Sample Axe-Throwing Business Plan Template


Are you fascinated by outdoor or indoor axe throwing and would like to go much further than playing it?

Setting up an ax-throwing bar is a great idea and can be highly rewarding both in terms of financial and personal satisfaction. One of the most crucial things that must be in place to realize this objective is a plan.

We present to you an axe-throwing business plan sample. This helps solve the problem most entrepreneurs face when starting a business. Your plan is the blueprint your business needs to succeed.

By using this plan as a template, you can set in motion the right strategies for guaranteed success.

Executive Summary

Target Hit! is an axe-throwing business located in Scranton, Pennsylvania. Our axe-throwing sports events are organized around holidays, date nights, birthday parties, bachelor (or bachelorette) parties, corporate team building, and other special events.

Being a sport with an increasing number of people getting hooked to its adventure-like feel, Target Hit! was established to take advantage of its growing popularity.

We’ve created an environment where people get to escape from their everyday schedules. By coming to our axe-throwing centers, they get to leave their world behind and have fun with friends, family as well as make new friends.

By providing a fun environment, we are helping to build a loyal community of sports lovers.

More Target Hit! outlets are being planned across major cities in Pennsylvania and beyond. The aim is to build a sports business where clients will always come back with friends and family for an unforgettable axe-throwing experience.

  • Our Services

Our axe-throwing services have been designed to make it more fun. Clients get to compete in multiple challenging and fun-packed activities. Available options or types of play include Olympic style axe games, free throws, cosmic black light hatchet throwing, and league play.

Each of these has a unique set of rules as well as challenges. Our clients get to choose between playing alone or with multiple players.

Our activities are designed to create and maintain the level of fun all through the time spent within our facility. This has seen a steady flow of clients (both repeat and new) coming through our doors.

  • Vision Statement

We are in the business of creating ideal and fun-loving environments for both professional and non-professional axe throwers.

We seek to build a highly competitive and thriving business that will be the preferred destination for sports and adventure lovers. Whatever their level of experience, our clients are always covered as there’s always something for everyone.

  • Mission Statement

We are a sporting business with a desire to gain a fair share of the market. Thankfully, the axe-throwing community is growing due to the sport’s increasing appeal. Given this, we hope to capture a sizeable portion of the market.

This will see us penetrate the top 5 axe-throwing businesses in Pennsylvania within 7 years.

  • SWOT Analysis

During the 2 years of our existence as a business, we’ve been able to overcome significant challenges. Each of these has helped position our business to further consolidate on the gains made. However, we’ve also sought to assess our progress thus far.

To do this, we’ve hired the services of a business consulting firm specialized in the provision of such services. An assessment of key areas that include strength, weakness, opportunities, and threats was made. The following are its findings;

i. Strength

As a fairly new entrant into the axe-throwing business arena, we’ve been able to achieve quite a lot within a considerably short period. This has been made possible due to our areas of strength which include our concept design plus the experience and expertise of our workforce.

We have a team of experts whose entire working and professional lives have revolved around axe-throwing. These crop of professionals form the backbone of our successful operations.

ii. Weakness

Our operations have not been without its weakness. Areas of weakness have been identified to include our current inability to compete favorably with bigger axe-throwing brands. This is mainly due to the scale of operations. As a growing business, we have limited funding to embark on robust expansion drives.

Hopefully, this will be overcome eventually with the right strategies put in place.

iii. Opportunities

The opportunities at our disposal are enormous. This is due to a major factor; the growing interest in the sport.

There has been a resurgence in the interest shown for the sport among many. As such, it presents a unique opportunity to exploit whatever advantages there are.

One way to take full advantage of the surge in interest in the sport is by opening up new locations. These will help cater to the growing needs of an under-served market.

iv. Threats

Negative economic growth or recession will lead to people (clients) prioritizing the way they spend their income. This is because there’s less disposable income to go round. Also, a recession leads to job losses.

Thus, axe-throwing sport becomes a luxury a lot of people will rather do without.

  • Sales Projection

Projected sales spring from past performance in addition to operational growth. One way to measure growth is by the volume of sales made within a specified period. As such, we’ve been able to put together a sales projection spanning 3 years.

Using our current sales volume and growth, the following figures have been arrived at;

  1. First Fiscal Year                                     $500,000.00
  2. Second Fiscal Year                                $950,000.00
  3. Third Fiscal Year                                   $1,900,000.00
  • Marketing Strategies

The marketing strategies used are crucial to how successful our sales generation drive becomes. We plan on advertising on all print and electronic platforms.

Also, our website will be such that visitors or potential clients find it quite fun to navigate and easy to access whatever information they seek.

  • Competitive Advantage

Having an edge in this business can be the key to success. We have been able to identify our areas of competitive advantage to include our considerable years of experience. Each member of our team has been involved in the industry for quite some time.

Hence, they’ve been able to gain critical experience which has benefited our axe-throwing business tremendously.

If you’ve read to this point, you should have no problem using this sample axe-throwing business plan as a template.

This helps you properly structure your plan, also, to easily implementing them.

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