Unique Best-Selling High Demand Fiverr Gigs


What are some top hot selling best Fiverr gig ideas to make money? Have you been working as a freelancer on Fiverr and you have been having difficulty qualifying for gigs or giving a gig to execute?

Are you looking for unique bestselling highly demand Fiverr gigs so you can be making money steadily? Let’s start with what Fiverr entails.

What is Fiverr all about?

I was going through my Facebook timeline one evening when I got a message from someone asking me this question, “What is Fiverr”? I was so surprised that as popular as Fiverr some individuals on this planet still don’t know what Fiverr is. So, that’s why I decided to write this post mainly on everything one needs to know about Fiverr.

What is Fiverr?

Fiverr is the world’s largest online marketplace where one can either buy or sell his or her skills for any fee from $5 and above. It is also a marketplace for business with small budget to offer jobs for $5 and above.

So, in general, it is an online marketplace where buyers and sellers meet to do business. Business services that can be offered on Fiverr include writing, drawing, web designing, graphic designing etc. it is more like a job board.

How Does Fiverr Works

What is Fiverr gig? To know how Fiverr works, you need to first understand some things. A service offered or rendered on Fiverr is called a gig and the lowest price for a gig is $5 but actually you get $4 because $1 belongs to Fiverr as their commission.

Registration on Fiverr is free and it only takes maximum of 3 minutes to sign up. After setting up your account, you then create the service you have planned to sell. You create your gig, and fill in appropriate details about your gig, upload a good photo to make your gig very attractive, then you submit.

If a gig is approved by Fiverr, it goes live on their front page. After which you can take the link and promote it on any online platforms.

At Fiverr, you are allowed to create as many gig you can offer but two is better, so that client won’t think you’re just for the money and you can’t deliver their work because you have so many things in your hands.

Having a single gig makes you look professional as client will see it that you are a pro on the niche that you charge.

How to Make Money on Fiverr

What is fiverr good for? How can one make money on Fiverr? Very easy! I know that so many people have been finding it difficult to make good amount of money on Fiverr. Some even give up because clients refuse to pick them for a job.

What is gig in Fiverr?

Now, here is how you go about making money on Fiverr. After you have created your gig, you start pitching sellers.

Let assume because of this post that you choose to offer a writing gig for $5. What you do is, you go to the category of writing and click on the niche. You will be shown list of people of needs the gig you are selling at that price.

You have to start pitching for the gig one after the other. Make at least 10 pitches daily. Some people selling services on Fiverr easily get frustrated after their first pitch and second pitch without response.

When you make 10 pitches daily and wait, you can get up to 3 that will get back to you on the gig and accept your offer.

On a second note, don’t price yourself too cheap. It touches me when I see freelancers offering so much at just a little fee of $5. If I am a client, I will just know you want the money so badly and start blasting you with enough work that is more than that fee charge because I know you won’t refuse.

Because they are people who are offering that same services at a higher fee and yet they still get enough clients to work with them.

For you to make money on Fiverr, you should not price yourself too cheap, start offering your gig for $10, this will make client see that you know what you deliver. After you have delivered a good work and your client is satisfied, don’t forget to tell the client to rate you. The more good rating you get, the more jobs keep pouring in.

What type of Gigs Make Money on Fiverr?

To be frank, there is no special gig that makes more money than the other. All gigs are rich.

Pros of Working with Fiverr

• It is the largest and well-known online marketplace for freelancers.
• It is easy to get started.
• As you start getting order, it continues to pour in and you can then increase your fee as you grow.


• Limited payment methods. Some payment methods allowed on Fiverr is not accepted is most countries.
• Fiverr charge as high as 20% of your earning compare to other freelance sites.
• The payment methods also charge their own hefty fee upon withdrawal.

In conclusion, Fiverr may not be a place to make big money but it can, if you can create a strategy for yourself. I have heard of people making 5 figures monthly from Fiverr. Many freelancers use Fiverr to cover 60% of their bills, so you can see that you can make good money from Fiverr.

What are you waiting for, go to www.fiverr.com now and start selling your skills and make money in return.

Easy Fiverr Gigs Ideas that every buyer wants

There are numerous unique bestselling high demand Fiverr gigs you need to get closer to if you are willing and ready to make fast Money with Fiverr.

You wouldn’t be bored if you take your time to explore this amazing list of unique bestselling high demand Fiverr gigs, and I’m also sure- big time, that this unique list will definitely be a time saver for your freelancing business.

The Fiverr gig is becoming more difficult to break through ever than before. The site is now being dominated by top sellers making it seriously hard and difficult for people who are just starting out on Fiverr to earn big.

This piece is going to provide you the unique bestselling high demand Fiverr gigs that sells real fast.

Hot-in-Demand Easy Gig Ideas to Sell on Fiverr for Profits

Graphics Design

Graphics design is no doubt one of the bestselling highly demand gigs on Fiverr that work. If you are versed and very good when it comes to graphic designing, then you will definitely make cool money on Fiverr doing what you know best.

Since there are many number of things one can do with graphics, this makes it a big potential in Fiverr presently, and as many people are earning over $2,000 in a month from just a single gig on graphics and its related services, I’m sure you are set to start your own business today.

The following are best graphics services you can render on Fiverr and earn good income with little or no stress.

▶ Logo Designing

Designing logos is a wonderful and unique bestselling high demand Fiverr gig product at the moment. If you are such a creative person with some experience with Illustrator, Photoshop and any other graphical software, you are pretty ready to work on Fiverr and earn thousands monthly.

▶ Business Card Designing

Business Card designing is also a graphic product that is so unique and in high demand in Fiverr gig items. Almost every entrepreneur, companies, need it. All you need to do is to design an eye catching card for your clients and you earn massively in return.

▶ Flyers

Another amazing unique bestselling high demand Fiverr gigs related to graphics is Flyer designing. If you know designing flyers don’t take much of your time, you can be charging nothing less than $15.

There are numerous services you can offer in Graphics section different from aforementioned.

Amongst are Infographic, Banner ads, Cartoons etc.

▶ Search Engine Optimizer

Talking about unique bestselling high demand Fiverr gigs, a very huge potential is obscure on the Fiverr gig items at the moment. The best ideas on Search Engine Optimization services are thus unique and highly demanded companies, webmasters and others who wants their presence to be felt online.

You can get paid by offering any service that is so related to search engine marketing. Few of them which are truly superb and highly demanded are highlighted below.

▶ Keyword Research

This is one of the unique bestselling high demand Fiverr gig item found in Search Engine section. If you have basic information on keywords research, then you are good to go.

Lots of businesses and startups out there are looking for keywords research, as a result of this, if you are able to provide a quality and adequate report, you are prone to earning something huge a month from this service.

▶ SEO Content Writing

Can you write efficiently? Do you enjoy writing? Can you can write up to 5,000 words in a day? Can you create SEO content that will help your client page rank higher on search engines? Content writing is a special and highly demand

Fiverr service you can offer and make money through it.

If your writing prowess is efficient and you can make a good command of English language, then this unique bestselling high demand Fiverr gig is sure good for you.

▶Sales Copy

If you are such a genuinely good writer that can create content that can make people take action, then looking into writing a sales copy at Fiverr will be a better option for you. Things like text on ads, sales pages are what you will be writing about. You can actually charge higher for this gig because it involves selling something.

However, there are many more SEO services that are unique and selling fast apart from the aforesaid, they are back-linking, social bookmarking and the likes. If you are an expert on Search Engine Optimization you can offer as much service as you can. But for a novice, the above services are the excellent one to begin with.

▶ WordPress Developers/ Designers

There are many unique bestselling high demand Fiverr gigs services you can offer related to WordPress. You can start working as a WordPress designer or developer which will earn you a lot of income.

Here are some hidden gigs in WordPress developing and designing.

▶ Customization

The majority of the online bloggers or webmasters are not technically savvy and don’t know how to customize their WordPress blog to meet their taste. Hence, they need a developer to fix their problems.

If you land a client who is about to give you a gig: isn’t it ideal that you give him the quotation of the work to be done? Definitely.. and that is how you earn your living on Fiverr. WordPress customization is a wonderful and unique bestselling high demand Fiverr gig.

▶Blog Installation and Creation

Another amazing bestselling Fiverr gigs anyone can do, that are really highly demanded for are Blog Installations and Creation. These service really have huge potential so you can start either or both of them today and chart big profits.

Since blogging and the digital marketing became that familiar and friendly almost everyone, more than average number of the people who are joining the field everyday are non-technical person, as a result there is high demand for designing solution on Fiverr.

Conclusively, the above are the unique bestselling high demand Fiverr gigs that will give people who are just starting out from nowhere a chance to start earning huge money with Fiverr, and at the same time it will also allow people who are looking forward to take their Fiverr gig or business to another high level.