There are lots of career opportunities in the beauty industry for anyone seeking to pursue such. These are high paying careers that can be rewarding in many respects, especially financially.

Our aim here is to make these ideas available to readers to serve as a guide.

7 Most Lucrative Career In The Beauty Industry

The beauty industry is quite vast with lots of niches to support a thriving career.

Now, to have any real chance of success, you’ll need to narrow it down to a specific niche area. This should be your most preferred and should be a beauty specialty you’re most likely to excel in.

In other words, your niche area should be one you’re most passionate about.

Also, it should be such that gives you the most chance to reach as many clients as possible with your service. When this is attained, it automatically translates into a high-paying career.

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Examples of niche areas in the beauty industry include skincare, make-up, natural beauty tips, hair styling, and fashion magazine among tons of others.

Let’s begin by discussing a few of these high paying career ideas.

  • Make-Up Artists

If you’ve been intrigued by the prospect of launching a career or pursuing one in beauty care, becoming a make-up artist could help you achieve your goal. This career idea is not only one of the high paying opportunities you’ll find, but it’s also one you’re likely to find deep satisfaction in.

As a make-up artist, you’ll be involved in applying make-up and creating hairstyles for a wide range of clients. These will include regular people as well as models and celebrities such as actors, singers, and a host of other entertainers.

You must be cut-out for the rigors involved though.

As a make-up artist, you’ll need loads of patience and tact as you’ll be standing for long periods. To become a make-up artist, you’ll need a high school diploma, earn a cosmetology certificate or diploma, and gain the necessary experience.

Also, gaining experience is of the essence. This can be attained by working with established professionals.

  • Nail Technician or Manicurist

People invest lots of money in enhancing the appearance of their nails. This in turn has increased demand for the services of manicurists. As a good manicurist, you’re in a highly rewarding career with ample chances for upward mobility in your finances.

What services do nail technicians or manicurists offer? There are several! They include nail care services such as manicures, pedicures, acrylic overlays, and extensions as well as UV gel overlays and extensions.

Additional services include dip powder nail or SNS, nail designs and silk or fiberglass overlays, and extensions among several others.

To become a manicurist or nail technician, you’ll need to join a state-approved cosmetology or nail technician program. Here, you’re taught key skills that will help equip you.

  • Facial Treatment Specialist

This is another high paying career idea in the beauty industry you can leverage on. As a facial treatment specialist, you’ll be working a lot in spas, salons as well as medical facilities. Services offered here include wax treatments, facial massages as well as selling organic skincare products among others.

A lot of facial treatment specialists also double up as skincare specialists. The training process introduces you to the nitty-gritty of facial treatment. These include anatomy and physiology, microdermabrasion, monitoring and maintaining health and safety practice in the salon, as well as body electrotherapy treatments among several other areas.

  • Permanent Cosmetics and Tattooing

This is one of the fields that has seen a surge in interest over the years due to demand. People need permanent cosmetic jobs and tattooing for a variety of reasons.

So, what is this all about? It simply has to do with using tattoos to produce designs that resemble make-up.

This process helps enhance looks by using colors on skin, face, lips as well as eyelids, etc. As expected, you’ll need to train to become an expert in this field.

Permanent cosmetics, body piercing, and tattooing are also highly rewarding. However, you’ll need to prove your mettle by being diligent and pursuing excellence.

  • Beauty Salon Management

Most beauty managers have been involved in the beauty industry. Such may have held hairstyling, skincare specialists, or other beauty care-related roles.

Pursuing a career in beauty salon management is a way to further your career.

So, what are the job descriptions for the beauty salon manager? There are several! You’ll be involved in staff scheduling, determining budges as well as training new employees (especially front desk employees).

Will beauty salon management give you opportunities for advancement? It will without a doubt. However, a lot of dedication and commitment is necessary to make that happen.

  • Barber and Hair Cutting Services

Have you ever thought about becoming a barber? This is a highly rewarding career opportunity you can pursue. People need their hair frequently trimmed. This is where your skill as a professional barber will be needed.

To make real progress, you’ll need to become a licensed professional barber. Having a high school diploma is a great way to start. This is part of the requirement for entering any kind of training program for barbers.

You’ll also need to learn about this profession. Before proceeding with more formal training, it will be great to apply as a receptionist in a barbershop. This is a customer service role that allows you to observe what the career entails.

Next, you can either become an apprentice or attend a barber or cosmetology school. Having obtained the necessary skills, you’ll need to obtain a license. This is obtained by taking a state board exam.

Having obtained approval, you can start your practice by applying for a barber job.

  • Cosmetology, Hair and Nail Instructor

This is yet another high paying career idea in the beauty industry you should consider. This role involves providing guidance and tutoring to students. If you’re passionate about holding a teaching role within the beauty industry, this will be the perfect fit.

First, you’ll need to be equipped with all the knowledge in your preferred area of specialization. The demand for teachers and instructors in cosmetology is on the rise and presents great opportunities.

These are a few of several high paying career ideas in the beauty industry you should consider. A lot of persons have started from the bottom and risen to management roles which have been more than rewarding.

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