Car Ads – Get Paid To Advertise With Your Car – Stickers & Wraps

Do you want to get paid to put stickers on your car?

It’s a new year and everyone is thinking of ways to up their income.

Getting paid to advertise with your car might just be one of those ways. The inflation rate in the US is at an all-time high, but then income doesn’t seem to be growing to meet one’s demands.

Legitimate Car Wrap Advertising

Having one or two sources of passive income might not be a bad idea.

That’s what a car advert is, you get paid to slap some advert on your car, and then drive around the city. Essentially your car functions as a mobile billboard.

You don’t have to do anything extra, Just meet certain requirements, and voila, you’re making some extra bucks, doing what you’d always do, that is driving.

All you need is to sign up, meet the requirement and you’re good to go.

Get Paid For Car Advertising Stickers: How Does It Work

First and foremost every car owner would want to know the effect sticker advertising could have on their paint job. Nil, zilch, as long as the job is done by a professional your car is safe.

The wrap is usually temporary, and it can easily be peeled off when you are done advertising for that company.

Of course, the transfer should be done by professionals. It could take any time from 10 minutes to 8 hours, depending on the size of your car and how much of your car will be covered in the advert.

There are two ways you get paid to advertise with your car.

  1. Those companies, usually advertising companies who require your services, contact you directly. Now, this could be done in several ways. They could send you an email, drop their contacts at your door, or put leaves on your windscreen, in supermarkets, or where there’s large foot traffic. Then if you’re interested you’d contact them.
  2. Or you could search for them yourselves if they don’t come to you. A cursory google search might be all you need though. They’re quite easy to locate.

Requirements For Most Auto Ads Campaign

  1. To get in on this there are general requirements for the car owner to fulfill. And there are also specific requirements that vary from one company to the other.
  2. You have to be the legal owner of the car. Also if your car is on hire purchase you’d have to talk with the hire purchase company, to know if they’d allow for their car to be used for advertisement.
  3. Your registration and driver’s license should be up to date.
  4. Your car should be clean, well maintained and devoid of bumps which could make placing the advert difficult. The roughness that could also take attention away from the advert should be avoided.
  5. You should have proper insurance coverage. This is very important, as sticking an advert on your car makes it more conspicuous, therefore increasing the likelihood of its theft.

After you have found the ad company interested in taking on drivers, the next thing to do is contact them. Usually, you’d have to fill out a form, either online or offline. The form would include where you live, car model, model and year, lifestyle, and of course your driving habit and routes.

You also get to choose what brands you’d be advertising, so never mind you won’t have to advertise something you’re uncomfortable with.

However, there’s a  bit of a caveat here.

Certain brands might be looking for people who take certain routes and drive a certain number of hours weekly, the number of brands you might match with might not be as much as you want it to be.

The fact remains though you won’t be mandated to advertise any brand you’re uncomfortable with.

If you are a cabbie, such as an uber or a Lyft driver, this is something you should consider.

Certain companies seem to have a preference for these kinds of drivers since they drive long hours and have a wider route within a city.

How Much Do I Get Paid To Advertise On My Car

Yes, I know companies can only advertise on my car for cash, but what do they pay?

Usually, the fee ranges from $100 to $1,500 per campaign. A campaign could last anywhere between a week and 6 months. Some companies also would rather pay monthly. On average, drivers earn $400 per month.

Payment also varies based on the brand you’re advertising, (bigger brands tend to have bigger budgets). The city you’re driving in also would affect your pay.

Driving in places like Los Angeles or New York City has a  better chance of making you good money.

Car mileage, that is how many hours you drive a week impacts how much you get to earn. The size of the ad, the type of car used for driving ( newer cars are preferred).

And of course the length of the campaign. These are some of the factors that affect how much you are paid.

It’s not surprising to get extra points for extra duties. These could vary from having to park in a certain parking lot, to taking a certain route at a certain time of the day.

It could be anything, if you do it, you’d get extra points, which means extra money.

Beware of Scams

As incredulous as it sounds it is true.

Sometimes people get messages offering them mouth-watering amounts to advertise for a certain company. The scammers would always use a trusted company or a popular one such as Carevertise as it makes the ruse work.

Certain things to look out for here are:

If the amount you are promised to be paid is too good to be true, then it probably is too good to be true.

Next, no car advertising agent will ask for money in any form. Whether it’s a fee for registration, admin dues, or something else. If you are asked to part with money, then it is a scam. So stay sharp.

What companies will pay you to advertise on your car?

Some car advert agencies include:


Most people want their cars pristine, clean, neat looking, devoid of parking tickets and such. Needing to make a quick buck though, getting paid to advertise with your car is the way to go.

All you need to do is carry the logo or slogan of a company. It could be a small sign by the side of the door. It could be a little sticker on the bonnet, and it could be large signage that’s wrapped around your car.

The long and short of this is that you’d be making extra bucks from it.