Ice Cream Franchises

Joining an ice cream franchise requires much more than having interest and capital.

You need to know what the best franchise opportunities are. This article is a response to such desire. We’ve included some of the most reliable ice cream franchise brands to consider.

Wherever you are, you’re likely to find in this article a franchise that perfectly suits your needs.

Most of these have been in business for decades and have established systems that can be easily replicated for success. Ultimately, you get to choose what franchise serves your needs best.

There are Pros and Cons to Joining an Ice Cream Franchise

Like any other business, joining an ice cream franchise has pros and cons.

The upside of owning one includes high demand, a part-time or seasonal business you can operate during the peak summer season, and, most importantly, happy customers, which guarantees continued profitability.

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The cons of owning such a business include machine maintenance and a product that’s not so healthy. Knowing these allows you to decide whether it’s a business idea you should pursue.

With that said, let’s get back to the topic being discussed.

Best Ice Cream Franchise Opportunities to Consider

Regarding some of the top ice cream franchises, great brands include Hershey’s Ice Cream and Handel’s Homemade Ice Cream.

More options include Jeremiah’s Italian Ice, Marble Slab Creamery, Baskin-Robbins, Frios Gourmet Pops, and Kona Ice.

Other great ice cream franchises include Rita’s Italian Ice, Ben & Jerry’s, Dairy Queen, Creamistry, and Cold Stone Creamery.

There are others like Buzzed Bull Creamery, Andy’s Frozen Custard, All American Ice Cream & Frozen Yoghurt, Carvel, and Drippin’ Dots.

i. Hershey’s Ice Cream

This significant ice cream brand gives its franchisees access to premium products, modern equipment, and industry-leading service.

One of its most vital selling points is the absence of royalty or franchise fees. Its unique business model ensures you succeed in your daily operations.

ii. Handel’s Homemade Ice Cream

The Handel’s Ice Cream brand was founded in 1945. Since then, the company has continued to grow and expand to new locations through its franchising program.

As its franchisee, you get to use its proven recipes and procedures. Prospective franchisees must have minimum start-up costs of $263k to $865k.

iii. Jeremiah’s Italian Ice

With over 71 locations and counting, Jeremiah’s Italian Ice is an excellent franchise brand to consider.

This company has over 100 franchisees, with 190 plus franchises either awarded or in development. This franchisor promises a high investment return, low-cost build-out, and a proven concept.

iv. Marble Slab Creamery

This ice cream franchise offers interested investors various perks and benefits. Such include being part of a reputable brand and initial and ongoing support.

Getting started involves a simple procedure you can follow.

v. Baskin-Robbins

Since its launch in 1945, Baskin-Robbins has grown its outlets to over 2,400 and counting. These are spread across the U.S.

As its franchisee, you get access to its unique business model, which has helped a lot of investors become successful. You can leverage the opportunity presented to start your operations.

vi. Frios Gourmet Pops

If you find this franchise opportunity interesting, you might want to learn more about its operations and requirements.

Frios Gourmet Pops was established in 2014 and began franchising in 2018. It seeks new franchisees across the U.S. You can apply with an initial investment sum of $66k to $172k.

vii. Kona Ice

This ice cream franchise offers a quick and easy startup for interested franchisees. Its low-cost investment requirement makes it ideal for persons seeking such an opportunity.

Unlike most franchises with brick-and-mortar locations, Kona Ice offers mobile franchising, which keeps your overhead low.

viii. Rita’s Italian Ice

With a presence in 31 states and counting, Rita’s Italian Ice scream offers the perfect opportunity for persons looking for franchise opportunities with a national spread.

Its time-tested business model has helped a lot of investors establish profitable operations.

To join, you’ll need to meet its minimum cash liquidity of $100k and minimum net worth requirements of $300k.

ix. Ben & Jerry’s

Ben & Jerry’s is looking for socially conscious, passionate, and experienced partners interested in its franchise operations.

If you’re system-oriented and committed to succeeding, this is an opportunity you should consider. It offers different shop variants ranging from full-size, in-line, and kiosks.

x. Dairy Queen

Dairy Queen prides itself on being an industry leader in ice cream franchising.

As its franchisee, you can access an efficient supply chain, marketing and training, and a highly efficient operations and development model. Its strong customer base is another incentive to consider the franchise opportunity.

xi. Creamistry

The estimated development cost of owning a Creamistry franchise is around $224k to $576k.

This company has a comprehensive franchise process that begins with an introduction, approval follow-up meeting, location selection, and the chance to learn from the best.

This ends with the grand opening of your Creamistry franchise outlet.

xii. Cold Stone Creamery

You can leverage Cold Stone Creamery’s rapid expansion drive to become its partner or franchisee.

This is possible with a total investment ranging from $53,200 to $580,650. The company seeks savvy entrepreneurs passionate about ice cream and customer in-store experience.

xiii. Buzzed Bull Creamery

Are you looking for an economic investment opportunity with small footprints and multiple revenue streams? Buzzed Bull Creamery offers all of that and more.

The franchise process includes an initial, introductory, and CEO call.

More processes include submitting a request for consideration, receiving its FDD, discovery day, and getting executive team approval.

You also get executive team approval before receiving your franchise agreement.

xiv. Andy’s Frozen Custard

This is yet another ice cream company that offers franchising opportunities to interested persons.

Its business model has been designed with the franchisor in mind. This helps guarantee the smooth takeoff and operation of your franchise unit.

Ice cream franchises are never in short supply. This is evident from the options provided. However, your choice largely depends on what opportunity you find most interesting.

From our discussion, any of these franchise opportunities will prove highly profitable when ventured into. Of course, you’ll need some research on each to determine what options you stand to benefit from.