Solar energy is one of the most trending businesses presently and with the growth in alternative energy, this trend is going to continue for long.

So, what do you need to know to start a solar company irrespective of your location? To start a solar company, there are lots of things that must be put in place and here they are:

Define your Niche in the Solar Market

There are many niches to choose from in the solar market. You need to conduct some research on the biggest needs in your environment before you start your solar company. The niches in the solar market include;

  • Solar Installation
  • Solar Manufacturing
  • Solar Sales
  • Solar Farm
  • Solar Parts
  • Solar Maintenance (Technicians)
  • Solar Consultant

These are the niches that are available in the solar market and you can’t specialize in all. You can choose to focus your company on two at most. You can do research and see the one that the need is high and also profitable with a good profit margin.

  • Become Certified

No matter your love for the solar business, you can’t just wake up one morning because you have the money and say you want to start a solar company. It doesn’t work like that. You need to be technically grounded in the field.

About your niche, you need to have technical knowledge of whatever solar niches you choose to build your company around. You need to go and learn about solar and be certified.

Most states in the US require certification before you will be allowed to start your solar company and the approval takes a lot of time. So, you need to know what you are getting into at first.

  • Get licenses and Permit

This is needed before anyone can start a solar company. The licenses needed to start a solar company, vary from state to state. Check out for your state the needed license required to start a solar company and get them.

  • Create a Solar Installation Business Plan

There is no successful company on planet earth that succeeded without a business plan. Create a business plan for your solar business so you can stay organized. The business plan will need to include financing options, operational cost, advertising and promotion strategies as well as where you will find customers at a minimum.

Aside from a business plan standing as a guide, the business plan will also help banks and financial institutions consider your request for a loan if you may need a loan in the future.

Investors also need solar company business plan before they can invest in your business. So, you can see why you need a business plan for your solar company?

  • Choose a Suitable Location

This factor alone if not properly decided on has the potential to kill your company. You should not site your company in a location that does not have your ideal customers or where your customers can’t reach you.

Your location should be properly picked after you must have done your investigation about the environment.

  • Marketing

Once you decided on starting a solar company, how you get the word out after launching is the next step. There are many traditional means of advertising, but these can be costly. For a business like this, the best and effective advertising channel to use is television, radio, and banners.

Facebook and LinkedIn ads will also go a long way in creating awareness about your company and possibly get you leads. You can open an account on these social platforms and just post updates about what you are doing and the progress your business is making.

Using a website as a marketing tool is also another thing to consider too. There is no way you can run a solar company without a website that won’t cost you much to build.

You can hire any web designer from any freelancing sites like Elance or Fiverr to help you create one for a very cheap fee. You can view another solar company website to have a clue on how to structure the layout of your company website.

  • Build a Strong Customer Base

Doing this is very easy as it can be done using your marketing channels. You are not just out there to sell and make money, one of your duty is also to educate people on the benefits of using solar.

Explain the benefits in real, numeric terms. Provide analogies and examples that support and augment your claims.

Help them to see how they will help the planet. Explore with them the potential tax credits or benefits they can get by choosing solar. Make sure to explain that the longer they have solar power, the more they will save as well.

If you do this consistently as you also sell, you are building a customer/fan base that will end up buying whatever you are selling and return to buy more and even refer their friend and family members.


Here is a sample business plan for starting a solar panel installer company.

An important aspect of every business is the business plan and that is why it is better to follow a sample in writing your business plan to write a good plan that will aid the success of your business.

There are different types of solar businesses so I will be focusing on an alternative energy installation type.

Business Name: Comilad Solar Company

  • Business Description
  • Executive Summary
  • Business Objectives
  • Mission Statement
  • Vision Statement
  • Products and Services
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Management Team


Comilad is an energy installation business based in Lagos State which provides, sells and service alternative energy solution with a focus on the community of international business. The operation of this solar business will include the sale of inverters, batteries, solar panels, provision of technical service, and products used by these systems.

The Solar company will focus on a customer-centric service delivery system where continuous ongoing information will be provided to clients regularly especially during the early stage of use when clients still need support and information.


Comilad Solar Company is committed to providing high quality, success and excellence in the solar installation industry due to the recent emphasis on environmentalism and movement towards alternative energy. The company is ready to meet the demand for alternative energy in the country.


The following are the main objectives of Comilad Solar Company:

  • Creating a service-based company whose main goal is to surpass customers’ expectations.
  • Achieving healthy and good earnings in the first few years of operation.
  • Developing a sustainable startup solar business that contributes to an increased employment rate in the community.
  • An increasing number of customers through brilliant performance and word of mouth referrals.


The mission statement of Comilad Solar Company is to become the leading solar energy installation business in Lagos State and the whole of Nigeria by providing good product sales and services.

It also wants to provide Lagos business community with a solar energy installation business with a quality brand name, reliable and professional technical support, good customer service.


The company’s vision is to provide a one-stop location where high quality, convenient and reasonably priced solar energy installation solutions are provided at the best possible price.


The company is ready and willing to offer several types of products of very good and high quality to customers and also provide good customer care and attendance to increase the level of patronage of the company.

Some of the products to be offered are inverters, batteries, solar panels among others.


The competitive analysis done indicates that the following are the major competitive advantages to Comilad Solar Company:

  • Ability to install and do efficient maintenance and repair services in the fastest way and quickest possible time.
  • Strategic alliances with manufacturers and other company-related business partners.
  • Fair prices and best possible discount offers.
  • Supply of best and good quality durable inverters, solar panels and related products.
  • Superior and good customers’ attention.


One of the major ways of marketing of the company is a good and efficient delivery system in the hope of increasing the level of patronage by customers. To further help the marketing of the business, the following will be done or provided:

  • Astute business sales.
  • Professional and technical service will be provided.
  • Sound and pro-active customer service will be provided.
  • Staff will be trained to acquire operational, promotional and marketing skills of the business.


The company is very determined in employing the best people in the solar installation industry who are hard-working, ready to achieve the company’s goals and satisfy customers.

The board of directors will consist of four people, an investor, and two consultants. The reason why an investor will be part of the board of directors is that it gives easy access to securing capital. The consultants will be responsible for providing the company with a proper view of the target market and consumers.

Also, the consultants will provide a form of leadership for the company.

There will also be a board of advisors for the company which will consist of an attorney, a banker, an electrical supplier and an accountant. These are the people that will be consulted when an important and informed decision is to be made. They also give the company a sense of legitimacy and a firm legal status.

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