50 Catchy Fashion Business Name Ideas that Draw Clients to Your Venture

Here are some creative fashion business name ideas but before you jump at one, we have outlined the most important factors you have to consider. We have also included a section on how to come up with one.

The opportunities that abound in the fashion industry have come with their unique challenges. Among these is the problem of choosing the right name.

However, we’ve written this article with the aim of helping such entrepreneurs. If you are one, you’d find this article highly relevant in your quest for knowledge on fashion business name ideas.

We aren’t only listing these ideas without supplying you with the right information on how to go about composing or arriving at that perfect fashion name.

Standing Out or Fitting in?

In your quest to give your fashion business the right name, this is one of the first and critical questions you need to answer.

Hence to do well, you need to have a unique name that easily stands out.

In other words, your name is your brand and should be treated as such. This is also a question asked by naming firms and agencies. They ask such questions because they need to know what your values are. This is done to enable them to develop and incorporate the right message into a name.

This message speaks to your target audience/market about your fashion business.

Therefore, a fashion business name that stands out will perform much better in promoting your business than one which fits in with the pack.

What You Must Know When Choosing a Fashion Business Name

Giving your fashion business a name comes with a lot of work. These rely on the right information. These are provided here in the form of helpful tips to set you on the right path as listed below;

  • Are you Using Your Name as Your Brand?

This is common with a lot of fashion businesses. However, the problem is it can prove unwise in the event you need to sell the business.

Although this isn’t totally negative, it may create difficulty when transferring ownership. This is important when looking at future expansion.

In summary, using your name for your fashion business is restrictive and will make the transfer much complicated.

  • Does it Tell What you do?

This is important to give your fashion business the perfect name. Apart from informing your target market, it should also evoke some form of emotion.

However, if you’d rather prefer the services of a naming agency, then you only need to provide necessary information while they do the work.

This is also very important in naming a clothing brand.

  • Being Able to Defend Your Trademark

Many fashion businesses have had running litigation with others. The most common cause has been due to duplicity of trademarks. One of the best ways to avoid this problem is to properly search if a name is available.

The more a name becomes confusing to clients in regards to existing brands, the lesser its impact.

  • Puns are Risky

Wordplay shows a great deal of creativity. Although such may be humorous, it could be taken the wrong way.

On the other hand, being able to find the right pun could positively impact your fashion company name.

However, this is too much of a risk to take, especially for a small business.

  • How Memorable is your Fashion Website Domain Name?

This is of the utmost importance as we live in an information age. Lots of your clients would likely visit your domain name to find out about your services.

As such, your domain name should be easy to search as well as commit to memory. You should avoid using fashion brand names spelled differently from their sounds unless you have a sizable marketing budget.

With proper marketing, such domain names attract more hits than those which aren’t as memorable.

  • Keep it Simple!

This is a manner of speaking that simply means avoiding complications. The name you choose for your fashion business should tell its story.

In other words, it shouldn’t be complex that it requires explanation to people. This is a tiresome process you cannot sustain. It also devalues the reputation of your fashion brand.

  • The Name Search

Before a name qualifies to be used, this stage must be followed. This is because a lot of fashion business names are trademarked. In view of this, a name search helps you avoid duplication and its attendant consequences.

You also get to register your fashion business name successfully. This is one of the last stages you must follow before your preferred name gets the nod.

Unique Fashion Business Name Ideas and Examples for Entrepreneurs

By now, the information provided above should give you a clue of what’s needed when choosing a name. It also helps you come up with a new name using these tips.

However, this section provides name suggestions you can make use of. You also get to decide what name suits your fashion business more.

These are good fashion business name ideas you can use;

  • Fashion Goddess
  • Flair Designs
  • Chic and Trendy
  • Elite Seams
  • Bold Statement Stitches
  • Fashion Diva
  • Fashion 247
  • Monster Fashion Hits
  • All Things Fashion
  • Total Fashion Makeover
  • Super Stitches
  • Fashion and Trend Consultants
  • Fashion On-Demand
  • The Fashion House
  • Designesty
  • Design Revolution
  • Always in-Vogue
  • Looks and Style
  • Fashion Princes and Princesses
  • Elegant Sole
  • Trendy Looms
  • Leisure Clothier
  • Fashion Dynasty
  • BodyTalk
  • Body Comfort Solutions
  • Fashion Statement
  • MomSoon Clothing
  • Preggy Comfort Wears
  • 5thAndFit
  • All Age Groups Fashion House
  • Beck and Call Stitches
  • Revolutionary Looks
  • BabyCare Fashion
  • HeShe Designs and Style
  • Fashion Saint
  • Fashion Rising
  • One-Stop Shop Clothiers
  • Mint and Wild
  • Cody’s Fashion
  • CottonBaleCo
  • Oak Fashion House
  • Dress Sense
  • Gentrigue
  • CurveCode
  • Fashion Embassy
  • Feet Comforts
  • Confide
  • Riviera Stitches
  • FashionLord

These are name suggestions for a fashion business you can use.

If you can’t find what you seek, you have the freedom to modify or come up with something new.

Hence, through our fashion business name ideas, we’ve been able to focus on vital aspects of name selection.

In addition to that, it focuses more on educating you on ways to come up with the best name ideas. It also provides a few names you can work with.

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