How To Start Car Importation Business in Nigeria

Buy Used Cars Online From USA, UK, Japan, Germany, And Canada

Do you know how to buy used cars from the USA to Nigeria? Do you know the cost of shipping cars from Canada to Nigeria?

Many people buy cars to meet their basic transportation and luxury needs while others attach a class to the type of car one drives. This has ensured that the car import business blossomed into a very huge business for car dealers across the world.

Since the import and export business is one of the profitable businesses in Nigeria today, the importation of cars is one of the ways you can tap into this lucrative investment. Many people make money importing used or new cars, buses, vans, SUVs, trucks, and heavy machinery into Nigeria.


The cost of clearing cars in Nigeria hinges on a lot of factors. The make, model, car size, and engine size will affect how much you will pay for clearing when your vehicle gets to Nigeria.

Different brands and models of cars have varying demands according to people’s tastes. The ease of getting spare parts, repairing cars, ruggedness, luxury, and fuel economy are things that affect people’s decisions. Since you profit only when you can sell cars as fast as you buy them, go for popular demands.

Examples of such HONDA models that sell fast are Ala, Bullet, Baby boy, End of Discussion EOD, Evil Spirit, IV-Tech while for TOYOTA models like Pencil, Envelope, Big Daddy, Muzzle, etc moves fast.

  • Look For Reliable Import, Shipping And Clearing Agents

Not every car dealer you meet is a genuine one. Some are mere middlemen who are desperate to profit from your ignorance. Several procedures are involved in sourcing for and buying cars online, RORO shipping from the USA to Nigeria, and clearing your vehicle when it gets to Lagos.

  • Buy And Sell Used Cars Offered For Sale Through Online Auto Auction

Check through inventories of online auto auction sites like Copart, Manheim, eBay Autos, AutoTrader, Yahoo Autos, and IAAI. You can then forward the link of your desired vehicle to a reliable shipping and clearing agent to help you handle the importation and clearing from the customs.

Auction Export is an established car import, shipping, and clearing company that can help you handle car importation if you are based in Nigeria.

  • Ship From the USA To Nigeria: How to Buy Online From The USA

If you need a reliable customs clearing agent, you can contact Phemmy Autos on ‎08036363467 or email [email protected], BB 2BB542F9

How Do You Import Cheap Cars to Nigeria

==> Get a Ship Entry Notice (SEN) from the Operations Department of Nigerian Ports Authority (NPA)
==> Obtain your Bill of Lading from the shipper (This document would details of the ship and its cargo)
==> After this Bill is forwarded to NPA, a Bill of Entry is given to you.
==> Register the Bill of Entry with the Nigerian Customs Service
==> Go to the shipping company to collect your goods
==> When they check your Bill of Lading, a Delivery Order (D.O.) is issued to you.
==> Submit this Order after filling it.
==> Visit the delivery point and wait for your cargo after paying the required fees.

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Import Duty Taxes When Importing Into Nigeria

To get a list of duties that each model and brand of vehicle attract when they land in Nigeria, visit the official site of Nigeria Customs Services HERE.

Here is an excel document you can use to calculate your import tariffs. To get cheap and affordable importation and clearing rates, here are some recent Cotonou car price to start with.