Here is how to write an indoor facility business plan.

To launch a successful soccer facility business, there are things you’ll need to have in place. Also, a strategy for success must be created. This is known as your business plan.

There are sports business opportunities to be harnessed in this area of endeavor.


However, harnessing such opportunities is only possible when a guide or plan of action is available. This article should provide the help you need in your quest to launch a successful indoor soccer facility.

Ask the Right Questions, Get the Right Answers

To start a successful indoor soccer facility, you’ll first need to ask the right questions. Naturally, there’ll be lots of questions in your head. However, not every question is relevant to your quest to start this business. You’ll need to ask the right questions.

It is important to note that asking the right questions alone won’t get much done. You’ll need to find the right answers too. So, what are the right questions to ask before starting the process?

There are several.  They include the following;

  • How much will it cost?

Financing is an essential part of doing business, especially an indoor soccer facility business. Such financing will cover expenses on the size of the field, equipment, running costs, and the strength of the workforce needed to effectively run the facility among other things.

Costs of operation will also be determined by the location you choose. Setting up shop in certain locations is bound to incur additional costs than others.

In other words, factors such as taxes, utilities, real estate, etc tend to be higher in certain locations than others.

  • What Size of Soccer Facility is Suitable?

Indoor soccer facilities come in different sizes. You’ll need to know the exact size you want your facility to be. The size will be determined by multiple factors including the number of fields you want within your indoor soccer facility.

  • What’s the Charge per Game?

In finding out if your indoor soccer facility business idea is viable or not, you’ll need to determine the charge per game. This is measured against the potential demand, the number of games to be played within a set period (say a week, month, or year), and the length of a league season.

  • What Percentage of your Earnings Goes to Wages?

You’ll need to carefully figure out and find a balance between your earnings as a business and the wage bill you’ll be settling. An indoor soccer facility will require the services of referees, cleaners, accountants, and several others.

You may need the help of an expert in working this out.

  • Is there Real Demand for Such a Facility?

Before moving ahead with your indoor soccer facility business, you’ll need to find out if there’s real and sustained demand for it. Your business is bound to thrive in areas where demand is high than in those where there’s low or no demand at all.

  • Do I Have What It Takes to Pull This Off?

Experience is an essential ingredient in running a successful indoor soccer facility business. You may have gained such an experience from your time as an employee in other soccer facilities.

However, not having experience doesn’t disqualify you completely.

You can leverage the expertise of others by investing in their ideas. Also, buying into a franchise can give you the opportunity you seek. Indoor soccer facility franchises will train new franchisees about the workings of their business.

  • At What Point Can I Break Even?

As an entrepreneur seeking to start an indoor soccer facility business, it’s important to be forward-looking. In other words, you should be able to figure out a rough estimate of when you’ll achieve a break-even point.

This simply refers to the point where your total revenue equals the total cost or expenses sunk into the business. This represents equilibrium where there’s no profit or loss.

Having this understanding helps you strategize and rig your business for success and growth.

Getting the Right Soccer Equipment

One of the crucial requirements for this business involves sourcing the right equipment.

Indoor soccer facilities require a wide range of equipment. A few of these include synthetic pitches, commentary boxes, locker rooms, and first aid stands as well as fire alarm systems.

Additional equipment includes fitness and weight machines, netting, turf, multimedia systems, signage, computers, and technology for staff as well as desks & furniture.

These are a few of the many types of equipment you’ll need to have in place before you commence operations.

Comprehensive Insurance Plans

It’s risky to start an indoor soccer facility business without a comprehensive insurance plan. Equally important is the need to get the right insurance as well as a reputable insurance company. This process must not be rushed.

You can begin by discussing with other indoor soccer facilities about the type of insurance plans they have. Prior experience in this endeavor gives you leverage as you’re likely to know just who to approach for insurance.

Marketing and Promotion

Your indoor soccer facility business will hardly launch effectively without the right marketing and promotional plan. It is important to seek the help of experts in this area to help with selling your soccer facility to potential clients.

Building your membership base is something that will be done continuously. For this to be successful, you’ll need to come up with creative ways and plans to attract new members.

What are your weaknesses? Identify these and improve them.

Identify All Possible Sources of Income

A successful indoor facility business is one that identifies all possible sources of income and finds better ways to improve on them.

Possible sources of income are varied and include training sessions, facility rental for different events, audience ticket sales, and soccer parties.

Other income sources for an indoor soccer facility include memberships, rental rates, and equipment & accessories.


You mustn’t locate your indoor soccer facility too far from your target market or audience. Your business should be within reach.

Also, only locations with a significant sports-loving population should be considered.

This indoor soccer facility business can be used for planning purposes when launching your business. A business is only as successful as the plan and work put into it.

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