There are tons of texting-for-cash jobs that you can readily find online.

These offer real opportunities to earn a decent income, especially if you want to pursue such a career. Now, several job types allow you to get paid to text. These will be mentioned shortly.

Get Paid to Text Chat

Your desire to earn a living, whether part or full-time, through texting can be achieved by knowing where to look and what opportunities are currently available.

This article provides a comprehensive guide on texting for cash jobs you can apply to. Read along for all the details.

About Texting Jobs

It’s essential first to provide an overview of jobs that pay people to text. This is important because it clarifies the concept to readers with vague ideas of what such jobs entail.

Paid-to-text jobs involve creating and sending promotional texts to targeted clients for marketing services and products.

Examples of these jobs or roles you will likely fill include text-based customer support, SMS chat operator, and remote messaging representative.

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Other functions include text chat agent, live chat agent, virtual chat representative, chat moderator, mobile messaging consultant, and mobile messaging support specialist.

Are there Pros and Cons of Getting Paid to Text?

Every job, whether remote or in-office, has its pros and cons.

The same applies to texting jobs. Ensuring the pros outweigh the cons is essential when exploring these opportunities. This helps you choose wisely, thus increasing the likelihood of job satisfaction.

Speaking of the pros associated with texting jobs, these are primarily low-stress jobs offering greater convenience in communicating with clients.

What more? Flexibility is another advantage of such employment. Regarding the cons, there’s limited career growth, plus the job may become monotonous.

How Texting Jobs Work

To get paid to text, you need to understand how it works. While all texting jobs require selling a service or product to targeted audiences, your responsibility is primarily determined by the role assigned by the employer. There are two work categories you might be given.

These categories include marketing or advertising and customer support or sales roles.

Each of these roles is important and requires you to follow laid-down procedures. The employer determines the amount paid. Some allow for the negotiation of rates.

For the most part, jobs that pay you to text pay by the hour or per message sent.

Every company or employer you work with has its payment policy. While these jobs don’t require significant skills besides text knowledge, some may need training.

Where to Find Jobs that Pay You to Text

In your quest to find well-paying texting jobs, knowing where to look is necessary. These opportunities are never in short supply.

Good examples include Fiverr, FlexJobs, GoTranscript, TranscribeMe, Net Transcripts, Inc., Rev, Scribie, Audio Transcription Center, and Allegis Transcription.

More options like the Free Eats Network, IMGR, Premium Chat, Hummr, Fibler, Just Answer, Upwork, Flex Jobs, and many others will quickly come up upon a little online research.

With that said, let’s briefly discuss some of these platforms that reward you for texting.

i. Fiverr

You can start your journey on Fiverr by exploring transcription opportunities.

There are tons of offers you can apply to. With more experience and satisfactory service, you can attract better offers or rates. Consider exploring Fiverr today to check out current offers.

ii. FlexJobs

FlexJobs is another marketplace for remote jobs, including texting or transcription.

Here, offers are never in short supply. This opportunity can be leveraged for maximum benefit. It’s also important to note that you must search your preferred job type (in this case, “texting”) to get started.

iii. GoTranscript

You can start a rewarding career with GoTranscript. This transcription & translation company was founded in 2006 and has since grown into one of the largest online translation agencies in the world.

As with similar platforms, GoTranscript allows you to choose your projects while working independently.

iv. TranscribeMe

You can sell your texting service as a freelancer on TranscribeMe.

Your location doesn’t matter; you can work remotely to earn a decent income. The amount of pay you get primarily depends on the work you put in. Visit this platform today to start your journey.

v. Net Transcripts Inc.

How would you like to work for a transcription service that offers confidential assistance to aid criminal and administrative investigations? Net Transcripts Inc. is that company to explore.

This platform serves different agencies and professionals, including sheriff’s offices, police departments, family protective services, district attorneys, public defenders, and correctional facilities.

vi. Rev

At Rev, you get paid to transcribe speech to text. Join its pool of experienced transcribers to start a rewarding career.

For audio & video transcription, Rev offers $1.50 per minute, while its English closed caption and globally translated subtitles go for $1.50 and $5-12 per minute, respectively.

vii. Scribie

You can join Scribie as a transcriber using its easy-to-join steps, which include signing up, setting up your PayPal account, and taking its transcription test.

Like other platforms, the payments are competitive and can increase with experience and exceptional service.

viii. Audio Transcription Center

Audio Transcription Center has a simple application process.

To get started, you must apply via the web, choose from many projects, complete them successfully, and get paid weekly. Weekly payments are processed on invoices received 2-weeks prior.

ix. Allegis Transcription

This is another texting platform that pays for your service and time. You only need to visit its site for details about its services. You can also contact the company for more information about its payment structure. Also, compare with other texting platforms to determine the best possible option.

x. Fibler

Fibler allows its partners to offer private consultations and group coaching using various options, including voice calls, video calls, chat (texting), and videocasts.

What more? You get to set your billing while managing weekly schedules.

xi. Hummr

This app allows you to get paid while sharing moments, making voice and video calls, chatting, making friends, and consulting & tutoring.

The app comes with built-in payment provisions, thus eliminating the hassles associated with receiving your funds.

Getting paid to text can be achieved in several ways. In this article, we’ve seen the different approaches to achieving the same objective. You can earn a decent income while texting.

However, you must be prepared to do the work.