FedEx Franchising Guide

FedEx is a popular American delivery service company. The company is a multinational brand.

If you have wished you could operate your delivery service or courier company or are interested in operating a courier service at any level, then you should not pass by the FedEx Store franchise opportunity.

In this article, we shall be looking at the company FedEx Corporation and its FedEx Store franchise and the franchise opportunities which it presents for entrepreneurs and business people.

We are going to start by looking at the history of the company. We are also going to look at the franchise fee which the company demands from its franchisees and the startup cost required to operate a FedEx Store franchise.

We shall also go further by examining the training and support which the company provides for its franchisees.

We shall also discuss the franchise agreement terms available at the company and the franchise agreement renewals which the FedEx Corporation makes available to its franchisees.

And to wrap up this article, we shall be telling you how you can open a FedEx Store franchise.

Is FedEx Store a Franchise?

The FedEx Store is a franchise. It is the brainchild of the FedEx Corporation. FedEx Corporation is a multinational company based in the United States of America.

The company is an international courier and delivery company. The company’s headquarters is located in Memphis, a city in the state of Tennessee, in the United States of America located along the Mississippi River.

FedEx Corporation was founded in 1971 (47 years ago). The company was founded by Fredrick W, Smith. In Little Rock, the most populous city and capital of the U.S state of Arkansas.

The company’s courier service is available to customers worldwide. The company’s product includes freight forwarding, post-delivery, third-party logistics, and express mail.

FedEx Corporation is a public company. As a public company, the company is quoted on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) with the Ticker Symbol FDX.

The current Chairman and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of the company are Fredrick W. Smith while David J. Bronczek serves as the company’s President and Chief Operating Officer (COO).

The company’s corporate address is located at 942 South Shady Grove Road, Memphis, Tennessee, in the United States.

The FedEx Store provides mail courier services around the world. The company strives to achieve a good relationship with its employees, suppliers, and partners.

The FedEx brand is globally recognized. The company has more than 400,000 employees globally. In 2017, the company made revenue of more than $60 billion (U.S. dollar) and an operating income of more than $5 billion (U.S. dollar).

FedEx Store franchises are available worldwide. The company’s subsidiaries include FedEx Express, which operates the largest fleet of wide-bodied civil aircraft.

FedEx Ground, which is operated by independent owners and contractors who drive delivery trucks through individually controlled delivery routes.

The company operates more than 500 franchise units worldwide.

How Much Does FedEx Store Franchise Cost?

Entrepreneurs who desire to take advantage of the FedEx Store franchise opportunity are required to pay a franchise fee of $9,250 (U.S. dollar). For information on the required liquid asset, the intending franchisees should contact the company on its website at and also get information on other required fees to be paid.

FedEx Store Franchise Fee

FedEx Corporation requires a franchisee fee of $9,250 (U.S. dollar) from its intending franchisees. For information on the required royalty and other fees, the intending franchisee should contact the company on its website at

FedEx Store Franchise Startup Cost

To open a FedEx Store franchise, the intending franchisee would incur a minimum start-up cost of $9,250 (U.S. dollar).

FedEx Store Franchise Training and Supports

FedEx Corporation provides training for its franchisees.

The company also provides support for its franchisees. The support which the company provides for its franchisees include;

  • The franchisees at FedEx Store receive newsletter support from the company.
  • Advertising support is also provided for franchisees of the company.
  • FedEx Store provides online support for its franchisees.
  • There is local marketing support for franchisees at FedEx Store.
  • Franchisees also get route support from the company.
  • The company also provides ongoing training for its franchisees.
  • FedEx Store provides site selection support for its franchisees.
  • The company supports its franchisees with phone support to ensure that their queries are resolved promptly.
  • The franchisor also provides logistics support for its franchisees.

FedEx Store Franchise Terms of Agreement/Renewal

For information on the initial franchise agreement terms, the franchisee should contact the company directly on its website at to obtain information on the terms of agreement for a FedEx Store franchise.

How Much Does a FedEx Store Franchise Make?

The amount a FedEx Store franchise can make cannot be known. The amount the franchise store can make will depend on the location of the franchise. The franchisee can make money with the FedEx Store franchise leveraging the company’s brand loyalty.

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How to Open a FedEx Store Franchise

For entrepreneurs seeking to open a FedEx Store franchise, they would need to contact the company directly on its website at to fill out the franchise request form.