Daily Income Business Ideas – Profitable Small Opportunities

Do you know how to make income daily by providing services? What is your average small business daily income?

Generating daily residual income from small businesses is a lot easier these days than it was before. There are several viable small daily income business ideas today that have the capacity to generate daily income for their owner.

And a lot of these business opportunities can be taken up by almost any serious-minded individual.

How to Start a Daily Income Business + Lucrative Ideas and Business Plan

There are lots of lucrative business ideas that young entrepreneurs can take advantage of and end the financial mess in their life. it is just that few people lack knowledge about these businesses.

Some that even have the mind of starting a business that brings in everyday income but doesn’t even know which business opportunity to venture into. Here are 10 top business ideas that can generate daily income for you if you are really serious about starting an everyday income business.


1. Food Canteen Business

A catering business is a daily income business idea that anyone can venture into and make money. Starting this daily income-generating business involves just a little capital. They are lots of people that will always patronize you if you have good food.

If cooking is your passion, having a food catering business is the ideal one for you. You just need to have good customer service and build a strong relationship with your customers. You also need to have good management skills and also employ good hands to assist you in cooking and running the canteen business.

2. Selling of London Used Clothes (Okrika)

This is a business that has been flourishing especially in West Africa. About 48% of Nigerians patronize this business, but you won’t know because there are some good London used clothes that look brand new.

Anybody can venture into this business. Presently, there are lots of students who are into this business to raise cash daily to support themselves in school. This business is guaranteed to generate daily income for you as far you make a sale.

3. Freelance Writing

This is another daily income online business idea that anyone who loves writing can start and make money for him or herself. They are lots of entrepreneurs making 6 figures monthly from freelance writing.

You can visit www.okonjoseph.com and meet the guy for help on how to go about it. He is one of the people making big money in the freelance writing game. He mentors anyone who wants to get into the business.

4. Pure Water and Table Water Business

Because of shame, some people don’t like this business idea. They don’t know that this business has the capacity to generate ₦5000 on a business day. All you just need to start this business is ₦1000 to buy bags of pure water or ₦3000 to cantons of table water.

You can choose to hawk it mostly on any busy road with lots of traffic. You can also choose to go and meet those people hawking and let them know that you can sell to them at a lower price than the normal price they are buying.

Another way to also sell this water is to get those jobless beggars on the street to help you sell. Either you give them ₦60 on every completed bag of pure water sold or you take care of their lunch. Either way, it is a win-win. What are you still waiting for?

5. Kerosene Resale

This is a must-use product in most homes in developing countries. You can set yourself up as a supplier and sell to millions of people around your neighborhood. This is one of the most lucrative daily income business ideas that work.

You buy from filling stations or kerosene tankers at low prices and sell to the final consumers at a high price.

You don’t need to bother about marketing the business, it markets itself because most homes buy this product for cooking and lighting up their homes (kerosene lamp) due to insufficient power supply.

6. Noodles Preparation Business

This is a popular business that is mostly known for being run by people from the northern side of Nigeria. But, these days, many youths have ventured into the business because they too can prepare the noodles to be spicy.

I know of a university graduate who started this business in the market due to not finding a job. Today, this guy is doing well and he is happy with himself because he gets lots of customers daily for his business.

If you know you can prepare noodles very well that anybody will love it, you can start a noodle preparation stand business in your area and start making money for yourself.

7. Transport Business 

This is another popular business idea that can help you generate income daily in India. If you have the capital, you can go purchase a second-hand vehicle or tricycle, or motorcycle (if it is not banned in your state) and start making money daily.

8. Bakery Business

Do you know how to bake meat pie, egg-row, cake? Will you like to learn if you know you can make money from it? You better think about this business because it also is a lucrative business.

This business can be started with ₦5000 and above. You just need to get your oven, flour, sugar, fry pan, rolling board, stove/electric cooker/gas cooker, etc. these items are not that expensive in the market.

You don’t need a store for this business, you can start right from the comfort of your home and sell to people in the street. You can choose to supply various stores at retail prices or choose to hawk them yourself.

9. Car Wash Business

You can either choose to run this business yourself or get people that can do the job while you take your own share of the money each person makes.

You just need to get a space in busy streets or junction, it will be better if it close to a bar so people can just give you their car for washing while are enjoying themselves. You should have a look into this business because it is very profitable.

10. Hair Styling

This business idea involves you being knowledgeable in the skill. But, if you are good at managing a business, you can do what most entrepreneurs are doing.

You can open a hairstyling salon and employ an experienced hairstylist to do the job.

You pay them monthly for their services while you manage the daily income business which involves getting customers, providing the machines needed for work, etc.