What is the Average Cost to Start a Photo Business?

What is the average cost to start a photography business? Do you want to start a photography business? Have you considered the costs to start a photography business generally?

If you have had mad love in photography and you are thinking of turning that love and passion into a business, then there are some things you will need to put in place to help you achieve your dream.

It is always said that before anyone wise planned to embark on a project, he or she must first sit down to count the cost. You are planning to start a photography business, have you done that for your photography niche?

  • How much does it cost to become a professional photographer?
  • How much does it cost to get a camera?

In this article, we will be discussing one essential thing which is the financial factor. How much does it cost to start the photography business? This article will provide the price range for all equipment and other services needed to start the photography business.

So how much does it cost to start a pet or wedding photography business?

1. Cost of Learning

This is the first cost you will have to consider. Price range ($100-$5000) you need to learn a business before starting it, to become a recognized photographer, you need to learn from experts who have good records in the field. The quality of the lesson you will be receiving will define the price you will pay.

The length of training will also be a defining factor of what the price of the training will be.

Learning from the right person and paying attention will open the floodgate of opportunity for you to be able to become a professional photographer.

2. Cost of Equipment

Like any other business, photography has its equipment that one must purchase before starting the business, this equipment is essential, below are some and their estimated price:

Camera: Price range ($500- $9000). To start the photography business, you need a good camera, and the cheapest you might get that will be effective for your work would cost you at least $500.

Lens: Price range (Free- $3000). Most cameras come with the lens, for a starter, this would still be sufficient, but as one grows or dive in deeper into the photography business, one would need to get a better lens that will produce the best result your customers want.

Backdrop and Lightening: Price range ($200- $800). If you’re going into the photography business, you will need that equipment. Most of your photo-shoot will be done indoors at places where the source of light is limited.

System (Computer): Price range ($300 – $2000). For your pictures processing and editing, you need a system that will be able to run the latest versions of applications available for those purposes.

3. Business Registration

Price Range ($500 – $1000). For any business setting, you must first register the business; registration of a business involves collecting the needed permit to become eligible to run the business.

Depending on a different location, the amount charged for registration of business varies. To successfully register your business, you might need to receive the help of an attorney to help you process the required document.

4. Software

Price range ($50 – $200). As a photographer, you will need software of a different kind to help with the editing of pictures. Most pictures taken are bad; most have little error that will become noticeable if not worked on. And the professional model will like to see their pictures spiced up, for all this, you need to get some software and activate the premium package for unlimited access to all functions.

5. Professional Website

Price range ($200 – $1000). A website for your business is very important, and for your photography business like any other business, you need to get a good website. Your website will be the best way you will inform and invite people to your business, so using any website without needed qualities like large memory space, beautiful interface, etc. will damage the life of your business.

You need to also get some plugins for your website and this might cost you an additional $200 – $600. The function is to help you showcase your work, bill your customers and deposit the required information needed for them.

6. Business Office/House

This is in two forms; you either build or rent.

Build: Price range ($50,000 – $100,000) if you prefer building your office, you will need to spend within that specified range and this will probably include the fee for purchase of land where the office will be cited.

Renting/Lease: Price range ($1000 – $5000) This is also dependent on the location where you will be citing your business. It tends to be more expensive if the location is in the heart of the city or a very busy business area, this is because you tend to get more customers and the location will in a big way help you advertise your business.

It also becomes somewhat cheaper if the location is not that business efficient so to say. But either way, your business will still succeed as long as you can try to reach your customers.


In conclusion although not the exact figure, one will need a lot of money to start the photography business, these estimates show you will need at least $15,000 for the purchase of equipment, renting of locations, getting websites, etc.

But remember, your success in the photography business is dependent on your skill and the amount of investment you’re making. Trust me, if all these are put in place, your success is guaranteed.