Cyclebar Franchise – How to Open, Cost & Profit

Are you a fitness expert or wish to start your fitness studio? You might want to consider partnering with an industry leader.

Cyclebar is a renowned indoor cycling brand that provides high-intensity indoor cycling workouts. It was founded in 2004 and, since its emergence, has continued to expand its operations.

Cyclebar Franchise Startup Cost, Profit & Opportunities

Cyclebar opened its franchise program as an expansion strategy which has paid many dividends.

In this article, you’ll find vital information about Cyclebar’s support services, franchise cost, the application process, and why you should invest in its franchise program.

About Cyclebar

Cyclebar makes a difference for clients and partners as the brand is built around excellence.

Since its emergence, this fitness service has sought to improve the wellness of its clients. This is coupled with its attention to customer needs and adherence to the best customer service.

The Cyclebar experience is powered by three fundamentals: its experienced and professional Cyclebar instructors, Cyclebeats, and Cyclestats. What are these about?

Let’s explain briefly.

  • Cyclebar Instructors

At Cyclebar, instructors are crucial in delivering its unique service to clients.

These instructors combine various functions, including coaching, educators, motivators, and friends to clients. It’s no wonder that Cyclebar has continued to draw the interest of clients and investors alike.

  • Cyclebeats

As its franchisee, Cyclebar provides all the tools and equipment needed to offer optimal service to clients. These include its proprietary playlist database known as Cyclebeats.

With this, clients’ moods are boosted whenever they come around, thus helping them have a fun and beneficial workout process.

  • CycleStats

Using this tool, franchise owners can keep track of vital workout data.

This can be of immense help in improving workout sessions. Plus, you can help clients track their progress and fitness goals. Cyclebar takes you along and enables you to grow your business with little to no challenge.

Why Cyclebar?

One of the questions you’ll need to ask is why Cyclebar’s franchise program should be considered.

Several good reasons include its expert & extensive support, executive model, community-focused member experience, smart investment option, and being a strong national brand.

i. Expert & Extensive Support

When you join the Cyclebar franchise, one thing is sure: the promise of robust support.

Cyclebar guides you through the entire opening process, from lease negotiation, site selection, studio staff recruitment, construction, marketing your new studio, and member sales activation, among others.

ii. Executive Model

With Cyclebar, you have a scalable operation where you can determine your success level. This is where highly driven franchisees tend to outperform expectations.

There are also opportunities to leverage development costs and national vendor relationships. A combination of these makes this franchise offering more appealing.

iii. Community-Focused Member Experience

At the core of its operation are client experience and fitness outcomes.

Due to its understanding of the power of community, Cyclebar has adopted a community-focused approach using carefully selected class programming and music used by its members during workouts.

The results are excellent!

iv. Smart Investment Option

One of the reasons why Cyclebar is considered a great investment option is due to its low-cost entry fee.

Other reasons include its strong earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation, and amortization margins (EBITDA). What more? Its team’s confidence and years of experience make this franchise program stand out.

v. Being a Strong National Brand

The spread and national appeal of Cyclebar place it among fitness franchises with a national and robust brand. Each month, new Cyclebar studios are opened; one could be yours.

You can own or become part of its growing and respected brand. This reflects on your operations.

Cyclebar Franchise Costs

To own a Cyclebar franchise, you’ll need to meet its financial requirements.

The liquid capital required to join is around $100k, while the net worth requirement is about $500k. Franchise candidates must have a total investment sum of about $346,910 to $487,910.

You’re also required to meet up its franchise fee of $60,000. This is included in the investment range above. A royalty of 7% and an ad of 2% are also required.

These cost details are just an overview and represent total figures. There may be other fees that apply.

To have all the details about Cyclebar’s franchise costs, you’ll need to refer to item 7 of the 2022 Cyclebar franchise disclosure document (FDD).

This contains all the explanatory notes and details.

Semi-Absentee and Passive Ownership

When it comes to the mode of operation, Cyclebar allows for semi-absentee and passive ownership.

In other words, you won’t have to be active in its everyday running. This will enable you to retain your current job while maintaining a business.

It’s a significant opportunity to leverage.

Veteran Discounts

Unfortunately, if you’re a veteran seeking veteran discounts, Cyclebar isn’t the right option. However, other financing options may be available.

Please don’t take our word for it, though. Consider making inquiries about the veteran discount and financing provisions to understand what’s available.

Ongoing Support

After joining its franchise program, expect continued support in your daily operations, like marketing support and monthly support calls to track your progress. KPI training and twice-yearly field support visits are performed. Cyclebar also provides a turnkey annual marketing calendar.

Would you want to be involved with Great Causes?

Many investors that have joined Cyclebar’s franchise program have been delighted with the opportunity to raise money for causes they’re most passionate about.

This is provided under Cyclebar’s Cyclegive program.

Get Started

Are you convinced about this opportunity?

Have the details above confirmed the need to own a Cyclebar franchise? It’s essential to seek more information by making your intentions known.

Cyclebar provides a short form to start the ownership process.

This captures your name, email, phone number, country, state, address, city, and zip or postal code. Other information to provide includes State of interest and your preferred franchise option (there are three types: new studio, existing studio, or both).

In the short form, you’ll need to choose how you heard about the opportunity and tell it about yourself.

Now you have the needed information to proceed with an application for a Cyclebar franchise. Of course, you’ll need further clarification from the franchisor.

That is why you need to inform it about your intention to join.