Sample Cold Water Starch Production Business Plan Template


Are you interested in starting your own cold water starch business? Well, with the increase of laundry businesses and some group of people who knows the important of looking good with clothes prepared with laundry cold water starch.

The demand of starch for clothes has drastically increased. Gone are those days where someone can just wash clothes, iron them and wear them.

Now everybody want to wear a starch clothe. Before now, it was only native fabric that was being starch. Now, the story has changed. And the most popular starch being used is the cold water starch. I know so many people are not aware of the profitable business of cold water starch production and selling.

Cold water starch is popularly or preferably used because it is easier and friendly with clothes according to survey being carried out by our team.

Here is a sample business plan for starting a cold water manufacturing company.

Cold water starch is a product with a unique quality and with many advantages. It is very cheap. It does it work. The material in making one is easily found in the market.

What are the major ingredients for making cold water starch? The cold water starches are of two types. Namely, the dry (powder form) and the liquid cold water starch. Here, I will be discussing on the liquid cold water starch.

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Making of cold water soluble starch is one profitable business anyone can venture into with less capital of just N5000 and generate steady income. This product is mainly used by operators of laundry business.

Recipe For Cold Water Starch Production

1. Starch: The raw material starch is easily found in most countries and the major source is from cassava. Fortunately, Africa is the top producer of cassava tubers in the world. Starch also still is gotten from rice, yam and potato. Any starch is useful in the production of cold water starch powder. But because it can only be gotten in commercial value from cassava, cassava is widely used. It is sold in our local market for a cheap price depending on the volume you want to produce.

2. Water: I don’t need to talk much on this. A very clean water is needed because unclean water can affect the quality of the product.

3. Perfume: This is very important because this is what give a unique fragrant to your product and distinguish it from others. These perfumes are sold in the market and they have their various names which include; Jasmine, Centrolina, Lavender, Pearls, Robinson etc. One can get these perfumes between N350-N450 per litre. It is mostly sold in litres. For you to get your special unique fragrance for your product, it is better to mix two perfumes of different types together.

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4. Polivenol Acetate (PVA): This is an extract from starch source. Polivenol Acetate is of different types ranging D120, D200, D800 depending on the viscosity. It is white in colour. Sold in kilogramme in the market. It helps to increase the binding capacity of the product.

5. Preservative: Just like it name. It is used to preserve the product for longevity. This is one important chemical needed in the production process of cold water starch for clothes.

Necessary Equipment Needed

1. Broiler: This is a stainless steel in the shape of a cylinder with a heater at the base. It purposes is to boil the water to be used in the production process.

2. Weighing Scale or other measuring device: This is use to measure the raw material depending on the production capacity.

3. Packaging Materials: This materials can either be bottles, sachets and spray cans depending on your budget. When packaging your product, you should be aware about the market demands. You should know how you should package it so it looks authentic and your market won’t need to devaluate your product using price factor. Most available sizes in the market range from 20g, 30g, to 50g.

4. Mixer: This is used to mix up the product so the raw starch can be properly mixed with the other products to get a better quality. It is also a stainless steel in a cylindrical shape. It ranges from 200 litres in volume depending on the production capacity.

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5. Dissolution Pot: The product stays in this pot until it is ready for packaging. This is like a normal stainless or plastic pot with a cover on top. The size of the dissolution pot depends on the quantity to be produce.


The cost of constructing or acquiring those cold water starch production equipment mentioned above can cost up to N250,000 and above depending on the quantity that is to be produce cold water starch. You can still get more information from an experienced cold water starch producer so as to broaden your knowledge about the production of cold water starch in Nigeria as a business.