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Starting a homemade candy business is considered a fun-filled business. While making it, you enjoy seeing your talent on display, on setting on people consuming, you see happy faces. You are sitting on a treasure trove if you can make quality candy.

Either talented or not, starting a candy business is realistic if an entrepreneur could lay hands on what is needed for the business. The business techniques allow for either a part-time or full-time basis. To that effect, an entrepreneur should never get to worry about how much time running the business will consume – You have your time at your disposal!

It is noteworthy that an entrepreneur places concern on rich and high-quality candies. If a quality product is attained, then a profitable and successful business is sure of a guarantee.

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On starting a candy business, you would want to be sure you are staking just the right thing in the business. Brilliant suggestions on starting a candy business will be found in this article.

How to Start a Candy Business  Checklist

  • Have an Overview into the Candy Industry

Similar to every other business, starting a candy business involves a quality understanding of how the industry works. It is quite important a willing entrepreneur research into the candy industry.

Familiarize oneself to both offline and on-line candy makers, competitors will expose you to growths and trends. Understanding the rate of demand is very vital for starters, it will influence quantities of candies to be produced.

  • Pick Your Candy Type

After accumulating data vital for starting a candy business. The data gathered will influence the candy type to be picked for production. If your target market gets to be focused on a particular candy, you definitely will have no choice than to stick on candies being demanded.

  • Design and Register Company Name and Logo

You will need to craft out a name for your business. Do not be in a rush in getting just any name. Pick names that are easy to pronounce and easy to remember that will blend along with your candy business. Customers will then have no problem getting your service advertised.

For business registration, you should visit local authorities for directives on how to go by it.

For designing a beautiful logo, you will require the service of graphic designers. They will also need to be contacted if you require a banner that will have your company logo designed on it or a business card.

  • Draft a Business Plan

The business plan will explain succinctly what your candy business is all about. It will explain the finance for the operation of the business model. It is very important to design an appealing candy business plan, if your business would require investors, a good business plan will drive investors to invest in the business.

  • Set up a Business Location

Your district might have restrictions on where a candy manufacturing company should not be located, so seek the consent of local authorities on areas opened for the business operation. Take into account that areas to be used must be where a booming sale could be accomplished.

  • Gather all the Items Required for the Business Operation

Starting a candy business fully would involve knowing all the instruments you must have to begin the operation.

It is important to identify where you will get items to produce your candy. These includes:

  • Molds for various shape and lengths
  • Icing
  • Candy Flavor
  • Candy sticks
  • Coloring
  • Tools for decoration
  • Cellophane bags
  • Oven
  • Display glass
  • All required kitchen utensils
  • Pastry brushes and other equipment.


  • Start by Creating Samples

After acquiring the necessary materials and setting up the offices in your company, you will need to start making your candies. The first set of candies to be produced should be tagged as samples.

Since you want to invite massive consumers, you might decide to target wedding planners, bakeries, party planners, candy stores and schools to give out your samples for a taste. You are doing this to advertise your product so that you could be called on when candies are needed in either small or large quantities.

  • Advertise Business Products

You might get customers to come straight to your company or get them to pay on delivery service or pay before delivery.
You might need to network with all you contacted when giving out samples. You can advertise your products on television or on the Internet.

Create Blogs for your company where goods and services will be on display and you can easily be contacted.

You can extend your campaign on social networks. Other local networking associations will help you promote your business.

This guide should have helped you in starting a candy business. If operations are well carried out, with dedication and commitment, you will run a successful candy business.


Here is a sample business plan for starting a candy shop.

An ice candy store is a retail store where several candies, chocolates, sweeties, chewing gums, toffees, etc are retailed out to consumers. The major consumers of the products of the ice candy store are children, and they are the major target market.

Without spending much time discussing the ice candy industry, let us delve right into the business plan properly.

BUSINESS NAME: Pappy and Mammy Ice Candy Store

  • Executive Summary
  • Vision Statement
  • Mission Statement
  • Business Structure
  • Products and Services
  • Market Analysis
  • Target Market
  • Sales and Marketing Strategy
  • Sales Forecast


Pappy Mammy Candy Store is a neighborhood candy store business that has been registered, and it will be located in Oregon, United States. Pappy Mammy has obtained all the necessary permits and licenses from the relevant departments in Oregon.

The headquarters of our candy store business, Pappy Mammy, will be located at a central strategic location in Oregon, while our subsequent candy kiosks will be located at other strategic locations around the United States.

Our business goal in the industry is to establish ourselves to become the number one ice candy store in Oregon, and to be listed among the top leading ice candy stores in the United States. We are set to put smiles on the faces of our customers, giving them satisfactory and excellent customer services that they cannot get anywhere else around the United States.

Our products will be sourced from a variety of manufacturers within and outside the United States, and they will include a wide range of candies, chocolates, toffees, sweeties, chewing gums, etc.

Pappy Mammy will be owned by Mr. and Mrs. Sullivan. Mrs. Sullivan has more than 10 years of experience working in various grocery stores around the country. Mr. Sullivan has a B.Sc. in Business Administration and has worked as a manager at various top retailing stores in California.

A total of $200,000 will be required to successfully startup a Pappy Mammy ice candy store. A quarter of the total startup capital will be contributed by the Sullivans, another quarter will be borrowed from friends and family, while the remaining two-fourth will be obtained as a soft loan from the bank.


As a neighborhood ice candy store in the United States, Pappy Mammy candy store is dedicated to becoming the number one ice candy store in all of Oregon, and to be counted among the top 10 leading ice candy stores in the United States. We hope to become among the leading ice candy stores in Oregon before our 3rd anniversary.


We have a very simple mission. Our mission at Pappy Mammy is to establish a very successful ice candy store that is more than committed to satisfying its customers. We will accomplish this by, growing our candy store into various locations within the United States, and these candy kiosks will be ready to deliver quality services to customers.


As a matter of fact, without the right foundational structure, we will not be able to establish our ice candy store into the level we want it to be. Bearing this in mind, we have decided to raise the needed workforce to pilot our business to the sky.

Considering the kind of candy store we hope to run, especially since it will be having more locations around the United States, we will require more hands than the conventional ice candy store would. We will hire the services of various competent professionals to fill the positions of:

  • The Store Manager.
  • The Merchandise Manager.
  • The Sales and Marketing Manager.
  • The Customer Services Executive.
  • The Human Resources and Admin Manager.
  • The Accountants.
  • The Cleaners.


At Pappy Mammy ice candy stores; there are a lot of products we will offer for sales to our customers. We will retail a broad range of products to our customers, from a variety of candies, chewing gums, toffees, chocolates, sweeties, to a whole lot. We will get the supply of our products from manufacturers within the United States and other countries.

Our ultimate goal in the industry is to make considerable profits, and we will achieve this goal by conforming to all that is permitted under the law of the United States. The following are the products that we will offer in our ice candy store and kiosks around the country:

  • Milk chocolates and caramels.
  • Soft candies, such as candy corn.
  • Hard candy.
  • Chewing gum and gumballs.
  • Products like Big Hunk, U-No Bar, Reese’s Pieces, etc.


Market Trend

It is a very common trend to not find ice candy stores located in places that are predominantly populated by old men and women. The popular trend is to situate your ice candy store in a place that has a great number of children. Schools, estates, parks, churches, and any children gathering, are excellent places to site your ice candy store.

Another trend in the industry is that you will find stores that will most likely stay on top of their game if they sell a variety of candies, chewing gums, chocolates, etc from several manufacturers within and outside the United States, especially if they offer their products at relatively low prices compared to their competitors.


The target market largely encompasses all individuals. To a large extent, everyone needs something from the ice candy store. Our store will be located in Oregon to serve a whole lot of people, but our major targets will include:

– School kids.
– Single men and women.
– Households.
– Adolescents.
– Students.
– Pregnant Mothers.
– Tourists.


We carried out a market feasibility study before choosing a location for our business. This feasibility study had provided us with sufficient information to help us structure our business sales and marketing strategies.

  • We will start first by, opening our business in a grand style to attract the attention of our target customers.
  • We will send introductory letters, together with our colored brochures, to various family units and organizations within the state.
  • We will establish loyalty programs to reward loyal and regular customers.
  • We will advertise our business in local newspapers, radio stations, and television.
  • We will create an online presence for our business on social media such as LinkedIn, Google+, Facebook, etc.
  • We will establish a working website for our business.


Below is the sales projection for the Pappy Mammy ice candy store. This sales projection is based on several factors, such as the location of the business, and other obtainable data in the industry. This projection does not accommodate any major economic meltdown that might occur within the years in question. Also, this projection did not consider the emergence of a competitor that might offer the same products and services that Pappy Mammy will offer within the same location.

Year One                     $50,000
Year Two                    $150,000
Year Three                  $300,000

The information above is for entrepreneurs looking for ice candy store business plan sample to use for launching their own ice candy store business. All that you have to do as an entrepreneur is to follow the steps laid out and create yours to fit your plan.

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