How To Get Lawn Care Contracts

As you read on, you’ll find information on how to get lawn care contracts much easier and faster. These are reliable methods that have been used with great success and will work for you.

For lawns to be well maintained, the services of lawn care experts will be required. This is a great business opportunity for persons who provide such services because lawns are never in short supply.

Nonetheless, you’ll need to get these contracts first and this might be a bit difficult for many. Does this sound familiar? If it does, you don’t need to worry any longer.

How To Secure Lawn Care Contracts

And now, here is how to get lawn care contracts;

Landscaping And Lawn Care

A lot of times, landscaping services go hand-in-hand with lawn care. This is something you’ll need to know because you can be at a disadvantage if you only provide lawn care services.

In other words, clients will feel more confident giving the lawn care contract to a landscaping and lawn care business. So, what are the differences?

lawn care involves trimming, fertilizing, watering, and mowing a lawn. While landscaping involves more than that. Landscapers do help transform an outdoor area by reorganizing through plantations and constructions etc. You might want to get some landscaping skills in addition to your lawn care service.

That way, you stand to get more lawn care contracts too. A client is more impressed when you give them a list of services. This will include lawn care in addition to landscaping services.

Such clients might decide to expand the scope of the contract which translates to more money.

Understanding Residential And Commercial Clients

A lot of lawn care specialists settle for a specific type of contract. On the other hand, others may choose to handle all lawn care contract types. Now, we’ll need to be more specific in explaining what these contract types are. These essentially consist of residential and commercial lawn care contracts. So, what is the difference?

Targeting residential clients for your lawn contracts comes with its unique needs. For residential lawn care contracts, you’ll be dealing directly with the owner. Plus, the profit margin for such services can be higher than for commercial lawn care. While the profit margin may be up, the lawn space is much more limited.

Commercial lawn care clients, on the other hand, provide a much lower profit margin. However, it provides a much higher-quantity set-up. For commercial lawn care contracts, you hardly have contact with the owner. You’ll only speak through an intermediary who can get replaced at any time.

Most times it’s best to know these variances to help you decide on the type of lawn care contracts you wish you handle.

Find Properties With High Up-Sale Potential

In your bid to identify prospective clients, you should be on the lookout for properties having high up-sale potential.

This takes us back to our earlier mention of landscaping services. Finding a potential property that requires lawn care services in addition to needing some landscaping improvements can land you a contract.

You’ll need to be able to pitch your ideas and business effectively. Being able to sell a client additional services is a great way to create more streams of income.

Lookout For Locally-Owned Properties

Why is it important to seek out locally owned properties? The reasons are simple! With locally-owned properties, you’re more likely to meet and deal directly with the owner. This is a much better alternative than having to deal with a property owner through an intermediary.

Dealing with property owners gives you a better chance of getting a lawn care contract and possibly more. You also stand to benefit from repeat patronage when your services are satisfactory.

Repeat Patronage

This is an easy way to maintain a lawn care contract especially for residential clients where you get to deal personally with the property owner. Repeat patronage largely depends on your previous performance. In other words, you must have met or exceeded the expectations of a client.

Once trust is earned, a client can decide to retain your services. However, the ball is in your court to make the efforts. Thankfully, you won’t be putting in as much effort as the first time you applied for the lawn care contract.

This is because the client knows how capable you are. Try to maintain contact by calling as frequently as required to make them know you’re still available.

Advertise Your Business

There are lots of ways to promote your lawn care business. It is only through an effective advertisement that contracts come in.

One such way includes listing your business on online directories. These directories categorize businesses in addition to providing contact addresses. Consider printing and distributing business cards to potential clients.

You can also include a catalog of services you offer in addition to your business cards. That way, clients can reach out when they need lawn care services.

Also, have a website for your business. You should have a more professional image by creating a paid email service that adds a customized domain name. These little details help enhance your chances of getting the lawn care contract you seek.

Start From Your Existing Clients

Existing clients are a great resource to use when seeking lawn care contracts. You can ask if they can refer or recommend your business to people within their circle. You can also ask if they know about any commercial lawn care contracts. Never underestimate the potential of your existing clients to help you attract lawn care contracts.

Getting lawn care contracts isn’t so difficult when you know what to do. We have included several ways to make this happen. Your very first contract opens more opportunities for your business to get noticed. However, client satisfaction is required for this to be possible.