How to Get Construction Contracts

We have outlined the sets to take to get big private and government construction contracts.

The construction industry is crucial to the development of any country. This is why construction contractors play a vital role in building infrastructure.

To be relevant as a contractor, you’ll need to apply for such construction contracts, but how do you do that? This article is about providing the answers on to get construction contracts.

You’ll learn the requirements for such contracts in addition to other relevant information.

Advertise Your Brand

One of the easiest ways to attract new clients is through advertisement. Every reputable contractor must have successfully handled large construction contracts in the past. You should never hesitate to create awareness about previous contracts handled successfully. The construction industry relies heavily on past performance.

Therefore, you shouldn’t be surprised if your client asks if you’ve done any major construction jobs in the past. To place yourself in pole position for consideration, never wait to get asked. Tell your story by advertising your brand.

When handling a contract, try projecting your brand around strategic locations within the neighborhood.

That way, more people get to know about your business. Your contacts must also be included. This method shouldn’t be underestimated as people have gotten construction contracts simply by showcasing their brands. Also consider listing your business on yelp.

Apply for a Government Contract

Each year, the US government appropriates billions of dollars into constructions of infrastructure. The Stimulus Act of 2009 was as a result of the recession of 2008. This act provides for funding of several key infrastructure projects. You can take advantage of the opportunity presented by applying for such contracts.

Getting a government construction contract depends on certain criteria. Without these, you won’t be considered for such contracts. The following are criteria you must meet.

  • Being Fully Registered and Certified

In order to transact business with the government, you need to ensure your company obtains full federal registration status. This is in addition to getting fully certified. The Central Contractor Registration (CCR) database is where to begin. Your business must be registered and included in the CRR database.

You must also complete an Online Representations and Certifications Application form. This is done online and certifies your construction company as being fit to solicit for and get government construction contracts. These processes seek to have a record of basic information regarding your construction company.

  • Have a Thorough Understanding of the Contract’s Terms Terms and Conditions

This is a crucial part of the contract process. Construction contracts come with such terms and conditions. As a business soliciting for government contracts, you must be very careful as there are consequences if you don’t have a thorough understanding. Unlike other types of construction contracts, government decides what is applicable or not.

You are likely to expose your company to risk if you blindly submit contract proposals. On the other hand, a full understanding of the terms and conditions can greatly help in getting these construction contracts.

  • Get Acquainted with SBA Special Programs

As part of its plan to boost the growth of small businesses, the Small Business Administration (SBA) has created a program towards enhancing the chances of small businesses to obtain contracts. Therefore, small businesses are given a chance to grow. So, does your construction business qualify as a small business?

If it does, then you might want to exploit the advantages inherent in this arrangement. It is all about information. You should find out as much as you can about these special programs initiated by the SBA. It should help significantly in getting government construction contracts.

Get to know Your Clients

A lot of construction companies make the mistake of focusing only on the business angle. While this may seem normal, it doesn’t allow you to bond in a way that easily creates trust with clients. You’ll need go about of your way to known your clients. This should be genuine and shouldn’t be faked. You could start by getting to know how many kids the client has as well as knowing their names.

You are likely to get considered for a contract if your client sees you as friendly enough and honest. However, you must be careful how you begin. Your client might not be in the mood at all. In this situation, you’ll need avoid discussing anything out of business.

Be Realistic

Imagine bidding for a contract only to pull out of it after being rewarded. Such an action will instantly erode your reputation. The best way to avoid this is by being realistic about your capabilities. You should only bid for construction contracts which are within your capacity to handle.

That way, you are able to deliver timely on the job and also attract recommendations your way.

How Accessible Are You?

One of the ways to improve your chances of getting contracts is by evaluating your accessibility. This is necessary to enhance your availability. Unlike in the past, there are more ways to communicate. These include phones, emails, social media and websites.

All avenues for communication must remain open and functional. Functional in the sense that there should be response to every inquiry sent.

Clients Should Have Some Form of Assurance

Experience has shown that clients mostly patronize recognized construction companies. Getting recognized for your exceptional services will attract an inflow of construction contracts. You can begin by focusing on accreditation from recognized and renowned industry players. That way, you won’t have to prove yourself much to your clients.

Getting construction contracts has a lot to do with competence and capacity. This is demonstrated in several ways as you’ve read. Getting a contract also presents you with an opportunity to execute and deliver quality jobs on time. This way, you stand to benefit from recommendations as well as repeat patronage from satisfied clients.

Never take a client for granted. You should always try to fulfill your part of the deal. That way, construction contracts will never be in short supply.

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