Earthwise Pet Supply Franchise Cost, Profit & Opportunities

EARTHWISE PET SUPPLY Franchise Startup Cost, Profit & Opportunities

Earthwise pet supply is an establishment that is believed to be the most innovative retail supply chain in the United States. Earthwise pet supply franchise was established in 2008, 3 years after the establishment of Earthwise pet supply. It is involved in the provision of supplements as well as natural food for pets. That’s not all this firm is about. It also boasts of the best customer care service as well as the most knowledgeable staff as far as the pet supply business is concerned.

About Earthwise Pet Supply Franchise
Earthwise pet supply franchise offers franchise to qualified business people to enable them run a franchise that makes pet foods and associated services available to members of the public

With its head office in Portland, Oregon, Earthwise pet supply franchise aims at bettering the lives of pets and also those of their owners. Earthwise pet supply franchise makes use of a business model that is considered renitent to recession. This is done through top notch quality service, the provision of completely natural products for pets and good business practices. Earthwise pet supply franchise offers customers a welcoming and conducive store environment that is manned by qualified and very knowledgeable staff. This franchise is very much interested in assisting new franchise owners fund their business.

Franchisees of Earthwise pet supply franchise are from very diverse backgrounds. Some of them include teachers, certified public accountants, top level executives, insurance sales persons, private airline pilots, car rental services, armed forces, hair stylists, IT professionals, hotel region managers, software engineers, collection specialists, professional figure skaters, grocery store managers, auto dealership general managers, etc.

Earthwise pet supply franchise is perhaps the most decorated franchise systems in the United States. This franchise has won so many awards that they do not talk about them anymore.

The believes of Earthwise pet supply franchise can be summarized as follows

  • Pets are an important part of families and deserve a high level of kindness and respect
  • Pets should receive the best care possible
  • Proper nutrition is an essential component that ensures that pets get the best chance for sustained health and proper well being

Earthwise pet supply franchise ensures business people are relaxed when doing business with them. They do this by constantly coming up with new ways to keep improving as the years go by.

How Much Does Earthwise Pet Supply Franchise Cost
Running an Earthwise pet supply franchise is very capital intensive. It costs $233,000 to $568,000 to run an Earthwise pet supply franchise. This amount covers travelling and accommodation during the training period, grand opening advertisement, insurance for initial three months of running the business, rent for franchise premises for the first 3 months, inventory, computer hardware and software, equipment and furniture.

Earthwise Pet Supply Franchise Training Fee
The training fee for an Earthwise pet supply franchise is $19, 5000

Earthwise Pet Supply Franchise Startup Cost
A fixed amount of $60,000 is required to startup an Earthwise pet supply franchise

Earthwise Pet Supply Franchise Training and Support
In situations where franchisees purchase more than one franchises at once, there is a financial assistance form the franchisor. This financial assistance can only be obtained by entrepreneurs that purchase more than one franchise at once.

Franchisees as well as their managers are supposed to fully take part in a training program at least 2 months before the planned date for opening their store and also not more than 3 months after the franchise agreement has been signed. The training program should not only be completed, it

must be done to the franchisors satisfaction.

Support gotten from the franchisor by the franchisees include:

  • Guarded Territories
  • Idea Lease negotiations
  • The needful Purchasing support
  • Top notch IT support

Earthwise Pet Supply Franchise Terms of Renewal and Agreement
All things being equal, an Earthwise pet supply franchise is meant to last for 10 years. When 10 years’ elapses, if the franchisor and the franchisee are satisfied with the business, then the franchise can be renewed for 10 years in accordance with the terms of the initial franchise agreement.

How Much Does an Earthwise Pet Supply Franchise Make
It is not certain the amount of money that Earthwise pet supply franchise makes daily. However, according to reports, the total sales made by Earthwise pet supply franchises that are located in the United States in 2009 was $22,374,108

How to Open an Earthwise Pet Supply Franchise
An Earthwise pet supply franchise is a very lucrative business. However, just like other lucrative business, owning an Earthwise pet supply franchise is capital intensive. To start an Earthwise pet supply, you will have to pay an initial fee of $60,000. This will enable you take part in a training which every franchisee has to undergo.

If owning an Earthwise pet supply franchise is something you think you might be interested in, then visit

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