Sample Hazardous Material Disposal Business Plan Template


Being both a delicate and vital business enterprise due to the health implications hazardous materials pose to individuals and the benefits involved due to proper disposal measures, this area of business has continually attracted investors who have seen the growth potential inherent in this sector.

With the steps provided, this hazardous waste disposal business plan sample, if properly followed will ensure that the entrepreneur can come up with a well-written and unique one for his business.

This article is specifically written as a guide for investors who are interested in this area of business but have little to no knowledge on how to come up with a well-laid-out plan.

Here is a sample business plan for starting a hazardous waste management company.

  • Executive Summary
  • Services Offered
  • Our Mission
  • Our Vision
  • Market Analysis/Trends
  • Competitive Advantage
  • Target Market
  • Sales Projection
  • Payment Channels
  • Publicity and Advert Strategy

Executive Summary

Clean Up! LLC is a hazardous waste disposal company to be located in Virginia.

Providing hazardous waste cleanup following federal safety laws, Clean Up will be providing these services using the best equipment in the industry to ensure the absolute safety of our staff and clients.

We will also be ensuring that these hazardous materials are properly disposed of to ensure they do not pose a risk to others.

These services will be driven by a competitive price regime to ensure that while providing our clients with the best hazardous cleanup services, the cost of services rendered will be friendly.

Services Offered

With plans of expansion of our services to other states within the United States, we will be providing quality services that will ensure that our clients are impressed with.

To ensure that our services match and even surpass that of leading hazardous material disposal businesses in Virginia, some of the services to be rendered will include hazardous waste material treatment and disposal, efficient disposal of sludge, hazardous waste composting among several other services.

Our Vision

Our Vision at Clean Up is to be among the top 4 hazardous material disposal businesses within Virginia, with plans of eventually expanding operations to other states within the United States.

This vision will be driven by efficient service delivery, using sophisticated waste disposal materials that will ensure the satisfaction of our clients.

Our Mission

Our mission is to become a dominant brand within the hazardous material disposal business industry through the provision of cutting-edge services driven by a highly efficient and professional workforce that will ensure that services delivered are world-class.

Market Analysis/Trends

The hazardous material disposal industry is characterized by credibility.

Once a hazardous material disposal business is reputed to be credible, it eventually gets hazardous material disposal contracts from top hazardous material generating businesses.

The process of building this reputation is however gradual and may take time.

But once such business has built credibility, there will be a steady stream of big clientele who will most likely have a permanent contract with the waste disposal business for continued business.

Competitive Advantage

The competitive advantage Clean Up has over similar businesses is the proper motivation of its workforce who are considered key to business growth.

Ensuring that only the best hands are chosen, with years of experience in the hazardous material disposal industry, our workforce will be given attractive remuneration packages to ensure they are financially motivated, in addition to providing conducive work environments that will ensure they function at peak levels.

Target Market

With an industry that solely relies on hazardous material generating clients, our target market will include electroplating companies, smartphone manufacturing companies, the oil and gas sector, chemical industries, small businesses that also generate waste.

Others will include every business type that generates waste in whatever form.

Sales Projection

Through the provision of professional waste cleanup services to our esteemed clients, we have come up with sales projections arrived at through research conducted.

However, factors such as economic recession and natural disasters have been discounted in arriving at the projection figures.

The sales projection will see healthy growth in revenues through increased sales.

Below is a representation of the sales projection;

  • First Year $330,000
  • Second Year $560,030
  • Third Year $780,000

Payment Channels

We will have a variety of payment channels for services rendered, to ensure that our clients do not face difficulty trying to make payments.

Payment options most suitable to our clients will be included in our payment channels basket.

Some of the payment options to be included include; the use of POS, acceptance of cash payments, cheques, mobile money transfers, and credit cards.

Publicity and Advert Strategy

We will be using publicity means that include both conventional and unconventional methods of advertisement and publicity. Paid adverts in both print and electronic media will be included.

Also, the use of the internet through the creation of a website for our business will be included. This is in addition to the use of social media platforms to ensure the widest reach of our services to potential clients.


This is a sample hazardous material business plan, consisting of all the procedures for writing a well-laid out business plan.

All the entrepreneur has to do is simply follow all the guidelines while properly brainstorming on the contents to be included in his/her own business plan.

Interested in small biohazard cleanup business planning tips? If YES, here is a practical guide on the biohazard waste disposal business.


Is Bio-hazard Cleaning A Good Business?

Before deciding whether a biohazard cleaning business is a profitable and sustainable operation, be sure to know what exactly are you getting into, especially as it’s so easy to be blinded by the prospect of profits.

Keep in mind that a hazard management business, also known as a biohazard remediation business, involves the cost-efficient, results-effective clean-up of the sites of accidents, crimes, and deaths as well as the sites identified as containing hazardous substances that cannot be properly cleaned by house cleaning services.

For this reason, a biohazard waste cleanup business has more work-related hazards for the trained clean-up professionals in comparison with house cleaners and housemaids.

The technicians are usually equipped with the right knowledge and skills in the use of tools and technologies in cleaning up biohazard sites, such as in crime scenes, hoarders’ homes, and old structures with harmful chemicals.

Learning how to properly dispose of biohazardous waste products without causing harm to themselves is vital.

With that being said, here are a few things to consider before starting on a biohazard cleaning business franchise in Houston, Portland Oregon, California, North Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, Cleveland Ohio, etc.

Consumer Demand 

Biohazard clean-up companies near me are in high demand especially in urban areas where individuals, groups, and organizations want effective and efficient clean-up services in their real property.

Among your possible clients are:

• Property owners 
• Property management companies 
• Insurance companies and adjusters 

Your potential clients have likely been referred to your business by private investigators, police detectives, funeral directors, coroners, and medical personnel.

Your technicians will be called for a wide range of medical waste pickup and other clean-up services in:

• Crime scenes
• Accident scenes
• Suicide scenes
• Meth labs
• Decomposing bodies for animals and humans 
• Unattended death scenes
• Homes of hoarders where the accumulated things can hide biohazards 
• Abandoned homes 

Your staff including the technicians will always have their hands full with biohazard cleaning jobs.

This means that your company should thrive even during a recession, especially as people want to live in clean houses without a trace of the gross scene that transpired.

Biohazard Business Startup and Operating Costs 

The startup costs for biohazard pick-up companies specializing in biohazard cleaning in Perth can be as low as $10,000 depending on its size, scope of services, and area of service.

You can also franchise an existing biohazard clean-up business, which will already come with the technologies, training, and tools necessary to start offering the services.

You have to spend on the operating costs, too, such as the salaries and work-related benefits of the employees, the cleaning tools and kits like cleanup buckets and disposal containers, materials, and supplies, and the overhead expenses like rent and utilities as well as the taxes, among others.

You will find that these operating costs can be sufficiently covered by the jobs completed by your clean-up technicians most of the time.

There are several ranges online to compare with your proposed crime scene cleanup business startup costs.

Indeed, you will find that a single biohazard cleanup or medical waste disposal job can pay anywhere from $2,000 to $10,000 and above depending on its size, scope, and type.

Your company should be able to enjoy good profits year in and year out after breaking even for the first few years of its existence.

The bottom line: Setting up a biohazard cleaning business is a good idea because of its high demand, low startup costs, and high-profit potential.

But like any other business, you have to educate yourself about the risks and rewards, especially the risks, before making your first investment.


The risks are aplenty, too, such as the health risks your employees are exposed to, the legal risks involved in the clean-up of crime scenes if you do not adhere to existing biohazardous waste disposal procedures laid down for certification, as well as the financial risks for mismanagement.

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