If you are you interested in starting a pet grooming business and you don’t have a clue on how to go about it, I suggest you create a business plan. You know why?

A business plan is like a clear road map that shows you where you want to go and how you will get there. So, in the process of creating a business plan for your pet grooming business, you will gain clarity on what to do and how to do it.

I have decided to help you by writing out a pet grooming business plan sample that you can use as a guide to write your own.

Here is a sample business plan for starting a mobile pet grooming business.

BUSINESS NAME: Persy Pet Grooming

Table of Content

  • Executive Summary
  • Vision Statement
  • Mission Statement
  • Business Structure
  • Products and Services
  • Target Market
  • Sales and Marketing Strategy
  • Cost of Starting
  • Sources of Capital
  • Conclusion

Executive Summary

Every pet owner loves their pets to always look clean, beautiful and well groomed. However, most of these pet owners do not have the time for personally grooming their pets. And even some of them that have the time for grooming their pets do not know how to get it done in a professional way.

Because of this, services of pet grooming companies are always in high demand. As an entrepreneur who is always looking for profitable opportunities to explore, we have decided to start a pet grooming company.

Persy Pet Grooming Company will be a registered Incorporation that will be established in South Carolina, in the United States. It will be a standard pet grooming company that will be reputable for the excellent services they provide both the pets and their owners.

Though there are myriads of pet companies around the location we are starting our company, we believe Persy Pet Grooming Company will penetrate the industry and stand apart from the rest. This is because of the unique innovations we want to introduce to the pet industry in our locality.

From the comprehensive market research that was carried out, we discovered that there is no pet company in our locality that has an online store where pet owners can book appointments and make reservations for pet grooming services and even do shopping for their pets.

Also, there is no mobile pet grooming services available in that environment. These and many more the untapped opportunities we want to take advantage of to help us stand out and win over our potential customers over.

We are going to make sure we deliver these services in such a satisfactory way that our customers will not only always come back for more but also refer others to us. To this end, we will make sure our pet grooming facilities and equipment are of world class standard. We will also make sure we hire competent staffs who are hardworking and committed to their work.

Persy Pet Grooming Company will be a family business that will be operated by three brothers, Dr. Frank Edwards, Mr. Ken Edwards and Mr. Bob Edwards. Dr. Frank is a veterinary Doctor who specializes in taking care of pet animals. He has over 15 years’ experience and has worked in major vet hospitals in the United States.

Mr. Ken passion for taking care of animals led him to pursue a career along that line. He is a certified pet groomer with more than 12 year experience which he acquired working for various pet grooming companies. Mr. Bob is a business analyst who has a Midas touch for making startups and even dying businesses bloom and boom.

He is graduate of Harvard Business School and has consulted for more than 50 businesses both within United States and beyond. It should be noted that some of these businesses are in the pet industry. This brilliant trio want to put their experiences and expertise together to build a pet grooming business that is one of a kind in the industry.

Vision Statement

To be among one of the Top 10 pet grooming companies that is making mark in the industry within the next 10 years.

Mission Statement

To always look for innovative and easy ways to deliver excellent services to both our customers and their pets. So that customers will always be satisfied and keep coming back for more.

Business Structure

We know that without putting the right and viable business structure in place we will not be able to achieve our audacious goal. This is why we are committed to do everything within our power to employ highly experienced and competent staffs who do not only share our vision and core values but are also hardworking and devoted to their works. This is how our business structure will look like:

  • Chief Executive Officer
  • Administrative Manager
  • Human Resource Manager
  • Pet Groomers
  • Veterinary Doctors
  • Marketing and Sales Executives
  • Accountant/Cashier
  • Security Guards
  • Drivers
  • Cleaners

Products and Services

Persy Pet Grooming Company intends to offer different products and services which will include:

  • Pet Grooming
  • Pet Washing
  • Pet Day Care
  • Pet Clinic
  • Mobile Pet Wash
  • Selling of Pet Foods
  • Selling of Pet Clothes
  • Selling of Pet Body Wash
  • Selling of Pet Toys And Gifts
  • Consulting Services

Target Market

Persy Pet Grooming Company target market consists of highly paid professional who are passionate about pets and are willingly to spend lavishly on taking care of their pets. We are also targeting government agencies and corporate organizations that have pets and are keen about making their pets look good at all time.

Sales and Marketing Strategy

Persy Pet Grooming Company intends to have effective sales and marketing strategies in place that will help us to attract our prospects and convert them into loyal customers.

Because of these we are hiring one of the industry finest sales coach and marketing strategist who will help us devise various online and offline marketing strategies that will give us the right results.

Cost of Starting

The total cost of starting Persy Pet Grooming Company estimated to be $500,000. This will cover the cost of everything needed to kick start the pet grooming business. It will also cover the salary our workers will be paid for the first three months.

Sources of Capital

Having pooled resources together, the Edwards brothers have been able to gather the sum of $350,000 for the business. They plan to raise the remaining $150,000 by obtaining $50,000 soft loans from their family members and loved ones and $100,000 from the bank.


This pet grooming business plan sample has provided the necessary steps to take when writing a business plan for your pet grooming business. As a business owner, you should be adequately guided on the procedure for maximum benefit. It is believed that this will be of immense help to those seeking to commence their pet grooming business.

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