This article shows you all there is to know about clown licensing.

Becoming a professional clown is largely dependent on meeting the needed licensing requirements. Now, such requirements may differ across different states.

Whatever the case is, you want to know what’s needed and how to follow through with licensing processes. You’re probably reading this because you want to learn.

Your quest to become a professional clown will depend on whether or not you meet the requirements. It’s also important to state that the process isn’t as difficult as many think.

You only need to read along for details.

Are there Standard Clown Licenses?

One of the things you’ll need to know going forward is that there aren’t standard clown licenses to be obtained.

This shouldn’t be mistaken to mean a license isn’t needed at all. Rather, the point is that licenses aren’t standardized for clowning.

As a performer, you’ll either need to apply for the general business license or obtain a street performer/peddler’s permit or both. Depending on your location, a general business license for your art might not even be required.

Nevertheless, it’s best to obtain such for purposes of taxation.

In the case of a permit, certain clowning acts may require getting a permit from your local city hall. Thankfully, the cost for such a permit isn’t much.

So, how does one go about obtaining a general business license as a clown?

  • How to Apply for a General Business License

Business licensing requirements are mostly handled by different government departments. Such departments or issuing agencies mostly head the particular sector of the business.

For instance, there are licenses for transportation & logistics issued by the US Department of Transportation.

For radio and TV broadcasting, the issuing agency is the Federal Communications Commission and so on. So, what applies to a clown business? As stated earlier, there are no clear or standard clown licenses.

You’ll have to make do with a general business license.

  • Processes to Follow

Your journey to obtaining a general business license as a clown is to first check with your county’s registry of fictitious business names.

Because business registration requires picking a unique name, you want to ensure your most preferred name is available for use.

Next, you’ll need to fill or complete your application before filing to create a business identity. Your local county or city is where you approach to obtain the business license.

Here, a license application form is issued where you need to fill in your basic clown business information.

With this process completed, the form will need to be submitted and accompanied by the application fee. You’ll have to wait for your application to be considered and approved.

This should take anywhere from a few days to some weeks.

Hurdles to Overcome in Becoming a Clown

Having obtained your license, you’ll find out that several other things you need to practice.

Basic equipment is needed. Speaking of equipment, you’ll need facial prosthetics & wigs, a clown costume, makeup, flyers & business cards, as well as props.

  • Facial Prosthetics & Wigs

Most clown equipments are very much affordable. Based on your needs, you may have to buy facial prosthetics like clown noses as well as colorful wigs. Not all clowns were such.

You’ll have to decide what works for you.

  • Clown Costume

When it comes to clown costumes, you’ll have to figure out what costumes best stand you out. Multiple options in terms of sourcing your costume are available.

You can either have a tailor make one for you or pick one from a costume store. Costumes are inexpensive equipment that is important to your business.

  • Makeup

Makeup is quite common with clowning. While this is true, not all clowns wear it. It all depends on your style as a performer. You want makeup that won’t get affected or washed off in situations where you’re sweating.

Plus, you might want to have a signature look or alter your looks.

This information will influence your decision on the makeup to buy. If you’re confused about what to go for, consider trying out or experimenting with your makeup.

  • Flyers & Business Cards

Like any business venture, the need for marketing is necessary.

You want to spread the word about your new business. Marketing and advertising are crucial to your success and should never cease.

As a freelance clown business have your flyers and business cards always ready to share around.

  • Props

Props are among several things required to make your performance more colorful. These may include magician accessories, balloons, pins among several other things.

There are tons of props available depending on your preferred activities. You’ll need to choose what best serves your performance needs.

Can I Become a Clown without a License?

This is one question that could easily come up for persons having a second thought or doubting the necessity of the license. As with most areas of business, licensing is crucial.

Without it, you may be faced with difficulties or challenges, especially with taxation.

It’s possible to operate your business in certain states without having to obtain a license. However, it’s best to still go for it as it helps broaden your horizon.

With licensing, you have fewer restrictions.

Do You Have the Needed Training?

Although most of our discussion is about licensing, it’s also important to consider undergoing adequate training.

There are clown schools that help sharpen your skills and broaden your knowledge about the business. These schools are spread across the United States.

Some of the best schools include Celebration Barn Theater, Dell’Arte International, and Center for Movement Theater with Dody Disanto, Others include the Circus Center, Pig Iron, Circus Center, The Clown School, The Clown Camp and so many more.

Skill Sets

To be successful as a clown, you’ll need the basic skill sets.

There are lots of these areas you’ll need to focus on for greater impact. They include practical jokes, juggling, prop comedy, standup comedy, miming, balloon animals, pies in the face, acrobatics, magic tricks, and more.

Getting a clown license isn’t a difficult undertaking once you know what to do. We’ve discussed the processes involved in obtaining such licensing and who to approach.

Your quest to launch this entertainment business shouldn’t be difficult once these basic tips are followed.