Growing Mushrooms for Profit


Can you make money from growing mushrooms? Do you have mad love for the agriculture business and you intend starting a mushroom farm business?

Mushroom cultivation is one of the biggest and most profitable growing businesses in the industry. Growing edible types under perfect conditions can help you reap greater mushroom cultivation profit margin within no time.

A lot of agriculture enthusiasts are growing mushroom and making a lot of money out of it. You too can benefit from the business idea if you know your way around it. The popularity of growing edible mushrooms is increasing day-by-day and there is no single way to grow it.

  • How much money can you make from growing mushrooms?
  • How much money does it take to start a mushroom farm?
  • How do you build a mushroom farm?
  • What are the essential mushroom growing structures?

Each person has its marketing approach, finances, equipment and skill that largely affects the growth of mushrooms.

Small Scale Commercial Mushroom Growing Systems

Organic, specialty mushrooms are among the most preferred cultivated mushrooms around the world. These mushrooms fetch the highest prices among all other cultivated mushrooms. So, it is natural to consider growing mushrooms for profit.

Shiitake and oyster are among the most popular specialty mushrooms with established markets and a strong consumer base.

Guide: Starting an Oyster Farm

So, as a seller, it is very easy to sell these cultivated mushrooms. Furthermore, there are many other cultivated mushrooms with a specialized market but they are more expensive and difficult to grow.

So, before you consider growing edible mushrooms for profit, do consider these possible factors:


The Growing Cycle

It is very important to understand the type of crop grown and how much time it takes. For example, a shiitake mushroom has a crop cycle of about 60 days whereas oyster mushrooms take around 15 days to incubate before they are ready to fruit.

This means that by the time shiitake mushroom grows exactly four cycles of oysters can be completed. This is surely something to think about and if every factor including price per pound, cost of production and yield remains the same then oyster is certainly a better option. Cultivating oysters would then bring more profit. So, consider the crop cycle.

Proper Yielding Conditions

It is incredible how room conditions, humidity levels, and a certain temperature can yield edible mushroom growth. Having the highest yield growth is essential for creating maximum profit out of it. So, maintaining optimal yielding conditions is the key here.

A high-yield substrate on which the crop is grown and how it is sterilized is also very important. For instance, oysters grown on a mix of soybean & stardust yield best returns unlike those that are grown on straw.

Although they require steam sterilization it will reap more profit, for sure. Similar is the case with shiitake mushrooms. So, it is best to ensure proper yielding conditions for edible mushrooms growth.


What is the most profitable mushroom to grow or cultivate for your business? This is a big question and the pricing may help. There are many different mushrooms available in the market each with their price per pound.

So, conducting thorough research into various grocery stores & markets would help you get an idea about these mushrooms and how much they cost. The quantity element should also be factored in while checking for the price.

Finding which mushroom can be grown with the best price determines the profit margin of your business. So, take a hard look at the pricing of different mushrooms before you decide to invest in the business.

Total Production Cost

Growing mushrooms is not as simple as you may think. Many factors contribute to the total production cost which impacts the profitability of your farm. From looking at local sources for the substrate, sawdust, etc. to compute the cost of each unit produced, there are multiple factors to consider.

Furthermore, there are also some other factors such as the cost of labor, rent, spawn bags, etc. to consider for each species and then compared for which offers a greater profit among these edible mushrooms.

Comparing the yield and the price per pound is the best way to grow mushrooms for profit. After all, getting a profit is the key for every business to survive and stay ahead.

Analyze the Market Conditions

The market you are dealing with today has no place for compassion. So, without proper planning and careful market analysis, you’ll never be able to survive. Be aware of various market conditions and what else is essential to selling your mushrooms for profit.

Competition and economic conditions are generally the factors to consider while you can also think about internet sales if you are ready to provide one. Internet or mail-sales will certainly extend your range but the first one must investigate the potential of local sales to pursue a profit motive in growing mushrooms.

Consider the options available and provide customized marketing for adding potential revenue to your business. Offering dried or canned mushrooms, samples or gift baskets to the clients can help you build your reputation in the market and get your customers’ loyalty.

Growing mushrooms is certainly a viable option for obtaining maximum profit in limited time. Still, proper research on various market trends and planning the right strategy is critical for your business to generate more profit.

So, consider the above-mentioned factors before you start growing mushrooms for profit.