tax industry. The franchise corporation offers small business owners the chance to be a part of a flourishing business. Instant Tax Service franchise is a franchise that does not require huge startup costs from prospective franchisees.

If you dream of starting a business that can actualize your vision of providing your services to the community, and also making lots of returns; then Instant Tax Service franchise is the perfect franchise business for you. Before you can become one of Instant Tax Service franchisees, you must be a person that possesses an entrepreneurial spirit, and a burning desire to succeed in the business.

A lot will not be required from you as a prospective franchisee, only a little hard work and dedication to the system is expected of you.

How much a franchise owner stands to make annually wholly depends on how much time, effort and resources the franchise owner is willing to put into the business. However, a lot will also depend on the size, and location of the franchise.

How Much Does an Instant Tax Service Franchise Cost?

If you are very interested in starting up an Instant Tax service franchise, you should realize that it will cost you a minimum of $15,000.

Instant Tax Service Franchise Fee

The initial franchise fee that will be required before you can become an Instant Tax service franchisee is only a sum of $39,000.

Instant Tax Service Franchise Start-Up Cost

For you to be able to start up an Instant Tax service franchise store, you will be required a liquid investment sum that ranges from $39,000$89,000. Additional fees come as 20% ongoing royalty fee.

Instant Tax Service Franchise Membership Training, Requirements and Support

Once you qualify to become one of Instant Tax service franchisees, you will benefit from the following:

  • An in-depth training that comes immediately after sign-up to help you prepare for what lies ahead in the business.
  • All year round franchise support from the team of management to help your business grow to the desired level.
  • You will be provided financial assistance through the franchise’s partner bank to cover up for the initial expenses.
  • You will benefit from the support provided by the construction team in terms of interior design, floor plans, and design specifications.
  • Also, you will benefit from the ongoing marketing and advertising support that will be provided by their management team.
  • All the required resources you will need to start up your business will be made available to you at startup.

Instant Tax Service Franchise terms of agreement /Renewal

The term of the agreement stipulates a ten (10) year period, after which, the franchisee could subsequently renew the agreement. The renewal fee amounts to 25% of the franchise fee.

How to Start an Instant Tax Service Franchise?

Once you have decided to start up an Instant Tax service franchise, simply log onto their website on to learn more and request for more startup information regarding sign-up.