In spite of an abundance of business ideas, knowing how to organize such ideas into definite plans continues to be a major problem for many. This article looks at one of such ideas and tries to offer help in the best way possible.

If you have considered starting a fruit and vegetable business, you will find this business plan sample quite helpful.

Within this article are helpful tips that will give you an insight into what should be included in your plan. Your plan is a critical document to the success of your import export business; therefore you need to approach it with all the seriousness it deserves.

Here is a sample business plan for starting a fruit export company.

  • Conducting an Extensive Research

When starting a fruit and vegetable export business, an extensive research of your market is necessary. This gives you an in-depth understanding of the underlying factors that contribute to success. In order to conduct a research of this area of business, you need data to work with.

Online platforms offer tremendous information on every aspect of doing business.  Some things to include in your research include;

  • Identifying Export Destination

Before starting a fruit and vegetable export business, you need to identify available destinations for your products.

Such include the top agricultural produce destinations with special emphasis on fruits and vegetables. You also need to narrow down the list of countries you intend to export to. As a new business, you may not have the capacity to export to multiple countries. Hence you may need to pick one until your business is able to handle exports to more than one destination.

The animal and plant health inspection service (APHIS) of the US Department of Agriculture provides necessary paperwork that covers all agricultural imports and exports. This includes fruit and vegetable products.

  • International Money Transfer Options

This is yet another area to consider in your research. Fruit and vegetable export business is an international venture that involves the exchange of currencies. International billing and payments are facilitated by money transfer specialists.

When making a choice, you should consider doing business with only those that offer favorable conditions such as lower transaction fees among others.

  • Structure of a Good Plan

Your import export business plan needs to be well structured. By being well structured, we mean that it should have important sections that streamline and simplify your plan. This makes it easy to follow and makes it comprehensive enough when implementing its contents. These important sections include the specific products you want to export, what is the potential market and the capital requirements.

Others include shipments and logistics, your preferred pricing model, a marketing plan, an executive summary and your profit projections. These areas need to be paid close attention to as they enhance your chances of success.

  • Financing Your Business

Sufficient funding is essential to the successful take off of a fruit and vegetable export business. You are expected to have fully prepared for this aspect of your plan by stating your preferred choice of financing. There are several sources of financing your export business. These include the Small Business Administration (SBA)

This is a government backed business financing program that offers funding for businesses which are unable to access bank loans. The inability to access bank loans may be due to several reasons. Whatever these reasons are, you have this government backed financing program that provides the funds required for starting your business.

  • Having an Insurance Coverage

Insurance coverage is very essential for your fruit and vegetable export business. This is because when running a business, unexpected costs are likely to arise. Such unexpected costs have ruined businesses. Insurance coverage for your fruit and vegetable export business should cover all unforeseen circumstances. In this case, unforeseen circumstances factors will include accidents, natural disasters as well as lawsuits.

There are several types of insurance you can apply for. Each of these covers a specific area and limits exposure to liability. There is the general liability insurance, commercial property insurance, product liability insurance and more. You need to make inquiries about specific insurance packages that apply to your business.

  • Tax Requirements

Before floating your new business, tax regulations will need to be heeded to. There are federal, state and local tax regulations. These may or may not apply to your business.

Whatever the case is, you need to find out from the Internal Revenue Service as well as your state business department. All the information/tax requirements that apply to your fruit and vegetable export business will be made available to you.

The Executive Summary

This section is needed in every plan and as the name suggests, it summarizes the contents of your business plan. Whenever your plan is reviewed by an investor or whoever needs to go through the document, the most relevant information is presented in a comprehensive manner. This helps the reader get a grasp of the contents in the plan.

Marketing Plan

The better your agro product marketing plan or strategy is, the more it will impact positively on sales. You will need the skills of a professional/marketing expert(s). Their input is crucial to laying a solid sales plan. Their expertise doesn’t end here as they also need to oversee its implementation too.

Writing a fruit and vegetable export business plan requires all the help that you can get. This article has offered some useful tips you can use in producing a solid plan. It is important that the process isn’t rushed, but carefully followed and its contents implemented to guarantee success.

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