Shave Ice Shop Business Plan Sample


Shave ice is different from snow-cone made with ground ice, they are made with ice similar to the natural snow and holds the syrup all through without leaking at the bottom.

In writing a shaved ice business plan, this is the best sample to follow. This sample will help you to know how a business plan should be written most especially for shave ice businesses.


Here is a sample business plan for starting a shave ice business.


  • Executive Summary
  • Business Objectives
  • Mission Statement
  • Vision Statement
  • Business Structure
  • Startup Capital
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Industry Analysis
  • Marketing Strategy

Executive Summary

Super Ice will sell shave ice as its primary product while selling other soft drinks and frosty Latin drinks. Shave Ice is one of the latest and super cool desserts in town and has been around for several years. It was first known in Asia before spreading to Hawaii and other countries.

The business will be built on a privately owned commercial property in Houston, Texas.  According to research, about 50,000 vehicles pass through the location daily making it the best and most suitable location for the business.

The building will include landscaping, parking facilities, and a sitting area for customers. There are other businesses located on the highway where Super Ice will be situated and they include motels, gas stations, and several other restaurants.

Super Ice will sell shave ice topped with different Mexican and tropical syrups as its main product. While other products that will be sold are soft drinks and Latin drinks[Licuados]. The different syrup flavors that will be used include tamarindo, Jamaica, wild watermelon, pink lemonade, luscious lime, guava grape, melon, orange mango, root beer, cherry jubilee, kiwi, hortacha, Limon and strawberry.

These products will be sold in three different sizes; small, medium, and large.

The products of Super Ice will be purchased from Crowns Limited which produces and sell ice shavers and high-quality syrups. All other supplies and equipment will be gotten from a regional distributor.

Business Objectives

The objectives of the business are as follows:

(1) To have a net profit of $60,000 at the end of the third year.
(2) To construct a drive-through building on the private property.
(3) To sell fifteen different types of tropical and Mexican syrup.
(4) To sell other products such as soft drinks and licuados [Latin drinks].

Mission Statement

Super Ice’s mission is to produce shave ice of different flavored syrups of about fifteen types to mid to low-income earners in Houston ranging from adults to children.

Vision Statement

The company’s vision is to attain success by:

  • Being the first business of its kind in Houston, Texas.
  • Having the business located on a major highway in the city next to schools, parks, housing developments, city pools, and so on.
  • Having products ranging from several different Mexican and tropical syrups.
  • Expanding the business to other cities or countries.

Business Structure
Super Ice will be owned by Mr. S. Thamia as a sole proprietorship. Two assistants will be employed to help with sales since the products are easy to make. The business will be directly supervised by the owner, Mr. S. Thamia who will as well control and manage the employees.

Startup Capital

Approximately, the total fund that will be required to establish the business including facility construction is $52,100. The startup fund will be gotten through a loan.

Competitive Analysis

The competition in Houston has been considered weak because there is no other business in Houston that focuses on shave ice on a large scale. However, there will be competition in prices of shave ice between Super Ice and businesses that sell shave ice on a smaller scale.

Shave Ice is a good and ideal business in Houston, Texas considering the location, potential market segment, and climate. The shave ice business will be new to Houston. ‘Snow Shack’ can be considered as the major competitor which is a one-man business that sells snow-cones in trailers. Other competitors are Garcia’s market and Wal-Mart.

Industry Analysis

Research has shown that there is a potential success for Super Ice in Houston due to the following:

  • The business is easy to operate compared to other food service products.
  • Shave ice is preferred to raspado even though they are similar, shave ice is tastier and softer.
  • Shave ice is easy to prepare and has a low food cost.
  • It is an ideal product for health-conscious consumers.

Marketing Strategy

Super Ice marketing will be targeted at creating an image of offering the best shave ice with the highest quality.

Awareness will be created via advertisements in newspapers, magazine publications, fliers, brochures, and grand opening ceremonies.

Marketing will be consistent for the first three months of operation. Fliers will be distributed to homes within a five-mile radius while products will be promoted for introductory prices at grand opening ceremonies. Also, discounts will be offered to recreational groups such as adult/children football team.

Shave ice will be distributed through the business facility while a portable ice shaver might be bought in the future to sell shave ice on sites.

However, it is to be noted that several improvements and changes might be made in the future in making the business grow and succeed. For instance, several syrups might be added to the fifteen syrup flavors given above in the future.

In writing your shave ice business plan, it is important to follow this sample to have a good business plan. A business with no business plan or with a poorly written business plan with no doubt on its way to failing. A good business plan is paramount to every business no matter how small or big it is.

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