Etsy Business Ideas – 6 Easy Things To Make And Sell

Looking for the best things to make and sell on Etsy. Here are the most profitable Etsy business ideas.

Since it was founded in 2005, Etsy has created loads of business opportunities.

As an e-commerce company, Etsy makes it easy for businesses to key into its e-commerce line of business by selling or buying a variety of goods.

Easy Things To Make And Sell On Etsy

Categories are ranging from clothing, jewelry, bags, craft supplies as well as furniture just to name a few.

We aren’t interested in naming the different goods or good categories being sold on Etsy. Rather, our focus is more on the business ideas you can take advantage of on Etsy.

Have you been looking for e-commerce related business ideas lately? This might just be what you need.

Identifying Etsy Product Ideas: What To Sell

As an online marketplace where buyers and sellers meet, you get to choose what to sell on this platform.

The advantage of having your goods sold on Etsy shop is that it’s visible to millions of people across different continents. You can exploit this platform best if you know what to sell.

So, what business ideas are they to explore? Many!

6 Best Etsy Shop Ideas

As mentioned earlier, there are tons of product categories on Etsy to explore.

These range from jewelry & accessories, craft supplies & tools, clothing & shoes, art & collectibles, home & living as well as toys & entertainment.

Other categories include weddings & parties.

Under each of these categories are millions of other listed goods being sold. We’ve mentioned these categories to enable you to see the vastness of products on offer.

What To Sell On Etsy

Going through these alone should spark your creativity in coming up with ideas of things to sell.

Let’s discuss each of these ideas to help you make a choice.

  • Jewelry & Accessories

Consider each of these as niche categories that can be explored to your advantage. For persons skilled in jewelry and jewelry making, this should sound exciting.

Etsy provides a visible platform where you get to sell your products.

Here, subcategories are ranging from accessories, bags & purses, body jewelry, necklaces, bracelets, rings, as well as earrings. So, what type of jewelry do you produce or want to sell? For each of these are other niche-specific sub-categories.

Under necklaces, for instance, you can decide to sell or make beaded necklaces, tassel necklaces, chokers, bib necklaces, and charm necklaces. Others include chains, crystal necklaces, and monogram & name necklaces.

Every day, millions of purchases are made under this category.

By listing your jewelry merchandise on Etsy, you’re reaching a wider market than would have been possible if you only sold your wares offline.

  • Crafts Supplies & Tools

This is one of the best things to sell on Etsy to make money.

Etsy has a category for craft supplies and tools where millions of craft items are listed. These listed items range from sculpting & forming, home & hobby, the visual arts, as well as jewelry & beauty.

Other product sub-niches under craft supplies and tools to consider include papercraft, as well as sewing & fiber.

To give you an idea of how broad the marketplace is on Etsy, the papercraft sub-niche has several other product types ranging from origami, Card making & stationery, Party & gifting, scrapbooking, stamping as well as bookbinding.

To have a detailed idea of items being sold, you might have to visit its website for that. Basically, assorted types of craft supplies can be sold on Etsy.

You only need to know what area you’re most interested in.

There are always interested buyers. You only need to have your goods displayed or listed.

  • Clothes & Shoes

Are you into clothing and shoes?

There are opportunities for business on Etsy. This business idea is further boosted by the fact that Etsy gives you the visibility you need to sell to a wide range of buyers.

Clothing and shoe sub-niches include bags & purses, women’s clothing & shoes, men’s clothing & shoes as well as kids & baby clothing and shoes.

For a better idea of what’s listed under women’s clothing, you have skirts, dresses, swimwear, tops & tees, sandals, women’s shoes, shirts, pants & capris as well as jackets & coats.

If you make or sell any of these items among others, you’ll find Etsy a great platform to have these products displayed.

  • Art & Collectibles

Arts and collectibles are also among our list of business ideas to consider. While this is a broad category, persons more interested in niche-specific aspects of arts & collectibles may find the following interesting.

These sub-categories include prints dolls & miniatures, photography, and painting.

Others are fiber arts, sculpture, mixed media & collage, glass art, and drawing & illustration. Painting types include acrylic, oil, and watercolor. So, what do you have to sell?

There’s never a shortage of selling opportunities on Etsy. All you need to do is have your items listed on this e-commerce platform.

  • Home & Living

Are you into a home and living-related business? What’s this exactly?

It includes the selling of pet supplies, bath and beauty products as home-related items like furniture, bedding, storage and organization, office supplies, rugs, and wall décor.

Other home items you can sell on Etsy include decorative pillows, vases, wall décor, clocks, picture frames & displays, candles & holders, picture frames & displays, and more.

For persons interested in pet supplies, you can sell pet carriers & houses, pet collars & leashes, pet bedding, and pet furniture wares.

On Etsy, there’s never a shortage of selling ideas for new and existing businesses. You only need to pick your preferred niche and have your products listed to begin.

  • Toys & Entertainment

If your business involves the selling of toys and entertainment-related wares, then you’ll find this category useful. Apart from toys, other sub-niche items sold here include movies & music, electronics & accessories, as well as books.

So, what types of books are included here? Pretty much any type!

These include zines & magazines, children’s books, guides & how-To’s, art & photography, poetry, comics & graphic novels, literature & fiction, craft & hobby books, and blank books.

You can also sell book accessories as well as calendars & planners.

As seen so far, there’s never a shortage of business ideas when it comes to things or items you can sell on Etsy. This huge marketplace makes e-commerce quite easy for all parties involved (sellers and buyers).

You can take advantage of the opportunities provided to start your own business.