Dog boarding business mainly focuses on providing a safe and convenient place where people who have travel plans can keep their dogs and be rest assured that their dogs will be taken good care of.

Dog boarding businesses provide a wide range of dog-related services, as well as providing other pet-related services too.

If you are interested in writing a good business plan for your dog boarding business and have considered all the key steps for starting the business, then you will find this dog boarding business plan sample very useful towards guiding you write a good one for your business.

Here is a guide for starting a dog and cat kennel company.

BUSINESS NAME: Carson Jenkins Dog Boarding Services LLC

Table of Content

  • Executive Summary
  • Our Products and Services
  • Vision Statement
  • Mission Statement
  • Business Structure
  • Market Analysis
  • Sales and Marketing Strategy
  • Financial Plan
  • Sales Forecast
  • Conclusion


Carson Jenkins Dog Boarding Services LLC is a dog boarding business which will not only provide it services to dog owners in Tennessee, but to dog owners in the whole of the United States. The business will particularly be concerned with providing a number of services which will range from dog boarding to dog grooming and training, and others.

Mr and Mrs Carson Jenkins will own Carson Jenkins Dog Boarding Services LLC, and they will be concerned with the management of the business. Both Carson Jenkins, and his wife are experienced players in the industry, and they will go right into the business to become recognised as the number one in the whole of the United States.

A total of $250,000 is what will be required to start up Carson Jenkins Dog Boarding Services LLC in Tennessee. This budget will be sourced from both the owners and from their banks.


Carson Jenkins Dog Boarding Services LLC will be a dog boarding service that is fully ready to provide its services to customers in Tennessee, and all around the United States. The following are the services we will be concerned with providing to our customers:

  • Boarding of dogs and other pets
  • Operating pet shelters
  • Pet grooming (particularly dogs)
  • Operating dog pounds
  • Sales of dog and other pet related products such as pet foods, dog chains, dog tie, pet clothes, pet shampoos, etc.

Our services which are particularly aimed at providing a safe place for dog and pet owners to keep their pets secure while they may be away from town will not be limited to the above listed services, but will also include dog walking and dog training services.


We have come into this business with a simple business vision. Our business vision is to build a reputable dog boarding business that will be very successful and competitive, and highly effective enough to be regarded as the number one in the industry.


Our mission in the industry is simply to become the number one dog boarding business in the United States that will become reputed as a true pace setter, and a brand which is committed to providing services that are second to none in the industry.


We well know that the success of any business truly rests upon the structure which it is founded. We have realised that many businesses fail before they even start simply because they are not built upon a strong and reliable structure.

We have a vision and a target to meet; hence, we will be very serious about recruiting only the very best hands to handle the affairs of our business. A major criterion for selecting our employees would be good number of years of working experience. Candidates that will be recruited into our business must be very experienced in their respective fields. The following are the positions to be filled in our business structure:

  • Chief Executive Officer
  • Veterinary Doctor
  • Human Resources and Admin Manager
  • Dog Trainers and Handlers for each of the required skill set.
  • Sales and Marketing Manager
  • Accountants

Market Trend

People always cherish their pets; and over the past years, there has been marked growth in revenue in the industry albeit in the face of recession and economic challenges. The reason is because consumers are much more interested in providing adequate care for their pets, and they go all the way towards affording a whole lot of services for them.

This trend is not seen to wane any time; rather, it is seen to gain more momentum with time.

In the industry, if you want to be very profitable, you must be ready to be very creative with your services, ensuring you provide quality services. This is the trend if you really want to rake in good profits in the industry.

Target Market

We know it is highly important to do a thorough research to know the people who particularly need your services. We have recognised the following groups as the people that need our services, and they make up our target market.

  • Individuals who own dogs and other pets
  • Household that own dogs and/or any other pet
  • Corporate organizations
  • Dog Breeders
  • Governmental Bodies


There is so much competition in the pet industry in the United States. We recognise this, and we are mindful of it; for this reason, we have consulted sales and marketing experts to help us in developing sales and marketing strategies suited for our kind of business.

Also, as mentioned, we will recruit only qualified and experienced hands into our team of marketing executives, and we will provide trainings for them from time to time. The following are the sales and marketing strategies we will adopt for our dog boarding business.

  • We will not hesitate to start our dog marketing campaign for our business by introducing our dog boarding business to the various groups which we have recognised to make up our target market.
  • We will not fail to encourage our employees and loyal customers to use word of the mouth in helping us promote our business.
  • We will ensure we drop off our fliers and business brochures at strategic places in a strategic manner; places such as schools, libraries, transport stations, etc.
  • We will also ensure we place adverts of our dog boarding business on newspapers, pet related magazines, radio and TV stations, etc.
  • We will also take our business online and promote it on sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and particularly, Instagram.
  • We will also key into the affiliate marketing to promote our dog boarding business.

Sources of Start up Budget

We have been able to estimate the total startup budget we will require to start up our dog boarding business. We will require a total of $250,000. This estimate is based upon our knowledge of the industry, as well as from available statistical data in the industry.

We will source this startup capital from only two (2) sources; the owners’ savings and sales of their assets, and from obtaining loan from the owners’ banks.


First Fiscal Year                    $250,000
Second Fiscal Year                $400,000
Third Fiscal Year                   $800,000

The above sales projection is what we have come up with for our dog boarding business for the first three years after startup. This sales projection is quite flexible and subject to further adjustments; however, it provides us with the necessary business guide to work with.


This business plan sample is a dog boarding business plan sample which has assumed the business name, ‘Carson Jenkins Dog Boarding Services LLC’. The dog boarding business will be established in Tennessee, and its owners will be the Jenkinses. The business will be committed to fully achieving its set out goal by implementing the objectives set out on this plan.

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