Payroll Company Business Plan Sample Template

Here is how to write a payroll company business plan.

Starting a payroll service will be a great business idea for persons with excellent accounting skills. However, even such skills won’t be enough to launch a successful operation without a plan.

In other words, your plan gives you a strategic edge on how to structure and run your payroll company.


This article seeks to help persons encountering challenges with drafting a business plan. Here, we’ve touched on all the key areas that need to be focused on.

Using this template, you should have fewer problems coming up with a unique payroll company business plan.

Adopt a Systematic Approach

To write your plan, it’s important to know that the process isn’t haphazard. Rather, it must follow an orderly fashion. This makes it more comprehensive and implementable.

You want to avoid a chaotic situation where your audience isn’t impressed. For a good job, consider the following;

The executive summary is the first section of your plan. This is followed by the company description, as well as the product & services sections.

Others are the market analysis section, the strategy & implementation, organization & management, and the financial plan & projections.

i. Executive Summary

This section always appears first in every business plan and gives an overview of the plan.

Although it appears first, it is best written last. Through the executive summary, you want to hold the attention of your readers to better understand your payroll service business idea.

By reading through your executive summary section, investors get to decide if the entire plan is worth reading. This will determine whether the business idea is deemed viable or not.

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A good payroll company executive summary should start with a business name & location, as well as a list of the services & products offered.

The mission & vision statements are vital inclusions that mustn’t be overlooked. This also includes the specific purpose of the plan.

  • Business Name & Location

What name does your payroll company go by? Consider this a way of introducing the business to your audience.

Also, provide information about its location. As a business providing financial services, how does its location affect its daily operations? You want to keep this as brief as possible.

  • Services & Products

As a payroll company, it’s expected that you’ll provide several financial-related services. What are these services like? How do they benefit your target market?

Do you have any products you’ve developed? Providing all such details will be necessary to help your audience fully understand the business concept.

  • Mission & Vision Statements

The mission and vision statements of your payroll company help broaden an understanding of the business concept. It defines the company’s purposes, goals, and values. The mission statement states the purpose of the business and the approach to be adopted towards achieving success.

The vision statement tells about your dream for the company.

Such a dream can only be achieved when there’s a clear path to its future. Although short, this statement should include your ideal long-term business goals.

  • Specific Purpose of the Plan

Having a specific purpose for your plan is very crucial.

This is where you state all the aims of such a plan including whether it’s meant to raise funding or whether it’s strictly for strategy.

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ii. Company Description

In a bid to help your audience better understand what your payroll company is all about, and what it does, you’ll have to provide such descriptions.

These will cover the legal structure chosen for your company as well as provide the history and financial needs you intend to fill.

A brief overview of services offered should be added. Also, your target market will have to be clearly defined. Include a summary of your payroll company’s growth in addition to its financial or market highlights.

Have a summary of your business’ short and long-term goals including ways of making a profit.

iii. Services & Products

The services and products section of your payroll plan takes a more detailed look at all that you do. All such services will have to be tied to the benefits or value derived by the client.

You must have identified or worked out the market role of your service and have them included here.

Does your payroll company have any clear advantages over its competitors? It should! And you should have it included.

iv. Market Analysis

Within the market analysis section, you should be able to show an appreciable level of industry knowledge. For this to be possible, a lot of research needs to be carried out.

It’s important to commit the time and effort towards achieving such.

The market analysis section of your payroll company should focus on key areas like providing a sketch of target customer segments, as well as an industry description and outlook with supporting statistics.

Coverage on historical, current, and projected marketing data will be needed.

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Having full knowledge about your competitor’s strengths and weaknesses is a vital area to be covered too.

v. Strategy & Implementation

The sales and marketing strategy adopted by your payroll company should be unveiled here. The “how” of strategy implementation is focused is discussed here.

Provide costing, pricing, promotion, and distribution details as well.

What are your operating hours, who will be hired, and what type of skills will be preferred when hiring?

vi. Organization & Management

The organization and management section is where focus on those running the business as well as existing structures are considered.

In discussing your payroll company’s organizational structure, you’ll need to provide an organizational chart that highlights vital departments and employees.

What more? You’ll need to provide detailed information about owners with a focus on their percentage ownership, names, and level of involvement. A profile of your management team needs to be made available.

This should include names, positions, responsibilities, and prior experience.

vii Financial Plan & Projections

The financial plan & projection section gives a breakdown of the financial statements. If you aren’t a financial expert, consider hiring one to do a thorough job.

Aspects of your payroll service to be covered include the historical financial data, as well as realistic prospective financial information.

Also, a brief analysis of your financial data must be provided. A better job is done when a ratio and trend analysis for all financial statements is included.

You shouldn’t have any problems from here on if you’ve read to this point. Your payroll company business plan should take after this pattern.

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