Sample Green and Eco-friendly Business Plan Template


A green business has to do with the environment; a business that is environmentally friendly and useful.

In writing a green business plan, not knowing how to go about it or not having a sample to use as a guide can be a waste of time and effort. Therefore, this post will be focusing on a typical green and eco-friendly business and the business plan of the business will be written for people to use as a sample and guide in writing theirs.

Having a business plan is very important for businesses that wants to make impact in its industry. Therefore, you as a business owner should be ready to spend time and resources on writing a business plan.

Since, it is expected that you already have knowledge of the business you are going into then I will start directly with the business plan.

BUSINESS TYPE: Tyre Recycling Plant
BUSINESS NAME: Caddy and Paddy Tyre Recycling


  • Business Overview
  • Executive Summary
  • Vision Statement
  • Mission Statement
  • Services
  • Business Structure
  • Target Market
  • Business Overview

Tyre recycling business includes companies that deal with recycling tyres and rubbers which has become an integral and important part of the society due to its social and economic impact on the society and has also the role it plays in preserving the future of our world. Not recycling used tyres for use as raw materials in making new tyres or other products can constitute nuisance in the society hence the importance of this business.

Basically, this business has to do with collecting, separating, sorting, and processing used tyres to make raw materials which are sold to make money.

The tyre recycling business also include transfer stations where waste are transferred from local vehicles to long distance automobiles that transfer the tyres to the facilities where they are recycled.

Several studies have shown that the United States generate lots of income from recycling used tyres every year and this constitutes the largest source of rubber waste in the country.

This is a type of business that will continue to benefit from the growing interest of the public in the recycling industry and also the demand for this industry will be driven by business creation, privatization and population growth. The business will continue to grow in all parts of the world even though it will be higher in some countries than others.

Executive Summary

Caddy and Paddy Tyre Recycling is a standardized and licensed recycling company based in the United States which deals majorly with recycling used tyres and rubber waste. A well located and positioned facility in the outskirts of Atlanta, Georgia has been secured for this business.

Caddy and Paddy Tyre Recycling is in this business to contribute its quota in saving the world and also to compete highly with other recycling companies in the whole of United States and not only in Georgia. Our goal is to become the best tyre recycling company in the United States.

The business might engage in recycling other used materials apart from used tyres in the nearest future but for now will be focusing on recycling used tyres. The company has secured all permits and licenses required to be a waste collection company in the United States.

The company is determined to obey all rules and regulations guiding the tyre recycling industry, hire well trained and competent drivers with their commercial drivers’ license to drive the waste trucks.

In this business, the interest of the clients will always come first and everything the company does will be guided by professional values and ethics.

Caddy and Paddy Tyre Recycling is a private business owned by Engineer Ben Williams and his friend and business partner, Sean Lee. and his immediate family.

Vision Statement

The vision of Caddy and Paddy Tyre Recycling is to become a tyre recycling company that is one of the preferred choices of customers whether individuals or organizations when demanding for one in Atlanta, Georgia and in the whole of the United States.

Mission Statement

Caddy and Paddy Tyre Recycling’s mission is to provide the best and most excellent service to our clients and also to ensure competence from our employees and the company as a whole. Also, Caddy and Paddy Tyre Recycling is passionate in pursuing excellence and financial success and also to make a positive mark.

Business Services

This company is mainly established with the aim of making profits in the tyre recycling industry. The company has put in place a competent and reliable team to compete favorably with the leading tyre recycling business in the United States. Below are the services that will be offered by Caddy and Paddy Tyre Recycling:

  • Operating facilities for separating and sorting used and condemned tires for recycling
  • Operating facilities for separating and sorting rubber waste for recycling
  • Sale of raw materials to shoe manufacturers, artists, builders and parks et al
  • Sale of recycled and refurbished used tires and other related products

Business Structure

The company’s business structure will be designed in a way that both full time and part time employees will be accommodated. The business will be started with several full time employees including waste truck drivers, office staff, professional cleaners and so on.

We will ensure that competent, qualified, hardworking, customer centric and creative employees are hired that will help build a successful business that will benefit all stakeholders. Also, we will ensure that our employees are chosen from a group of certified, professional and highly experienced recycling engineers in and around Georgia.

All employees will be taken through trainings that will make them meet the expectations of the business and also contribute toward its success.

The business structure of the company is as follows:

  • Chief Executive Officer
  • Head, Technical Services
  • Human Resources and Admin Manager
  • Sales and Marketing Executive
  • Accountant
  • Plant Engineers / Technicians and Operators
  • Client Service Executive
  • Truck Drivers

Target Market

Research has shown that there are a wide range of people and organizations that cannot dispose or recycle their tyres without hiring the services of tyre recycling companies like this. Therefore, we will ensure that we develop strong and strategic pacts with household, corporate organizations, etc. so we can have several options to generate income for the company.

Therefore, the company will mainly focus on the following as their target market:

  • Tires manufacturing companies
  • Automobile manufacturing companies
  • Shoes and flip flops manufacturers
  • Roofing and construction companies
  • Chemical manufacturing companies
  • Manufacturers and Distributors
  • Artists
  • Entrepreneurs and Start – Ups who would need recycled raw materials from us.

Looking at the business plan written above and using it as a sample in writing a business plan for your green and eco-friendly business will give you a very good outcome.

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