How To Get Paid To Type From Home

If you’ve got some severe typing skills and wonder how to put them to use, you need not worry any longer. The internet has provided immense possibilities for persons with various skills.

This includes typing skills. This article will discuss ways to get paid simply by typing from home.

The virtual workspace created by the internet increases your freedom to work from wherever you choose. Your typing speed doesn’t have to be super fast to get started.

The most basic typing speed or beginner level should suffice. However, the faster your rate, the better.

Who are Your Likely Clients?

Every job relies on paying clients. This isn’t different for typing jobs. There are lots of businesses and individuals who are willing to pay for your services.

These include classified portals, magazine or newspaper groups, blog owners, website owners, and book writers.

Additional clients who are likely to pay for your typing services include online publishing houses, schools, colleges, and a variety of others. There’s never a lack of demand when it comes to typing jobs.

The best part is that you don’t need to be physically present. You can work from the comfort of your home or wherever.

Requirements for Landing A Typing Job

Most typing jobs require a specific skill set.

This also includes equipment. A PC or laptop, a fast internet connection, and primary computer and software applications may suffice most of the time.

However, having the skills is most important for getting the job in the first place. You will undergo testing to determine if you qualify or not.

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Skills you must possess include the ability to type fast and accurately, a flawless ability to operate data entry computer programs, and excellent grammar and spelling skills.

Excellent listening and hearing skills are also essential to the job.

Types of Typing Jobs

Typing jobs are of various kinds. Each has its unique characteristics.

For instance, specific typing jobs require the conversion of audio to written or text formats. This means you’d need to hear clearly what’s being said to be able to type correctly. This is just one type of typing job.

Let’s discuss this and more, shall we?

  • Captioning

This is one of the ways you can make money typing from home.

However, captioning requires you to be on your A-game. In other words, you must be very good at typing. So, what exactly is captioning? It is a form of transcription which involves typing words spoken in a live or recorded video.

This requires having some level of experience in captioning. It can be quite tasking and requires you to place words at the exact time they were spoken. You must be very skilled in typing to do this successfully.

Live video captioning requires not only accurate typing but also fast typing skills.

You don’t need to worry if you don’t measure up. Practice will help you improve your skills significantly.

However, you can try your skills on other types of typing jobs.

There are tons of data entry jobs you can apply for. No prior experience is required for this type of job. You only need to be able to input data into systems as specified by your client.

It also involves data verification and corrections, as the case may be. Anybody with slow or average typing skills can comfortably type in data for companies or individuals.

The only downside to data entry jobs is that most offer modest payouts for your services. Only a few will provide more than the average rates.

  • Transcription

This popular typing job involves typing all forms of spoken or audio content. Transcription is quite diverse, as several industries or specializations need these services.

You may be required to type a conversation, call, podcast, lecture, legal proceedings, etc. You need to be able to listen attentively and put down what is being said.

Familiarization with industry terms is very crucial. A job might require that you type a medical transcript. This can be a very challenging process for anyone who does not know medical terminology.

You might end up mixing or misspelling medical terms. To prevent this, you must focus on an industry you’re more familiar with.

Average Pay for Typing Jobs

When it comes to typing jobs, people are more interested in what’s in it for them. A standard typing job should range from $5 to $10 per page. This depends on how difficult or challenging the job is.

Typing jobs like captioning would typically pay more than data entry jobs. Pay can also be negotiated.

The more capable you prove yourself to be, the higher pay you might attract. Quality can also be a factor when discussing compensation. If you’ve built a reputation, chances are that clients won’t hesitate to agree to your payment terms.

Expert or professional typists also attract higher pay than moderate or beginner typists.

Getting Started

You are qualified after going through what it takes to apply for a typing job. However, it takes more than that to get started. You need to apply for your first typing job, so how do you begin?

First, you’ll need to signup for freelance writing sites. There are tons to choose from.

A few include Freelancer, Morning Coffee Newsletter, All Indie Writers, Freedom With Writing, etc.

A Google search will reveal so many you can select from. You only need to choose what works best for your situation and skill set.

Getting paid while typing from home isn’t rocket science. This is something anyone with the most basic skills can do.

Although several job opportunities exist, you’d need to be very careful. This is because so many scam typing jobs exist alongside real ones.

Fake typing or data entry jobs can be spotted when the following is noticed. Fake sites most times ask you for some form of payment. Others sound too good to be true. In other words, they make bogus claims of massive payouts.

Never allow greed to take hold of you. Most of such sites are outright scams.