231 Catchy Food Truck Name Ideas for Your Startup

Are you thinking about starting a food truck business but have no idea about what name to use? We have compiled over 200 trendy name ideas for your food truck business.

This is a common challenge faced by new food entrepreneurs including experienced ones. However, it isn’t one that defies solution.

Here, we are all about helping you find the ideal or perfect name for your food truck business.

Choosing A Food Truck Name That Attracts Sales

A name means a lot to any business including a food cart. It speaks about the business and can either attract or create disinterest in clients. You don’t want your business name doing the latter. You should also understand that a name represents your brand.

Therefore, you’ll want to dedicate the time and effort to finding one that is fitting.

Luckily, we’ve stepped in to make this process a lot easier. Here, we’ve listed several suggestions that could prove useful to find that perfect name.

In seeking for name ideas, it’s important to understand that choosing one won’t be enough. Unless of course you already know it’s going to be available.

The Name Search

A name search is as important as getting one. After finding a name that sounds good to you and fits your purpose, you’re likely to get disappointed at the point of registration. That is because such a name might have been taken by another business.

There’s a solution though. It involves searching for its availability online.

Before doing this, it’s best to have multiple options including your most preferred and preferred names. When this is done, you’re less likely to be disappointed as any of the other names might be available for use for your food truck business.

Easily Customizable

There’s a possibility that you won’t find the name you seek here. Nevertheless, there’s still room to customize available names for your purpose.

To do this right, you’ll need to be creative. This involves a brainstorming session that brings into account your business needs as well as a message that will resonate with clients.

Catchy Food Truck Names For Your Company

This is the main focus of our discussion. Here, we’ve provided some ideas that may prove useful. The fact is, food truck business name ideas can never be exhausted. More can always be generated as long as you’re creative.

Any of the following names below should serve your purpose;

  1. Food on Wheels
  2. Uncle Gussy’s
  3. Waffle Love
  4. East Side King
  5. Oh My Gogi BBQ
  6. Shindigs Catering Service
  7. The Grilled Cheese Grill
  8. Food Target
  9. Border Grill
  10. Cupcake Carnivale
  11. Surf & Turf Truck
  12. Snack Rack
  13. Moving Food
  14. Four-Wheeled Meals
  15. Rolling Taco
  16. Foodie Roller
  17. Wheeled Wonder
  18. Taste Vacation
  19. Flavor Town Truck
  20. Roaming Recipes
  21. Waiter Wagon
  22. Start Your Engine Food Truck
  23. Delicious Delivery
  24. Pull Up Pros
  25. Snack Rack
  26. Chew Chew Truck
  27. Truck Delight
  28. Meals in Motion
  29. Motivated Movers
  30. On the Go Gourmet
  31. Recipe Wagon
  32. Drive & Dine
  33. Movable Menus
  34. Go Go Gourmet
  35. Food Glider
  36. Yumpling
  37. Tango Mango
  38. Serving Slice
  39. The Rolling Stoves
  40. Burger Bird
  41. Burger Bus
  42. Burger Truck
  43. Food Mama
  44. Beyond Food
  45. Dream Doughnuts
  46. Food Trailer
  47. Food To Fly
  48. Street Dudes Food Truck
  49. 24/7 Food Deliver
  50. The Dining Car
  51. The Lunch Truck
  52. Food Engine
  53. Rex Fries
  54. Taco Trailer
  55. Wheeled Meals
  56. The Coffee Cart
  57. The Urban Diner
  58. Pizza Wings
  59. Street Eatery
  60. Kitchen Express
  61. Hot Potato
  62. Street Pie Truck
  63. Veggie Haven
  64. Pizza Wings
  65. Street Eatery
  66. Burger Therapy
  67. Burger Buggy
  68. Mannino’s Cannoli Express
  69. Mei Mei Boston
  70. El Camion
  71. Fired Up Taco Truck
  72. Smoke Et Al
  73. The Bacon Truck
  74. The Grilled Cheese Truck
  75. El Guapo
  76. The Bacon Truck
  77. Guerilla Tacos
  78. Korrilla BBQ
  79. Baby’s Badass Burgers
  80. La Cocinita
  81. The Cow & the Curd
  82. The Caseaus Cheese Truck
  83. Thunderbird
  84. Wheelyway
  85. TrukyTwist
  86. Foodfly
  87. Fruddent Foods
  88. Mr. Missy’s Food Factory
  89. Food Factory On Wheels
  90. Food Fighter
  91. Satisfying Wheel
  92. Awesome Hunger Quench
  93. Awesomist Food Wagon
  94. Little Tasty Food Badass
  95. Toasted Tab
  96. East Eatery Foods
  97. Little Lovely
  98. Egoistic Chilly
  99. Pulpy Wagon
  100. Hook the Cook
  101. Fooding Destination
  102. That Food Truck
  103. Truckista
  104. The Lunchbox Food Truck
  105. Food Frolic
  106. The Rolling Kitchen Grills
  107. Fuel Up Fast Food
  108. Fusion Food Truck
  109. Food Junckies
  110. Frying Wagon
  111. Yummy Tummy
  112. Hotbox Food Truck
  113. Hunger Truck
  114. The Pasta Parade
  115. The Rock Lobster
  116. Cater by Car
  117. Driven Delicious
  118. Truckload of Flavor
  119. Heartwarm Food Truck
  120. Bullseye Burritos
  121. The Halal Sisters
  122. Halal Haven
  123. Chinatown on Wheels
  124. Chinese Express
  125. Master of Mexican Food
  126. Hungry Henry’s Burger Bus
  127. Creamy Creative
  128. On-the-Go Ice Cream
  129. Tempting Taco Truck
  130. Texmex Station
  131. The Taco Stand
  132. Smoothie Ville
  133. Tacos For All
  134. Five Minutes Pizza
  135. World of Food
  136. Food to You
  137. Chef on Wheels
  138. The American Burger Co.
  139. Meat Masters
  140. The BBQ Truck
  141. Local Pizzeria
  142. The Custom Pizza
  143. Moving Tacos
  144. On-the-Move Menu
  145. The Juicy Burger
  146. Backyard BBQ on Wheels
  147. Culinary Creative
  148. Roaming Tacos
  149. Tacos Everywhere
  150. Crispy Chips
  151. Foothills Butcher
  152. Chicken Shack
  153. Flavors East Food
  154. Traveling Snacks
  155. King of the Wings
  156. Meatless Yum Yums
  157. Bite Sized Burgers
  158. Bite Sized Burgers
  159. Double Dutch Fries
  160. Crispy Chips
  161. Hungry Rooster
  162. Frypan Delight
  163. Wild Coast Sun
  164. Burger Queen
  165. Broadway Diner
  166. Chick Punch
  167. Tasty Patties
  168. Mushroom Bite
  169. Major Taste
  170. Kungfu Cowboy
  171. Hungry Peter
  172. Lord of the Fries
  173. Chicken Mackay
  174. Hot Tacos
  175. Food Concepts
  176. Mega Chickens
  177. Fastfood & Bakery on Wheels
  178. Curry Up Now
  179. Mobile Sweet
  180. Pasta Parade
  181. Meal Dash
  182. Kurbside Eatz
  183. Street Fair
  184. The Cake Shack
  185. The Mouthful
  186. Happy Food Hour
  187. Frenzy
  188. Hopelin Food
  189. Street Treat
  190. Testella
  191. The Gastrobus
  192. The Reef Runner
  193. Shane’s BBQ & Grill
  194. Over the Rainbow
  195. Cheeky Italian
  196. Dude Bro on Wheel
  197. Jungle Drum Wagon
  198. Basic Kneads Pizza
  199. Bacon Me Crazy
  200. A Cupcake Social
  201. Beetle Juice
  202. Bonbon Buggy
  203. Street Swing
  204. Heritage Mobile Foods
  205. Foodie House
  206. Jumping Jack’s Burgers
  207. Fork in the Road
  208. Chef in a Box
  209. Truckify Food Logistics
  210. The Wrap Wagon
  211. Exquisite Eatery
  212. Nacho Momma’s Food Truck
  213. Delisioso Food Trucks
  214. Beyond Food
  215. Food to Fly
  216. Misfit Meals
  217. NYC Lunchbox
  218. World Cuisine on Wheels
  219. Felacia Foodist
  220. Goodylin Foods
  221. Wandering Food
  222. Straight from the Truck
  223. Berry Boy
  224. Getta Max
  225. Mexellent
  226. Vincent Van Doughnuts
  227. Wok N’ Role Food Truck
  228. Guerilla Tacos
  229. Rocky Mountain Pizza
  230. Fried Chickens & Yams
  231. Rollin’ Dough

Food truck business name ideas are always a brainstorm away. We’ve considered some of the most exciting and catchy names you can adopt for your business.

However, there’s no guarantee that all of the names provided here aren’t taken. You’ll need to search for the availability of such names.