Here is a guide on finding frankincense buyers and other practical trading tips.

Also called olibanum or Boswellia carterii, frankincense is an aromatic gum resin burnt as incense. Its essential oil is highly versatile; hence, it’s tagged the ‘king of essential oils.’

Frankincense oil can be used topically, aromatically, and internally with many benefits.

Part of its many benefits includes serving as an anti-inflammatory drug, reducing age spots, treating cancer, and improving sleep.

Frankincense oil helps reduce anxiety & depression, combat autoimmune disease, ADHD treatment and headache relief, and achieve hormonal balance, amongst others.

From the benefits stated above, it’s evident that frankincense has many benefits. However, the focus isn’t on these benefits as it’s assumed you already have such knowledge.

Instead, it’s about helping you make the right buying decision.

Frankincense Buyers’ Guide

Before making a purchase, you must understand that several factors are likely to impact your actions.

One of the primary ones has to do with identifying different varieties. There are multiple frankincense oil varieties to pick from when shopping.

These variants include frankincense sacra, frankincense serrata, and frankincense carterii. Of course, these essential oils are all extracted from the Boswellia tree resin.

So, what specific characteristics of each essential oil must you know of?

i. Frankincense Sacra

Unlike other varieties, frankincense sacra is the most expensive as it’s considered premium quality.

Now, if you’re wondering why such importance is attached to this essential oil, it simply has much to do with the source location.

To be more specific, Boswellia trees found in the Dhofar region of Southern Oman give or produce the frankincense sacra variant. This product tends to have a distinct aroma recognized by its bold earthy notes.

This frankincense variety has spiritual applications. However, it’s also applied for all kinds of purposes or uses.

ii. Frankincense Serrata

The frankincense serrata variant has a medium-strength, slightly spicy, balsamic, warm, and woody aroma that forms its base fragrance note.

It’s widely used to enhance deep meditation, mind-centering, emotional healing, and sharpening concentration.

As with all frankincense varieties, it’s necessary to consult a physician before using frankincense serrata. This is especially true for persons with medical conditions, pregnancy, or those on medication.

While all three varieties share similar properties, they tend to have varying potencies.

iii. Frankincense Carterii

Unlike other frankincense varieties discussed, frankincense carterii tends to be immensely popular with buyers.

The reasons for that aren’t far-fetched: its sweet scent infused with citrusy hints quickly makes it a delight for most essential oil users.

Beyond its appealing scent are multiple health benefits derived from its use. Not only is frankincense carterii beneficial to the respiratory system, but it also reduces skin blemishes, thus rejuvenating it.

As mentioned earlier, this essential oil can be used internally like others.

Should I Buy Frankincense?

Every frankincense buyer has a specific need. Those still trying to make up their minds or wondering if this product is needed only need to look at their needs.

In other words, what do you plan on using frankincense for? As earlier pointed out, there are several uses.

Some users may want to apply it for anti-viral & anti-bacterial purposes, as natural immune support, to destroy cancer cells, or reduce stretch marks, scarring sunspots, or bruising.

Frankincense can also reduce itchiness, remove warts, moles & skin tags, promote better sleep, etc.

The answer on whether to buy frankincense or not largely depends on your specific need. Plus, not everyone is favorably disposed to certain scents.

Y you get to decide what your needs are and how best to address such requirements, including what’s used to achieve that.

You may need Carrier Oil.s

When buying frankincense essential oils, buyers typically go for carrier oils too. Because essential oils are highly concentrated, they must be diluted using appropriate oils.

Through such dilution, the ideal surface area of absorption is achieved, thus helping prevent sensitivities or allergies.

As a buyer, your skin condition should determine what type of carrier oil you use. Common carrier oils include argan oil, avocado oil, pomegranate seed oil, coconut oil, olive oil, jojoba oil, and almond oil.

Certain carrier oils are more suitable for specific skin types.

Argan carrier oil is suitable for all skin types and can dilute frankincense oil. Avocado oil can be used on both dry aging and normal skin. If you want carrier oils for all skin types that absorb quickly,n you may have to go for pomegranate seed oil.

Coconut oil has a light feel and is ideal for all skin types. Dry aging and normal skin will do best with olive oil. This has a heavier feel. Jojoba oil can be used on all skin types as well.

Like olive oil, almond oil has a heavier feel and is ideal for dry, aging, and normal skin.

Frankincense Resin Grades Buyers should know of

Apart from essential oils, there are several grades of frankincense resin you should know of.

Knowing these and their characteristics,s will determine whether you should go for it or not. These include superior hojari frankincense, royal hojari frankincense, and high-gradee hojari frankincense.

More frankincense resin grades include universal grade hojari, church grade hojari, black hojari frankincense, Boswellia sacra powder, and white cloud hojari.

There are others like myrrh resin, frankincense sampler, maydi frankincense, pinyon pine resin, Ethiopian frankincense, Boswellia serrata, and sweet myrrh resin.

You Mightneedra  Other Accessories.s

Most times, frankincense buyers realize they need accessories. The accessories you need will be determined by what your needs are.

Standard accessories include frankincense balm, incense coals, a frankincense starter set, incense tongs, an adjustable incense burner with a bowl, etc.

With the details supplied above, frankincense buyer needs are identified and discussed. You should be able to make informed choices as they provide an overview of what’s required.

Of course, you’ll need to research by identifying your needs and finding products that match such requirements.